It's been a while since we've seen Cali on VH1's Real Chance of Love and I Love Money 2. But the LA scorcher still makes money off of appearances on the strength of her reality star fame. "I’m still getting paid off of being on them shows," Cali says. "I’m one of the lucky ones." Here, the 26-year-old stunner with the 36-24-36 measurements, gets sexy with XXL, filling in the blanks about her prowess in the bedroom. Now, this is CALIfornia Love! -Christopher Minaya

My background is Alien and martian. I get asked that all the time. And low key, I don’t think my mom would really know what I am. See, I remember one time I asked her. She was like, “I don’t know what we are.” But, like, we’re Filipino, Vietnamese. My grandpa is from Spain, Spanish. And, I just found out my dad has little bit French in him. So, I don’t know.

The city I represent LA, baby.

My favorite movie of all time is Next Day Air because I’m in it.

My favorite television show is Real Chance of Love and I Love Money 2. I still watch reality shows. I like watching TMZ.

Right now, I have the world in my purse and nothing in my pockets. I’m just wearing panties.

My sweet spot is my my ear. Um, yeah, my ear and anywhere on my neck, my fingers. My whole body. I don’t know. I’m just a freak. Every part of my body. Yeah, even like my hair. Oh, I’m ready. Like, I used to just be the type like, ‘You know. Fuck it. If guys could do it, girls could too.’ You know what I mean? But, now that I’m like... I don’t even want to say older ‘cause that means I’m now old. ‘Cause I’m not.

I’m sexy because I’m Cali and look at me. Like, everything about me. My swag, how I look, how I carry myself. All that.

On an ideal first date, I’d like to be taken to...I’ve been to all the expensive restaurants and movies. All those are so boring. They would have to show me their world. Like, I’m not opposed to going to someone’s house, whatever. ‘Cause you know, I could go anywhere they want to take me. It just depends on the person. If I like you, really, you could take me anywhere. I don’t care. If I really like a person, you could take me to a fucking alley or sewer and be like, 'Let’s just chill, sit here and get to know each other.' Like, I’m wit it. It don’t take a lot to impress me. Take me to the White House and meet Obama. Seriously, with these clubs and stuff, I don’t, I don’t get excited to go out to clubs no more. You got to tell me Obama is there or something like that.

Sometimes I get compared to ain’t nobody really comparing me to nobody.

The best part about being Asian is we’re givers. We’re the type that would like do anything for our man, you know? Like, we put our man first, which is bad sometimes. I’m the type that would like almost diss my friends, when I’m in love with a guy. I’d rather be boo’d up, and I’d rather [do] whatever my man wants to do. It’s bad. I’m really bad. I’m a sucker for love. I ain’t gonna lie.

My dream date would be with Obama. I would want to be Obama’s side chick! He’s the man. Like, that bossy type of guy is like my biggest turn-on. My fantasy would be Obama. He ain’t reachable to people.

My turn-ons are I’m a sucker for accents with a guy and like facial hair and tattoos. For girls, I like an exotic girl, a sexy girl. The ones with all the sex appeal.

I use my tongue to turn on my man. I know where to lick.

My best body part is the whole package. I’m a whole package deal. Everything about me is sexy.  Everything.

In the bedroom, I'd never say [put it] in my booty ‘cause I don’t do that.

If I could choose any rapper to date, it would be Wiz. I like his swag and I'm a sucker for love. The way he be treating Amber is so cute. That’s like a turn-on. He don’t give a fuck. Like, that’s his lady, and he’s gonna show her and show the world how much he loves her.