Drake Responds to Take Care Leak

Drake isn’t sweating the fact that his sophomore album, Take Care, leaked on the internet last night (November 6).

Anticipating that the highly-anticipated LP would leak, the Toronto rapper tweeted shortly before it was unofficially released asking fans to “Listen, enjoy it, buy it if you like it… and take care until next time.” He then said although he wasn’t certain if the album had leaked or not, he was thankful it happened only  a couple of days before the album’s official November 15 release date.

“I am not sure if the album leaked,” he tweeted, “but if it did, thank God it doesn’t happen a month early anymore.”

The leak was headed by the release of two songs off the set, the Rihanna-assisted title track which samples Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX’s “I’ll Take Care of You,” and “Lord Knows,” featuring Rick Ross.

Listen to the two tracks below:

—Mariel Concepcion (@mceezy)

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  • M8X

    Anyone know somewhere I can download the full album ?

  • Rastaman

    Its sad to think that this cat could sale more than COLE. Its most likely gonna happen, but not cause of the quality. I guess Drake and his fans( I was one at one time before Thank Me Later) would say i’m hatin,(referring to lyrics in Lord Knows) but best believe i gets p*ssy. Unlike Drake gettin whooped by it, I wipe it. This aint music for niggas that get p*ssy, its for niggas that are as soft as p*ssy. My opinion, got something to say? F#ck Off! MMG goin hard! Shouts to my nigga Wale, Meek Mills, and The Bawse!

  • jimmyjam33

    drake sells more cos he knows how to make a radio hit aand has a beter presence. cole world was wack, people actin like it was some sort of classic, it wasnt it was a watered down firday night lihts, itsnot as if any of the shit he said hasnt been said before. anywayz if u want updated 90s rap listen to kendrick least he not boring as shit.

  • Rastaman

    ^^^ If people actin like Cole Worldis a classic, they must like it. Cole world being wack, your opinion. I respect that, But just cause every female want to hear a drake track on the radio does not make it good music. Kendrick goes real hard, and he f*cks wit Cole.
    Cole speaks more about life topics, if thats watered down Drakes albums are just water. All Drake talks about is getting his feelings hurt. If you likin this “My feelings hurt” rap thats for you, but as for a nigga thats tryin to ride and bump something worth bumpin Cole World will be in the deck and Take Care will not be in the collection.

  • black jesus

    lord knows is a powerful record. that song alone shits on cold world.

    oh and k dot fucks with drizzy just as much if not more than jake cold. k dot is featured on take care and is an opener on drakes tour.

  • prizzy

    dont hate on drake, j.cole and drake are about to carry the game by themselves because every big rappers are gettin old and we need some young ones to make some new stuff. cole world is ill and take care is probably gonna be crazy.

  • canadasmost

    its some soft ass singing shit . drake next time more rappy and less crappy please .take care is no so far gone . its too far gone . itll prolly get a M on the xxl scale . disappointed .

  • jfl11

    Cole world was not wack, but I think Take Care will be better for reasons I don’t feel like ranting on. I wasn’t a Drake fan for a long time but I got over that when I felt he started maturing artistically and conceptually. The easiest deflection method for those who don’t like him is to say he’s just another generic mainstream act… but that’s just ignorant. People will say anything and make up any excuse to justify what they want to be the truth. Anyways i’m gonna wait til the 15th to hear it, I don’t DL leaks

    • $yk

      So after listening to the album 4x, I’ma SMDH @ all that were and still want to crown this guy as the new rap king…he’s a rapping RnB-harmonizing dude…has some skills but y’all bought into last year’s hype…this is the album that would have came out 1st if they didn’t astro-turf him with Wayne to get the rap audience, and after you hear it you will understand why they astro-turfed him…

      “The easiest deflection method for those who don’t like him is to say he’s just another generic mainstream act… but that’s just ignorant.”

      ^ the ignorance comes because one looks at it from a “hating” standpoint…one may choose not to like the man’s music…doesn’t mean they can’t see what’s before them…

      Drake is no better than Bell, Biv, Devoe or Chris Brown or Trey Songz…but I’ma let y’all tell it…TC is decent though…

  • King Richard Aka Da God Of Rap

    dnt matta if it leak cuz he’ll still sell pretty good,fans ruining rap by stealing muzik & please listen 2 a super lyrical memphis mc wen u get a chance & dnt complain about hip hop being dead if u ain’t gon support da new rappers dats actually good….http://www.youtube.com/user/Darealkingrichard?feature=mhee

  • Jamaal Howard

    Why is Hip-Hop so judgemental? Why is it the only genre of music when the artist get old is a problem? Correct me if I am wrong? the older you are the wiser you are? Hip-Hop as music and or a culture is only thirty something years old,so compare that with other genres of music and we’re only a child. Like it or not Jcole and Drake are next, and from what I can tell they both got classics on their hands.Just enjoy the music and stop being so critical of it!Unless you are getting paid for it…

    • $yk

      Xactly…someone said rap is only music for the youngin’s and they ran with it…yet are Cole & Drake next?…are THAT’S WHAT THEY SAID IS NEXT?…Tell me there aren’t other “next” artists beyond these 2 to look for…

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