Rumor: Are Lil Wayne and Eminem Going on Tour?

The rumor mill is spinning and this time Lil Wayne and Eminem are the subjects being spoken of.

Gossip around town is that Lil Wayne and Eminem are preparing to go on a joint tour next year, similar to Eminem and Jay-Z’s Home & Home tour that brought the two great MCs to New York’s Yankee Stadium and Detroit’s Comerica Park.

Although details are scant, a reliable source informed XXL that the two are already working out the details of the trek. Hopefully, it’ll stop in a city near you!—Gina Montana

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  • Busani

    lm hppy dat wizzy&e fstet rapper ar wrkin on smeting 2gether we lve u gyz wll b waitn 4de killer trek

  • Pat Myaz

    Man screw eminem for this. when is he gonna realize that his core fans f****** hate wack wayne. this is like Jayz doin a tour with soulja boy. Everybody go to and tell me you dont agree.


    I dont care much for Lil WAYNE but give or take a few good songs. But I would go just to see Eminem, seeing as the dude hardly ever goes on tour. I saw him live before during the anger management tour and his show was off the hook. When he does do shows he gives a great performance.

  • Pacer

    These guys are touring Australia this weekend. Not so much touring but selected cities (which is whack).

    One show in Melbourne, x2 shows in Sydney & x1 show supposedly in Brisbane in what was meant to be two one off shows in both Melbourne & Sydney.

    Lil Wayne was meant to do some side shows this week before the tour in Perth & Adelaide – but that fell through thanks to shitty promoters (again)

  • E-Man

    I really don’t understand why people click on a article with a artist they do NOT like , just to criticize how much they hate them. If you don’t like him fine , he is still gonna be richer then you will EVER be lol. people always ask for unity in hip hop, this would be a good look

  • cow-dude

    what the f**k are you dude’s talking about! Let watch and see hw is gona work out b/w their two.