Slim Dunkin Was Murdered Over Candy, According to Police

New details about Slim Dunkin’s untimely death have made it even more tragic.

According to WSB-TV in Atlanta, the Waka Flocka affiliate, who was shot and killed on December 16 in Atlanta, lost his life over a dispute about a piece of candy.

“Slim Dunkin was inside this particular room, when according to witnesses someone came in struck him and a fight ensued,” said homicide detective David Quinn to the news station while walking through the studio. “The information we are getting—and it’s unconfirmed—but this whole thing was over a piece of candy. The fight spilled out into this area where he was attacked and beat, and based on the evidence we have, whoever he was fighting with secured a weapon and shot him, whereby he fell on this table.”

The detective also said that the Brick Squad Monopoly rapper, born Mario Hamilton, stood at 6’8” and was substantially larger than his adversary.

“There were at least 20-30 people in this studio at the time, the fact that Atlanta Police arrived on call to Grady Hospital first, we didn’t have the opportunity to speak to any of those people,” he continued. “We came here almost an hour and a half later.”

Slim Dunkin had been gaining momentum recently, with collaborations with Waka, Gucci Mane, French Montana and more. —Adam Fleischer

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  • that nigga

    Black people, my people. I swear. Seriously!!

  • what kind of candy?

    How ironic would it be if it was a life saver?

    • John-Doe

      Haha! I know I’m cold for laughing but this shit had me rolling!

  • Leroy Love

    Can you imagine doing life or on death row and a fellow inmate ask why you did it? and yo response is “he took a piece of my candy”. They would probably shank you just on principles of being so stupid. I never heard of this dude, but damn, that’s a f..ked up way to go out. I’d rather be killed over some p..ssy if I could choose, and even then it better be top notch after I done got mines.

  • $yk

    If you believe this UNCONFIRMED headline you need to look in the mirror…any smart person would know it was a hit and ANY little action would have sparked a reaction…

    so all these people who were THERE said it was over a piece of confection but can’t ID THE GUY they saw to KNOW it was over CANDY? Media making y’all look like fools.

  • aaron

    over candy are you serious………what the hell is going on that a man could lose his life and another go to jail for life over fucking Candy!!!!!…this is a serious case of “When keeping it real goes wrong”….Smh!…….

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  • Mestizo

    if you cant afford some candys coz u broke just holla and i send you a few bucks to get some candy. i dont want anybody to get killed over some candy

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