Jamaican Reggae Artist Vybz Kartel Denied Bail Post Murders Charges

A judge in Kingston, Jamaica, has refused bail for Jamaican rapper/dancehall artist Vybz Kartel, who is facing two murder charges.

The ruling Wednesday (November 2) rejected a bail application by the 35-year-old Kartel, who is accused of gunning down a 27-year-old music promoter killed back in July. A reason for the refusal is unknown as of press time.

Kartel is also being charged for a separate slaying in August and is being investigated in connection with “a number of murders, shootings and gunrunning,” according to the Washington Post.—Gina Montana

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  • Decatur GA BOI

    Go to jail Homie.

  • sheldon

    we wont to see the video that thy say that is their,if you are not guilty,thy have to let you go bro., you are a positive man kartel.if
    You didn’t do it everything will be occ. strong, the society is fuck up.

    • Little Dot!!

      Sheldon and Gaza kid knight, you both need help!! You all need to be fair and stop condoning with wrongdoing!! How can you say he is not guilty?? Are you both around him all the time? He needs to stop promoting negative music and start creating some positive music for the society!!!Sheldon, it is so easy for you to spell the bad words; check the rest of your spelling!!!

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  • gaza kid kingt

    kartel u ah di world boss an dem nah like dat mi dog so fuck dem mi no seh u na kil no bady dem wan fi c u fall but nah gah happen dat can happen gaza to d world

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  • http://wwwfacebook.com yongmoney

    mi seh dem fi di bomboclaat worldboss awoh dat ma seh oh!

  • http://wwwfacebook.com yongmoney

    mi nuh think di world boss suh fool fi mess up himself like dat unless him nuh ave no sense

  • Addi di tiches

    Free da wald bos mi seh.da dans hall wil nevuh b da same.

  • Kem Kem

    Yo gaza general, hold your head firm cause you dunn know all gaza fans are saying prayers right now ,bless mi Don