The Clipse’s Malice Cites Depression As Factor For Finding God

Malice from the Clipse cites depression as one of the main factors that led him to become a man of God.

“Even before the record deal, I used to say, ‘I just want a big house and a car and, I’ll be fine,’” Malice said to the Christian TV network CBN. “And, I really thought that’s really what I wanted, but then, once I became successful in the entertainment industry, I found that I always wanted more and more. After a while I started to notice that I was in a state of depression. I would feel low.”

Despite being a believer, the Virginia rapper, who first burst onto the rap scene in 2002 with the album Lord Willin’ alongside his younger brother Pusha T, revealed that he was not paying attention to God throughout his career and knew was doing things he felt he should have kept away from, such as drinking and marijuana. That sparked confusion.

“I can remember one day I was like, ‘I want to be happy. I want to be like everybody else,” Malice further explained. “I want to be laughing and joking and feel fine without worrying about this being wrong or that being wrong.’ I just wanted to live, and I had made up my mind at that point in time that I’m just going to live and be like everybody else. And, it was that moment and with God’s accuracy told me, ‘Oh no, you’re not.’”

Still, Malice, born Gene Thornton, Jr., continues working on music, even though it will not be the same as before.

“I’m definitely still doing music…it’s a different kind of music of course, needless to say,” he said. “It’s still going to be good. It’s still going to be motivational. It’s still going to be very inspiring, and I just can’t wait to share it.”–Christopher Minaya

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  • Da Critic

    I respect him finding the LORD but where in the scriptures does it say Marijuana is a wicked plant to be connected with sin?
    Getting drunk is mentioned as a sin not marijuana use!
    The western world led by America deemed marijuana use wrong in the 20th century so do you worship a nation or GOD?
    Every plant was created by GOD so don’t tell me HE was unaware because there’s nothing new under the sun. Smoking Marijuana wasn’t listed as being wrong because it isn’t in the LORD’S sight.

  • CaponeMOB

    ugh,this religion shit pisses me off, we are in 2011, why are people still bealiving in a fuckin man made religion? theres countless books and documentaries like one is called who was jesus christ.if you do you research you will all come to the conclusion that religion was just made to control people back in those days,crhistianity and the bible was basically a REMIX of ancient HEBREW and SUMERIAN ACCOUNTS. all they did was change a couple of names and they changed the context of the ORIGINAL accounts and made it into a religion,not to mention over the years the bible was EDITED by KINGS and it was poorly translated. why in the hell do malice and other people fall for that shit? if yall wanna bealive in fairy tales thats on yall i dont give a fuck,but the thing i hate is when religion starts getting in the way of NOW religion is affecting one of my favorite artist music,so now his music isnt goin to be the same,all over a book full of fairy tales. PLUS like mase told DMX,god gave YOU a talent,so you gotta use the nigga started rappin again cuz he was about to quit,and he dint change shit about his music.not every body is born with talent so if you got it dont let it go to waste all over religion, PLUS theres nothing on the bible about making DOPE music……SMH

  • AP

    ok guy aka “CaponeMOB “….whatever u say

  • Marlon D

    you guys are fuckin lame.

  • ff1one

    I appreciate the growth and the energy. He didn’t say he found religion he found God. Now, you can call it what you want but its higher power an ultimate energy and mad respect to Malice for seeking serenity. Peace itself is amazing even if its for a short while.

    NOW marijunia is from the earth Mal didn’t condem marijuina. He said that HE couldn’t think str8. Yes, Marijuina is made from the earth but too much of anything can be bad. TOO much “God/religion” can be bad. Thas why you gotta respect the boy for finding balance and seeking peace within. Especially in the world we live in today

  • TBD

    He & Pusha T will have to change up their group/label name from Re-Up Gang. If he (Malice) doesn’t want to be associated with that life-style anymore

  • aaron

    proud that you got your calling and you are more happy…….You can be apart of the game still and make your new type of music..Kanye made Jesus Walks…you can do your version….Hip hop is diverse!…Amen!

  • Tevin G

    No where in the bible does it say weed is bad, it says putting anything before God is bad, just sayin to clear that uup

  • M8D illest rapper out

    lol yall r lame

  • Screech918

    Dang why yall trippin on the dude quittin weed? Haters, you should be happy for him if thats what he wants to do and he’s happy about it. The Bible never SPECIFICALLY addresses weed but it does address alcohol, having a “sober mind” and watever else so draw yo own conclusion but if you feel it’s against God in your heart then you doing it is wrong.

  • chrishat

    so what? why did this shit turn into what the bible says? good for him, and good luck to him. this isnt the first dude in hip-hop to do this. how about the clipse man, they were bangin! great team with pharrel, they could spit. no more clipse man thats what you fools should be talkin about1