Another star-studded collaborative album may be on the way.

According to a recent video interview, DJ Premier confirmed that he and Nas are still planning to put out a joint album, though no timetable was given.

Talking to HardKnockTV, Premo discussed what it’s like getting in the lab with Nas. “It’s always fun to work with him, because we got a formula and a vibe that already works, so it’s not difficult,” he explained. “It’s like seeing a long lost cousin: Damn, I ain’t seen you in years, let’s get back to what we used to do.”

What they “used to do” was make classic, highly-praised songs, including “N.Y. State of Mind,” “Represent,” “I Gave You Power,” “Nas Is Like” and more. Most recently, they linked up for the Regeneration project, where they teamed with The Berklee Symphony Orchestra.

Premier also said that he may land some placements on the upcoming Nas solo album. “I submitted some tracks, so hopefully those’ll work, but if not, he and I are still gonna do the Nas-Premier album,” he said.

“He has other albums to come before, but we still gonna do it,” he continued, referencing the joint album. “We spoke about it, so it’s still official.” —Adam Fleischer