Iggy Azalea Signs to Interscope

Earlier this month, Azealia Banks signed with Universal and now another buzzing rapstress has inked with a major label; Iggy Azalea announced earlier today that she has signed a deal with Interscope.

“Interscope, if you were wondering,” the Australian-born femcee posted on Twitter. “Get used to me + jimmy smashing shit, cause thats the plan,” she continued, referencing Interscope Chairman Jimmy Iovine. Her reps then confirmed the signing with XXL.

Multiple labels seemed to express interest in the young rapper, as she tweeted about spending time with reps from Def Jam earlier in the month.

Her Interscope signing shouldn’t come as a complete surpise, though, as her two longtime managers, Neil Jacobson and George Robertson, are A&Rs at the label.

The 21-year-old, who gained an online buzz last year thanks to her videos for “Pu$$y” and “My World,” as well as her Ignorant Art mixtape, also confirmed that she plans on dropping her album, The New Classic, in June. “Album in june entitled ‘fuck your life’ nah…. not realllyyyy its called ‘The New Classic’,” she tweeted.

She also spoke with Billboard about the deal. “I’m super happy about it,” she said. “It took me a long time [to decide] because I went around to every label. I was like, ‘Okay I want to meet your A&R, president, vice president, and marketing [team]. Who would do my marketing?’ I wanted to know who’d be working on my project and I wanted to meet them.”

“I think once Jimmy saw that I was starting to pull away and be like, ‘No, I’ll just do my own thing,’ he was like, ‘What do you want lady?’,” she continued. “And I was like, ‘Alright, let’s cut the bullshit.’”

Check out more on Iggy Azalea in the latest issue of XXL. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Seth

    hip hop is deader than its ever been……damn kreashawn, v-nasty, and now iggy WTF…miley cyrus is gonna jump in this shit in a minute. Im sorry lauryn hill and mc lyte but just know REDMIC is still reppin for the art. Dont get me started on the guys….holy fuck!! only ones keeping it going are kendrick lamar, j. cole. big krit, yelawolf, and vado. Nas said hip hop was a memory and he was fuckin right R.I.P Ima beat someones ass with a pair of my sis skinny jeans Jersey we here…thank God for Slaughterhouse

    • mike4282

      I agree with you for the most part EXCEPT that Iggy is pretty good man. That D.R.U.G.S fresstyle was nuts. That introduced me to her shit. She right now at least sounds better than Nicki Minaj (Pop Version), although i can’t hatin on Nicki for being smart with her brand of music. 2011 was a ” weird ” year for Hip Hop. I hope we can recover from it.

  • mike4282

    Also I wish we can get more black female MCs that don’t have to turn Pop to sell. I also hope that we can get back to having these rappers just rap and not sing so goddamn much. And those tight clothes man—–i’m just glad 2011 is gone.

  • http://dssence.net D.Scott

    Can’t deny that she can spit… and she is a knockout…

  • hemih


  • j slient

    your right 2011 was weird and i ain’t a fan of rappers sing and artists going pop on their music. nowadays i feel everyone is using the same rhythm and beat on their music and theres no orginally no substance on that in addition thank goodness the j cole, big krit aka the next pimp c, yelawolf guys like that even kendrick lamar are keep it going just i miss the freestyle battles and the hood shit now i prefer a artist to rap about how many guns he has or murders he caught than some dickface talking about the type of designer socks or clothing brand he wears

  • jr88

    cosign j slient, everybody sounds the same and has the same tired lil wayne ,drake flow….”swimming in the money come and find me ….nemo” fuck outta here with that….no substance at all, just “freestyle” bullshit…and when they do have substance its fucken terrible like waynes “how to love”….j cole,lupe,50,jay,em,,kendrick,ye,and slaughterhouse is all i listen to now other than the old school

  • http://www.DopArtistry.com DopArtistry

    Brodi’s GOOD music is easy to find….Discover DopArtistry.com

  • Seth

    yea check out REDMIC on reverb and Itunes she murdered a Eminem, Wu Tang, Mob Deep and Nicki instrumental….I was shocked as fuck…she’s gonna get rid of some of yall guys and I cant wait…to me she’s a female version of j cole and kendrick lamar…with a touch of nas

  • j slient

    Co-sign jr88 i have a question what’s your top 5 albums in the 90′s and also what’s your top 5 albums of the 2000′s when you think about it nas was right that hip hop is just a memory yet the days of going on beef dissing people or freestyle in the street,club,alley way, stairwells are done how is the new talent gonna show and you banned those things on radio and shows like a rap city or mtv raps even trl