Mr. Marcus’ 50 Baddest Chicks

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  • Coco
    Mr. Marcus is no stranger to women. The longtime adult film star loves everything about the female race. That being said, <i>XXL</i> tabbed Mr. Marcus to list his Top 50 Baddest Chicks to round out our sex week. Mr. Marcus starts with# 50: Coco - "I met Coco before she blew up. She blew the fuck up! I think brothers get giddy for her." Now see what he has to say about the rest.
  • Nicole Scherzinger
    49. Nicole Scherzinger - "She's very pretty."
  • Eri Moriyama
    48. Eri Moriyama - "She was a journalist. She's beautiful, dude."
  • Asia Rain
    47. Asia Rain - "The thing about her is her eyes. She has those beautiful bedroom eyes."
  • Bria Myles
    46. Bria Myles - "She caught my interest, seeing her on the cover of King. She's about to wreck the game."
  • Julia Beverly
    45. Julia Beverly - "She's a go-getter. She's got that runner's body that I like with sisters, but she's got it for a White girl."
  • Irina Shayk
    44. Irina Shayk - "I was hanging out with a bunch of Russian girls and she's badd, man."
  • babycakes
    43. Babycakes - "Big natural boobs with a beautiful babyface."
  • Melodai Nakai
    42. Melodai Nakai - "She's goes to church all day Sunday because she was f'n all day Saturday!"
  • Bethany Benz
    41. Bethany Benz - "Wayward girl who goes from reality star to pornstar."
  • Absolutely Amber
    40. Absolutely Amber - "Sexy as all hell."
  • evanni
    39. Evanni Solei - "It's like she just draws you in."
  • freida_pinto_002
    38. Freida Pinto - "She's a model. She has an allure about her and she's family oriented too. She represents for Indian women."
  • monica
    37. Monica - "I seen her in concert, she's very down to earth and she's been around a long time, so she aged well."
  • nickiminaj
    36. Nicki Minaj - "I think Nicki is one the list because she's creative, which is attractive to me."
  • aurora_jolie_country_girl_12_XxG4k2O
    35. Aurora Jolie - "She was somebody that was like very young, Tyler the Creator would love her. She could hang with his crowd."
  • serena
    34. Serena Williams - "Serena would be the Beauty Dior of my business."
  • beautydior-3
    33. Beauty Dior - "A big phat ass!"
  • marie-luv
    32. Marie Luv - "Just one cool chick."
  • sofia
    31. Sofia Vergara - "Who doesn't love this chick? I don't think there's a single Black, White, Asian or Hispanic dude that wouldn't jump if they had the chance."
  • roxyreynolds
    30. Roxy Reynolds - "She's so confident in who she is. That's sexy."
  • JadaFire
    29. Jada Fire - "Jada represents. She's a street chick. Tupac would have loved her."
  • IceLaFox
    28. Ice LaFox - "I'm a fan. Badd ass Latina chick."
  • vanessa
    27. Vanessa Simmons - "She's a businesswoman. Her father raised her well."
  • Sunny-Leone-aka-Karen-Malhotra
    26. Sunny Leone - "Can’t believe she’s f'n. She's such a model. Colombian with super sex appeal."
  • Kayden-Kross3
    25. Kayden Kross - "She has pretty ass eyes with a high IQ."
  • kaylani
    24. Kaylani Lei - "She has a real sultry look to her that I really like."
  • annk
    23. Anna Kournikova - "Tennis player body...very athletic."
  • porscha coleman
    22. Porscha Coleman - "Natural beauty."
  • priyarai1
    21. Priya Rai - "She’s dope and got that feisty, mean attitude."
  • rosa
    20. Rosa Acosta - "Her body is amazing and you can tell she works hard at it."
  • rihanna
    19. Rihanna - "I put her on there because of her cell phone pics. I can't lie."
    18. K.D. Aubert - "She's a video/hip-hop chick and one badd bitch. Curves for days."
  • suelyn
    17. Suelyn - "I hear she's cocky as hell and after taking a look at her photos, I know why."
  • melyssa-ford
    16. Melyssa Ford - "When I met her, I was very impressed. She's very professional."
  • esther_baxter4
    15. Esther Baxter - "She represents for all the sisters in the hood with her big phat ass."
  • sophia-santi
    14. Sophia Santi - "Penthouse Pet. Tall, tattooed, kind of gothic. A tall goddess.
  • Dee
    13. Dee - "Her body is immaculate. She's like a Puerto Rican tinkerbell."
  • Erica
    12. Erica from the Bad Girls Club - She's a White girl with a big phat ass that brothers love and she made a porno, so she's a freak!"
  • Aryana
    11. Aryana Starr - "She's just a very pretty sister."
  • 2
    10. Adrianna Luna - "She's a Latin firecracker. Her sexuality spills over."
  • silvia_saint_workout
    9. Silvia Saint - "She's a European model, photogenic, beautiful with an incredible body and super smart."
  • Charmane-Star-Feet-503535
    8. Charmane Star - "She's the second Asian girl on the list. She's pouty, moody and you'll be sprung over her."
  • asa
    7. Asa Akira - "Her sexuality knows no boundaries."
  • Jenaveve
    6. Jenaveve Jolie - "She's the first Latina on the list for a reason!"
  • Regina-King1
    5. Regina King - "She’s a woman. She ain’t going let you down."
  • Nyomi-Banxxx-Anal-Sex-0
    4. Nyomi Banxxx - "Where Heather Hunter left off, she picked up."
  • HH4
    3. Heather Hunter - "She's super talented, a pioneer in our business. Sexually, a lot of girls can learn something from her."
  • mya041
    2. Mya - "Classy, confident, sexy woman. She's an around the way girl, you'd love to get."
  • janet
    1. Janet Jackson - "Encompasses all around sexuality. She's a woman with longevity and she plays really hard to get. Just nobody could get her. She seems hard to please, which I like."

