Drake’s All Things Fresh Official Fan Site Shuts Down

Drake’s official fan site, allthings-fresh.net, is officially shutting down.

Karla “hustlegrl” Moy, founder of the site, posted the announcement on Monday (November 28), along with a thank you to all of the site’s visitors for supporting their efforts throughout the years.

“Thank you for visiting All Things Fresh during these past years and throughout this musical journey,” the message read. “For that, you will forever be in our debt. You’re all appreciated, for real.”

“I’m on the verge of starting a new chapter in my life so it was simply time for me to move on and explore other opportunities,” Moy tells xxlmag.com. “ATF is still a part of me and I am so thankful for it.”

The site launched in 2007, before Drake’s rise to stardom and has since continuously supported the Young Money MC, hosting content related to his career and exclusive material.

Drake has rapped “ATF” in songs, which was the vision of hometown several friends, including Moy, and Houston’s Jas Prince.

Moy, who also helped launch Lil Wayne and Funkmaster Flex’s websites with Karen Civil, is currently working on two new projects (Ro Ransom and JMSN) and will continue to do design. Drake, who appeared in Oakland to shoot a video for “The Motto,” an iTunes bonus track from his recent Take Care release, has yet to comment on the site closing.—Jayson Rodriguez

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  • Brandon

    RIP ATF. Will never forget. Props 2 Karla.
    But why didn’t she let Drake’s people continue running the site? :/

    • http://www.twitter.com/ATFsFinest ATFsFinest

      EXACTLY. I am so sad. That was where I went for everything drake related. She had interns working for ATF so I don’t know why she didn’t let them run it. I woke up this morning thinking I was about to log on, and was greeted with “Grand Closing”. There will never ever be another Drake fan site that can touch ATF. I love Karla she is truly an inspiration to me, and I’m happy she’s moving on, but yes, ATF will be greatly missed. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I probably sound a little obsessed but hey, us die hard Drake fans lived for ATF.

      • rah

        fuck drake get off his dick already fagot!

      • Mildrisia

        I AGREE!!!

  • Tryuth

    She worked for Drake, then got fired by Drake. Obviously she’s not gonna run the site no more..

    More on it at Twitter.com/FuckTheWeeknd

  • Nick

    she worked for drake? and got fired? what?

    does anyone know of any sites that are similar to this? drakes blog isnt nearly as detailed and as updated as this. I’m going to miss this site so much.

  • Jason

    yeah, check out octobersveryown.net…Ran by another member of Drakes camp. RIP atf.net

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  • lei

    i think something went down. maybe between her and drake, or a fan, intern, somebody. because like ol girl said, she had JUST got like 5 new interns to work there, they could have ran the site if she was too busy, i know for a fact that one of those interns aint got shit to do. and plus, she had also just got a brand new layout for the site about a month ago. aint no way in hell she would have went thru all that just to close the site a month later, especially seeing how much it meant to her. hell ATF is one of the biggest boosts her career had. and last but not least…NO WARNING? no warning at all? no countdown to atf’s last day up and running? gtfoh. just BAM, closed. nah nah nah man somebody pissed her off and she said fuck it and fuck this site lmao CLOSED BITCHES

    • T Dot

      @ lei lmao so true!

    • JermsAllOver

      omg LMAO!!! Your WHOLE comment is so just so epic I was shocked too even if I only visited like once a month, it still was a good place to catch up on everything Drake related. And you are so right, no warning just “CLOSED BITCHES” lol!

  • kathy

    For real, wtf. I didn’t visit that site often, but time and time I did…….. Something had to go down. This is all to sudden. Forreal, I neeed a real explanation.

  • Mildrisia

    I’m really sadden about atf closing down, being that it was such a wonderful site for drake’s fans. I’m going to miss waking up in the mornings excited to see what drake has done. But I do understand.

  • mysteryuz

    Didn’t Drake recently fire everyone within a 5 mile radius of him? LOL Deuces ATF. Hopefully he isn’t turning into a paranoid weed head thinking the world is out to get him. Can’t wait to see what he’s got going on next. I’m sure the All Things Drake site is happy as hell.

  • Anonymous

    Essentially what happend was that she tried pulling a fast one. She tried selling merchandise and profiting from the logo and the site without anyone’s knowledge. She had no rights to the site or the logo. She was a super fan from the start and greed got the best of her.

  • HA

    Drake is a fucking loser. A pathetic idiot who grew up in a rich household and pretends hes from the streets. Go back to richmond and aforest hill.

  • Guest

    A small piece of me wonders did he “No Lie” her. Her reason for leaving seemed so diplomatic. It could be a mutual parting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maroonsista-AtTwitter/100002896637049 Maroonsista AtTwitter

    A small piece of me wonders did he “No Lie” her. Her reason for leaving the site seemed a bit cryptic and the “R.I.P.” on the Twitter page was a little dramatic. However, it could be a mutual parting.

  • Zahria

    to all the haters you really dont matter like regaurdless what you all say at the end of the day drake is getting payed parting living in the fast lane and has millions of people screaming his name and you are at home hating n your not even getting payed for it so whats the point…..dear drake i am a girl from silver spring maryland who loves your music keep up the amazing work