Freeway is contemplating making a return to a major label once again, but for now, the Philadelphia mic ambassador is enjoying the flexibility to come and go as he pleases as he roams the independent underground circuit.
In fact just yesterday (October 25), he released his latest project, The Intermission mixtape. XXL caught up with the bearded wonder to speak on the project.

"I called it The Intermission because it's between albums and also it has double meaning," Free explained yesterday via phone from Oakland where he is recording with fellow indie stalwart The Jacka on a joint album. "There's also the inner mission. My inner mission is to keep giving y'all this heat and providing everybody with that good street music they know and love."

Free says when he was on a major and a part of State Property, he had to wait for his clique to drop albums and make group LP between putting out his solo effort. That family business would stall him for years. Now independent, the Philly spitter can drop projects whenever he wants.

One of the buzz cuts off the new mixtape is "666" which features just about all of his State Property brethren.

"We did that joint last week,” he said. “The mixtape was almost done and I felt like I needed a State Property joint. I woke up and was like 'I wonder if I can get all these niggas in the studio.' I started calling them one by one like 'meet me in the studio. Let's get it.' They did it. Peedi Crakk was busy and Neef had to go out of town. But we starting to get it in. It's called '666' because we all spit 6 bars."

Free kept the collaborating in Philly with Meek Mill on "Superstar."

"It’s always good to work with Meek," he said. "Whenever I need him he's right there. I called him and said 'I need you on this joint' and he said 'let's go.' We recorded the joint at Batcave. It was good. He's holding it down for the city. Once we get the State Prop thing back together, Philly gonna look real good. ‘Superstar’ is just basically talking shit, bragging."

Free uses the "Motherland flow" over the instrumental to The Throne's "Niggas in Paris." Free's freestyle is called "Niggas in Africa."

Then there is "Benjamins 2," where the title was inspired by the brick breaking beat. It reminded Freeway of Puff Daddy's party staple "All About The Benjamins."

Freeway says he doesn't know when his next solo LP will come, but he promises a State Property mixtape before the year is done.

In the meantime, fans can download The Intermission online now for free. —Shaheem Reid