Despite rumors that she might've set up rapper Jim Jones, who was beat up by a group of men in Harlem a couple of weeks back, manager Yandy Smith says she wasn't involved in the "botched robbery" attempt.

Smith, who began managing Jones after working with artists like 50 Cent, Missy Elliott and LL Cool J, says she was really hurt by the rumors, which caught her off guard.

“What really hurt me is the people that said it originally are people that have known me for years and they know my character, they know my personality," she said. "That’s so far from who I am just on a personal level. I was very hurt that people would say that and then repeat it like they believe it. That is so not me and not anything I’d ever do to anybody ever… not even my enemy, let alone my brother.”

What further fueled gossip that Smith was behind the beating was a scathing and dramatic trailer for the upcoming season of Love And Hip Hop 2, which Smith is a cast member of. The teaser, followed by the rumors that Smith set Jones up, had fans wondering if she still represents him, but when asked, Smith wouldn’t confirm whether or not she is still Jones’ manager.

“You’ll have to wait and see [the show],” Smith said.

Love And Hip Hop 2 premieres on Monday (November 14). —Mark Lelinwalla