Join XXL and 50 Cent in Celebrating The Five Faces of 50 December Issues

XXL and 50 Cent have teamed up to celebrate XXL‘s five December issues, all of which the hip-hop heavyweight gracefully covers. The festivities will take place Thursday, December 29, at New York City’s Webster Hall (doors open at 10 PM) and you and a guest are invited. So come join 50 Cent and the XXL family for a celebration that’s sure to cap of 2011 the G-Unit way.

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  • that nigga

    Wow, wasnt he and Floyd just on a cover. Stop sucking off 50 XXL. Damn!

    • CaponeMOB

      i really dont know why you niggaz always talk shit about 50 getting a cover. it could BE worser niggaz,they could put bow wow or soulja boy on the cover(which soulja boy was on 2 covers). and AT LEAST 50 cent always gives insightful interviews,and he’s always gives his honest opinions about shit instead of them wack rappers sugar coating shit all the 50 cent always throws in some thing in an interview that makes you think,personally i gotten some good ideas from 50. and if yall dont bealive then go check out his BOOK called the 50th LAW co-written by robert greene,yhea the same nigga that wrote that popular book THE 48 LAWS OF POWER. but i know,yall lames rather have a FAT EX-correctional officer on the cover,or a skateboarding skinny jean wearing wanna be face tatted ass killa. RIGHt? fuck outta here,i rather see 50 cent get the cover 5 times a year then to see them fake niggaz on there with shitty interviews.

  • uzimu

    These are the consequences of limited talent, and overexposure. 50 image expired years ago, people in his age group don’t support his music and the younger generation don’t feel his energy, everything he does seems contrived not organic.


    Cum On XXL 50 out of all people. This magazine is just as wack as when Em used to say yal was suckas.

  • jean claude van damme

    50 is so pathetic now, this dude is trying so hard to be relevant again. You can’t buy your way back into music by purchasing the cover of XXL mag every month. People can see right through this.

  • forrest gump

    50 can have all the faces he wants, he’s still one dimensional.

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  • flip

    50 that dude ..he never left..stop hatin. banks got mixtape of november .. 50 got mixtape of december..50 got song of year down on me and dopest energy drink/headphones out..yahhhhh

  • jr88

    i hear the word relevant alot but do you guys know what it means?….this guy has no album out and performed on the x factor with just a mixtape out…who else does that…lol…you can try to hate but hating on 50 is just played out now…what are you gonna say? he sings too much? well your favorite rapper wears girls cloths and sings on every track…are you gonna say he is fake? well people from his hood co sign him even the ones that hate him while your favorite rapper was a cop andhas no history in the hood….smh…50 haters need to look in the mirror…lol

  • Berta

    Yup……your absolutey right …. (to jr88). Check your records people and stop hating on 50.

    2012 will confirm !!!

  • dj wolf boy

    assassins creed brotherhood

  • dj wolf boy

    strongbow and pear drops


    People should learn to give credit where it is due. 50 cent will always remain the man who brought life to Hip Hop and the most diverse rapper to ever happen to this industry. Now he gave them a chance to run with it..guess what? Lil Wayne and all these Rick Ross gay camp are destroying it with this bublegum shit. Fitty is still the boss and will always be the boss, fuck that Rick Ross clown. The reason why people are hating is becuase he is making way more than their rappers. I am in Africa and have been feeding on his materials since day one (Books, DVD, Music etec) simply because there is substance. And ya all in the hood should be inspired by his hustle. For crying out loud he doesn’t have to go back to the hood and shoot people or pick fights to prove anything. More money to the bank..besides, his soldiers can do all that dirty job. He is at the top now.