Drake came close to scoring a Justin Timberlake collaboration on <i>Take Care</i>.

"I really wanted to work with Justin Timberlake on this project and we came so close, man, so close,” Drizzy recently told Billboard. “He's just super busy, and not in the music mindset right now as far as creating.”

The mindset that Timberlake is in is acting, something Drake, a former actor, can definitely relate to, even though he insists the track would have been memorable.

"The song was gonna be dope," the rapper continued. "It was solid, a solid little look. But he's so immersed in the acting thing, and I don't blame him, he's doing great at it. He was just like, 'I really want to work. I just can't do it right now. But we'll work as soon as I'm back in the studio.'"

Even without a JT-assisted track, the demand for <i>Take Care</i> seems to be pretty high since its release yesterday. —Jakinder Singh