Update: Busta Rhymes Signs to Cash Money Records

Busta Rhymes is the newest member on Cash Money Records.

While on the Funkmaster Flex show tonight (November 16), Busta confirmed joining the YMCMB team. According to Miss Info, Mystikal has also joined the Cash Money roster.

Just minutes after the announcement, Twitter chatter was active about the signing. “Movie time family!!!,” @BusaBusss tweeted his new labelhead, @Birdman5star.

An official announcement  is said to make it’s rounds tomorrow morning.—Gina Montana

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  • HU

    Mystikal is one of the best rappers still living. Can’t wait for the album.

  • Omegasun

    Wasn’t Birdman talking that old Rapper shit about Jay-Z, but now he sign these two so called old dudes smh.

  • Joe P.

    I love busta rhyme’s music, but I hope its not gonna be CM/YM features on every track on his album.

  • hE-HATE-ME

    Damn 4real busta?gud move 4 mystical but busta way 2 good 2 go 2 cm.smh

  • http://www.retirementpensionplans.co.uk/ Cash my pension

    He must be thinking about his retirement, joining cash for money, maybe he does not have a pension

  • bucs

    This sum bull both ant gon blend in right id be suprised if they drop it mite jus be sum publice not 2 say busta shity now but he damn sho aint bout 2 killem and mystikal fell of before he went 2 jail i think this is better 4 them then ymcmb bust shoulda jus stayed doin collabs

  • kedordu

    busta is prolly the best spitter in his era . and im talking 1991 . i dont mean to sound disrespectfuk but theres division of cash money called cash money classic . teana marrie ( rip ) was the first on that label i think she had a special deal .

  • Jholla

    I hate to say it but if they keep signing niggas like this YM/CM is gonna be a fuckin powerhouse pumpin out bangers….smh

  • bryant smith

    keep making powermoves ym/cm…….i lu dem niggas!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rockieluke

    didnt cash money and mystikal have beef when they all first started ?

    • Magnolia2dabone


  • fuck cash money

    well there goes a album i was waiting to buy. anit no why in hell iam pay money.for lp thats brobly going have lil nut stain fake. and fake ass all over it. and most cash money so called bangers sound like shit beats.

  • Press

    Hate it or love it big dogs do big thangs!!! Good look for Cash Money. Good luck to Mystical and Busta.

  • Sean Izzle

    This is the worst thing that could ever happen in Hip Hop and music period! :O Busta Rhymes and Mystikal signing to Cash Money Records? Geeeet the fuck outta here! :( this hurt me personally, my soul is hurt by this! Is this really true? What is goin on why oh why? What am i hearing here? I hope that Busta Rhymes and Mystikal wont be shouting Whooo Kemosabe! Big Ballin is my hobby! Whodie and shawty :O that would be soo wrong and fucked up SMH.

    What happened to Mystikal – Fish Grease mixtape+ and Busta Buss – The Chemo album?

    • KARO

      Think u got ur labels mixed up

  • Sean izzle

    Dr. Dre prob decided to take a break and leave music when he heard that Busta Rhymes and Mystikal were gonna sign with Cash Money… in advance, before us! Anybody agree?



  • http://www.myspace.com/96gra L-Mental – Ice 96 Grados (Spain)

    Ion’t give a fuck bout where is Mystikal recording, but we can have another “Whatcha want” or another “Iz they wildin with us” if Busta on the same record label. Busta Rhymes have changed his style but cant say if he is better or worst, but Mystikal… he still the man right here!