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After first being featured as one of XXL's Web Candies and popping up all over hip-hop's radar over the last year, Nichelle D is back in action and making her way into Eye Candy limelight. Recently taking the lead in J. Cole's "Work Out" video and making an appearance in Wale's "Bad Girls Club," this 36-26-43 knockout is letting the world know she's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Coming from the center of the West Coast's hot spot, Nichelle is one girl to look out for especially after showing up on screen for Wiz Khalifa's "On My Level." They say brains and beauty are hard to come by, but this chick fits the mold. Knowing what she wants and how to get, there's no telling where her career will go. Here, she fills in the blanks. Sky's the limit.

NAME: Nichelle D
REPS: Los Angeles, CA
STATS: 36B-26-43
SOCIAL MEDIA: @_nichelle

My favorite rapper is: J. Cole.

My favorite song by J. Cole is: “Can’t Get Enough.”

My favorite R&B artist is: Ne-Yo.

If I ever got to go on a date with Ne-Yo, I would… I like to eat, so dinner.

If I could choose any actor to go on a date with it would be… Idris [Elba]. He is so bomb.

If I could sleep with any rapper it would be… Ice Cube in his old days.

If I could choose any rapper to go on a date with, it would be… Fabolous. He seems pretty crazy! His tweets are off the chain [and] he’s kind of outgoing.

My favorite female R&B singer is… Aaliyah. It’s always going to be.

The craziest thing I’ve ever done on set is… I guess I can say it would pretty much be getting tossed down the stairs by Natalie [Nunn].

The craziest thing I’ve seen other girls do on set is… I think I seen somebody take somebody’s weave on set before.

The only thing I won’t do on set is… You’ll never catch me drinking.

I’ll never sleep with a rapper to get a part because… They don’t even pay much anyway.

If I could choose any rapper and singer to have a threesome with, it would be and … Lil Wayne because he just brags about it on every song, and Nicki Minaj.

I like Nicki Minaj because… She’s not crazy. I think her with the little funny voice is cute.

My favorite position is… Doggy style!

My favorite place to have sex is… The beach.

The craziest place I’ve had sex is… It’ll probably still be the beach.

I like to be… Taught.

I like being on the … Bottom.