Astro Gets Eliminated From X Factor; Camp Keeps Mum on Jay-Z Signing Him

The Astronomical Kid’s run on X Factor finally came to an end last night, but perhaps the best is yet to come for the teenage sensation.

The 15-year-old rap prodigy from Brownsville, Brooklyn was voted off the show and failed to move into the final five contestants. Immediately following his elimination, however, rumors sparked that Jay-Z had signed him to Roc Nation.

Collin West, Astro’s step-father and manager, would neither confirm or deny the rumor when XXL reached out to him this morning, only offering with a laugh:

“We can’t talk about anything right now.”

West did state that Astro will be doing a full day of press in Los Angeles today, before returning to his hometown of New York City tomorrow. He also confirmed that Astro has already been booked on The Wendy Williams Show.

Perhaps that’s why the cocky, pint-sized MC seemed to take his elimination in stride.

“Hey, man, it’s for the better,” Astro told the show’s host Steve Jones after being cut. “The only reason I’m mad is ’cause I don’t get to see my girl that lives in Cali, but I will be back. … I love my time. I’ve gained a lot of fans.” –Mark Lelinwalla

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    astro said after being eliminated ” IT WAS FOR THE BETTER, I WAS OUT HERE TO SEE MY GIRLFRIEND ANYWAY”..what a loser, I dont care if he is 14, at that age you still should have learned sportsmanship and how to act with CLASS..he a punk kid and thats the bottom line, soear loser bitch…

    • editor

      And you are a dumb BITCH who cant spell! So who cares what you think you swine!

    • your truth is lies

      funny how lil bitches like you start internet beef and THEN call someone else an internet thug……i bet your poor single mother cant wait for you to move out you stoosh

      • THA TRUTH

        how the hell am I starting internet beef??? tell me how u freak? i stated my opinion about astro being a immature brat, then i get a comment from EDITOR calling me a dumb bitch,…I HAVE A RIGHT TO STATE MY OPINION and SHOULDNT BE INSULTED FOR u starting with my SINGLE MOTHER?? i need to go to a site where the people are abit more educated..not my fault your moms dropped you too many times..peace..

    • TaTa

      if u have noting to write about Astro…shut up.

    • Adam

      Everyone is hating because they have to work a 40 hour week getting minimum wage, You can’t tell me you’ve NEVER been cocky once in your life time…..And you can’t even tell me You can match up with his skill, 15 years old, and has more talent than you….More money too, That’s why your jealous, Because you failed yourself, Have fun flippin them burgers

    • jay

      You are a dumb bitch. You know him , he doesn’t know you, yet you call him a loser. Idiot, you the type of hoes i hate and send home without a cab fare


    @editor, it was a misprint first of finger slipped on the key pad..and you are a straight BATTI boy with ASTRO…i know for sure you a internet thug…mommy didnt hug you enough littlegirl…

  • be bop

    not signed to roc nation – no one can sign any deals until the show is over and simon agrees to release him

  • Smh

    @ the truth. First off, you quoted Astro wrong. He didn’t say it like that and he is arrogant and he is cocky a bit but he is very talented. He wrote original pieces every single week. His lyrics were great too. It’s ok you can hate on hip hop and Astro but you know what, at the end of the day you will be seeing a lot of that 15 year old kid. He didn’t win the competition but he gained way more. I know Jay Z is gonna take him under the wing. And while you sit there and hate he will go further then EVERYONE in that competition including the winner. And on that note suck a dick cause your a dumb ass bitch!

  • Mr. 306

    I have something to say about Astro. He’s an 11 year old piece of shit making hip hop looking like a mockery. No talent, and he has done covers, which nobody has made look good since Everlast. Fuck this punk.

    • ms516

      you’re an ignorant jealous idiot!! dont be mad cuz ur a nobody wishin uuu were on tv! astro is a VERY TALENTED FIFTEEN yr old, and even if you DID think he was 11, whyyyy would u say something like that??? u damn sure dont need any kids…cant IMAGINE what u would say to them or about them

    • Flo

      If u say astro has no talent,u’re a big 4 nothin fool

  • don’t hate.

    Astro is very talented. If you haters don’t like him, then keep your mouth shut. i bet you are more arrogant and useless. You will sit right there while astro will be busy hitting platinum.

  • http://xxl Biggdoggxl

    Fuck astro! The mf sucks anyway!! All he does is cover someone else tracks anyway!! I can’t even believe he made it this far! Will see how you do if you are signed bitch! You not evn onna go copper!!