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  • yo

    xxl getting lazy. im pretty sure in pic 8 one of her tits is hanging out

  • diz

    yeah, this is really lazy…his comments are just dumb. “oh, she has a nice body” no shyt!!

    • http://XXLmagazine Tmann

      Lol yea I agree its not Like’s banged them Most babes I here hate him and refuse to work with him

  • norcal


  • NoEYE-D

    I know XXLMag has an Eye Candy section, but what does Mr. Marcus and his 50 baddest chicks have to do with Hip Hop? Yesterday, Scarlet Johansan had a feature. What’s going on?

  • jimmy

    no jada stevens? SMFH

  • uzimu

    LOL, Sunny Leone is Canadian with parents from India, but somehow Mr. Marcus confused her for Columbian. Dumb nigga go screw a goat.

  • sexylove

    I love Mr.Marcus his comments made me laugh. Glad to see a different approach to Eye Candy. Stop hatin you jealous dudes.

  • Sharoyce Antwan

    I’m glad Pinky didnt make the list.

  • meikaj

    thats cute lol

  • NIGGA 4Life

    I thought dis was a Hip Hop website but hell no! But I swear neva again will I buy xxl mag. Let everybody who truly loves Rap discard dis muthafucka.if not den u aint shit but hoz n’ ma comment or leave it .I dont give a nasty fuck.

  • http://TAGHEUER.COM Dree

    yo I no longer give a fuck bout damn xxl.dirty. hello real Hip Hop out there!

  • Come on son

    Come on, son! What’s wrong with Scarlett Jo? You don’t like what you see there? Mr. Marcus is more hip-hop than you even know. Who you think gave Superhead her nickname dumbass? I swear some dudes that peep xxl are sweet. i love what xxl is doing with eye candy on site & magazine. stop hatred bitch boy.

  • Julia Beverly? wtf?

  • Dree

    @ come on son,

    look negro or kaki ass mr marcus and his bithciz have nuthin to do wit Hip Hop na mean? unless you talkin ’bout the fake watered down hip hop dat u n’ the dumb world listen to.muthafuckaz.

  • Dree

    @ come on son

    hey I’m not hatin snitch coz I’m a G get me? the real bitch boy is dat punk who assfucked yo mama to produce u.thats why u an asshole.

  • NIGGA 4Life

    Ay yo ,ay yo lets get it straight! fuck dat mr marcus
    article on yo muthafuckaz wanna destroy hip hop coz y’all pussy
    minded.who the fuck is xxl by tha way?who the fuck is dat short ass bitch
    v.satten and its goddamn colleagues? bunch of dirty assholes. fuck outta here
    with yo mag n’ leave Hip Hop alone coz y’all cant fuck with it.

  • jeff

    No Tiffany Mynx? Cmon man!!!

  • Tyrone Mitchell

    STUNNING!! :-)

  • ButterBalls

    I Like Boobies….That Is All

  • Todd Friedman


  • Todd Friedman


  • Todd Friedman

    SHE HAS “WAY TOO” BIG OF AN ASS FOR ME!—–Todd Friedman.

  • Todd Friedman

    Hey Mr. Marcus!————Don’t U mean “I’ve SEEN her in concert?”

  • Todd Friedman

    “She “SHOULD” stick 2 tennis!

  • riinlove

    Aurora Jolie – I’d put a baby in her butt, ahaaa