Drake’s Take Care Remains in Top Ten, Jay-Z and Kanye West Drop to No. 56

Drake’s Take Care album is not moving from its spot in the top ten of the Billboard 200 album charts this week.
Every week since its release five weeks ago, Drake’s latest disc has remained in the top ten, and this week is no different. At the No. 7 spot for the second week in a row, Take Care brought in 76,500 in sales this week, bringing its count to 1,044,100, according to today’s Nielsen SoundScan report. Drizzy’s sophomore effort is now platinum.
Mac & Devin Go to High School by Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa made its debut this week on the charts, landing at the No. 29 spot thanks to the 38,600 units the duo sold in its first week.
Finishing off the top 40 is Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV at No. 43, five slots above where it was last week. Pushing out 28,800 in its 16th sales cycle, Weezy’s CIV’s is now on the brink of going double platinum with its current tally of 1,826,400. And for an honorable mention, Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne falls from the top 50, landing at No. 56 with 22,000 sold this week for a total of 1,166,100 copies sold to date. Meanwhile, the Roots’ Undun album, which debuted last week at No. 17, drops drastically to No. 70 with 18,300 units moved its second week, making its total 66,700. —Christopher Minaya

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  • Sha

    Good numbers for a Rapper/R&B Singer. But on some serious ish? Drake should probably be preparing for that “B*tch In You” ass-whippin’ that Common is about to drop on dude. I can’t believe Drake’s memory is that “Young”. Ice Cube was the man and almost at the height of his success. But when Common dropped “The B*tch In You” on dude, it was epic. Weezy needs to warn Drake. This one might be serious.

    • @Alex_B

      Ahh shut the fu#* up hating on Drake, I’m pretty sure if Drake was gonna throw shots, he’d drop names and aim for head-shots. Common is a nice rapper, but he’s just…common as his name when it comes to talk on this alleged beef sparked by them. It’s just a few old-heads in risk for their career because Drake sales are beautiful, and at the end of the day your opinion get its ass whooped by mine. Goodbye mam, sir?

      • JugularKill

        Lets keep it real who the fuk is Common?

        He’s worth roughly around 40-50 mil right now, he has a shit load of things going on, just like Luda he’s one of those rappers who will always sell no matter what.

        Common doesn’t need to diss Drake to sell, he said “he’s dissing whoever feels offended” then Drake twittered something about “sweet” so clearly Drake took the bate and Common was like “yea it’s about Drake”.

        It’s not beef, it’s not even senseless it’s like someone putting their hand up to being a hoe ass nigga when someone says “hoe ass nigga put your hand up”.

        facts are facts

      • wutyouknoaboutdat

        Coomon rakes in and has a whole lot more money than drake. Dont believe me? LOOK IT UP

  • BxRa

    I don’t get the Drake hate. If niggas don’t like him his style/music just don’t listen to the nigga and don’t think about the nigga. This nigga might be one of the realest niggas in hip-hop BECAUSE he ain’t never fronted with a Coke rap or a Gangster rap! Niggas really believe the non sense that they hear from the fake thugs and ex kingpins SMH. Niggas have nothing better to do than hate on a nigga. That’s weak…

    • JugularKill

      Are you stupid. “The realist nigga in hip hop” lmao. Common, Luda and Kanye West are just a few who have never fronted as a gangster or hustler.

      When Luda spits every verse is hard & raw including the ones for females.

      Drake is a bitch ass nigga who has no fire in his belly, he sings like he’s gay and his raps are targeted at 12yr old girls.

      That’s why people are hating because it’s no longer about who has the tightest flows, or who’s the most lyrical, it’s now about who sounds more like a bitch.

      Kanye experimented with 808 & Heartbreaks then he stopped it was good, something different, that was the end of that.

      But then these niggaz “Big Sean, Drake, Lil Wayne etc” took Kanye’s style and bitchified it now it’s too much.

      You see these guys all happy singing and rapping like they’re spoilt posh kids, and it makes me mad because hip hop is about the raw attitude of a human not the fake pretending.

      You have no fucking idea what i mean because you’re caught up in a world where music is for the moment.

    • wutyouknoaboutdat

      Drake making songs bout he gonna catch a body like that. REALLY? Wheelchair jimmy LMAO… You call that nigga real!!! That nigga so soft that he got to make rap songs targetting hopeless young females. Will the real men get up- Tupac