    • ms516


  • Beatzmademedoit

    Hate… hate… hate… The kid has talent and that’s a fact, not opinion. Every judge said so, and I think they know what they are talking about more then some non-business internet poster. Another fact is this kid will go far and has already. Five million will be pocket change to this kid in a few months. I think that’s what he meant by “it’s for the better”, because now he can start to work on his career instead of winning a competition. The kid did covers because that’s what the contest required but he also re-wrote all of the lyrics and made the songs his own. The kid did not curse or get out of line in his rhymes and that’s more skill then 90% of the garbage played today. I’m an Astronaut since I heard the kid spit the first time. Egotistical, yes. Cocky, yes – and that’s what you need to be the best. Astro WILL set a new ground for the music industry and be here for a very long time because it’s natural to him. I believe there are a few people from this show that will make it big and produce more talent then AI ever has. BTW non of you guys used proper grammar and it’s built in to browsers these days… Leave on a high note and bang it out…

  • Biggdoggxl

    Fuck asshole!! I mean astro! Dude sucked literally!! Real hip hop is not astro! Little smart ass bitch! Want to slap his lil ass..

  • Biggdoggxl

    Beatz,talk to me in a year when this lil clown who does not appreciate the door that’s been open is forgotten!

    • ms516

      u sound like a bitter ass wanna be rapper thats jealous cuz a lil kid made it farther than u ever will lol IGNORANT IDIOT

  • RealTalk

    Astro has ‘unlimited’ talent! At his age…writing at the level he does is complete BRILLIANCE! *He doesn’t JUST cover other people’s tracks, he had no choice but to do that for X-Factor… I’ve seen YOUTUBE clips of this kid GOING HARD FREESTYLIN’ LIKE MAD! And these are when he was younger even! He is talented, and I’ve seen him CONFIDENT from the ‘get go’ … Just like Kanye (and his talent has him up for 5 grammy’s) so to ASTRO: “DO YOU!”

  • biggdoggxl

    Real talk! You don’t know shit about hip hop!! And that’s real talk homie!

  • jay

    I was referring to the Truth..and all Astro haters, broke ass fools

  • Beatzmademedoit

    Homes I have been around for decades when you were still running around in diapers… Don’t anyone come to me and tell me I don’t know Hip Hop because it was created in my generation son. RealTalk knows like I do that talent is talent, but this kid is not just talent. He is natural. His flow and production skills are top notch and if we are wrong then why is Jay-Z eyeing this kid? You play yourself out like a hater by the words you choose. I don’t know shit? Son you need to do some research on what Hip Hop is because like Astro said it’s been missing for a long time. Heavy D, Sugar Hill, Biggie… pure funk… and this kid knows… so hate… haters… Like I said 5 Mil will be pocket change to this kid in a few months… so go back collecting that weekly check… because that’s why you hate…

  • ms516

    Astro is talented, BOTTOM LINE..POINT. BLANK. PERIOD. This bigdog idiot is a jealous young ass IDIOT who is hating on a 15 YR OLD BOY because he has REAL TALENT/SKILLZ

  • FasiOe

    Astro is an inspiration to our young people here in the southern hemisphere (New Zealand)!! We can’t wait for his new material.. He is a STAR!!

  • Can’t Get Right

    Without any doubt at all the Kid has talent and by many regards is special. If you have watched any of his performances on stage, he would literally probably sell out a concert. He has surpassed anything young rapper of my generation, even Bow Wow, whom he had Durpi right his rhymes. I cant say that he is Hip Hop, but he fits right into what is playing today. He would be very commerical, but would sell tons of records. Im a true hip hop head, and I must say I would buy his album. The kid honestly performed show me what you got, better than Jay-Z and have I seen it in person. Big Dogg, your a bitch who is hating on a 15 year old kid. Grow the hell up, If I was near you I would smack the shit out of your punk ass.

  • Bill Fred

    Wow. Pretty typical audience for something called XXL lmao. Nah Astro is a lil turd of a mocking bird. He won’t make it past a maxi-single because like most of these shows, no one remembers once the next season has started. Too bad he even made it as far as he did, but that is demographics for ya. If you look at the McDonald’s commercial spread on these shows and how numbers are constantly manipulated arbitrarily, there really isn’t too much merit to most of these “winners” outside of not breaching their confidentiality clause during production lol.

    The fact that so many of you instantly react to any criticism of his parroting skills as “hating” makes it seem like the self worth/anger management/risk reduction mantras didn’t work with the middle school guidance counselor and the deep-seeded anger of being under-privileged will probably land you in jail next to “ya boy” Astro, so you can watch him take a dump three feet away from your head and listen to him call his cousin Jamal for more rhymes to spew…like a real man does. Best of luck to you all, though.

  • wowow

    wow the funny thing is how x factor originated in England so i think i should know that you become more famous if you don’t win or if u get a good record label u need to think before u speak just because u were on x factor does not mean u wont make it peace

  • Paul Ron

    Astro is just like every other young african american in the U.S. , they always think they are the next big rapper. Years ago rap use to be something, art. Now it is just a media for drug dealers and pimps ;)

  • The Dude

    all of you are retarded..on the one hand why are you fighting for a person you don’t know and probably ever will, and why should people not be allowed to hate him, is he a god? on the other hand….if you hate him so much why even bother reading about him, then again it is a free world so whatever #just my take

  • Word to Big Bird

    Astro is too arrogant to realize what a disgusting human being he is. It’s scary that people like this exist, but it’s even worse to think their are idiots (primarily his parents) that encourage his behavior.

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