Model Danye Dimore has a great personality with a great face and body to match. Here, the sizzling Filipino, Spanish and Portugese stunner and San Francisco native, turned ATL transplant does a This or That with XXL. Get 'em Danye the dime!










Comedies or scary movies?
Comedies and scary movies. I like to laugh it's a good stress reliever and I also like to scare myself...

TV or radio?
I can do without TV, but I need music in my life, plus TV doesn't keep you updated on all the events going on in your city.

Country Boys or city boys?
Dang thats tough. I like country boys' manners, but a lot of them are sheltered when It comes to the type of women they have dated, city boys are a bit more cultured and have dated a diverse variety of women, and know more about my different I have to say city boys. LOL. I need someone to eat all the ethnic food I be cooking!

Blue Collar or corporate?
I like really intelligent individuals that are both street and book smart, as long as they possess those qualities and know how to get money those titles dont matter to me.

Jocks or nerds?
Definitely Jocks! I've always been attracted to athletic men with muscular bodies!

San Francisco 49ers or Atlanta Falcons?
Is this a serious question? I'm a San Francisco born native! I choose the team with five rings. Niners baby!

Filipino or Spanish food?
Filipino food...Chicken Adobo, Sinagon, Tinola, Lumpia, Pansit all of that!!!

Tupac or Biggie?
Tupac of course! My favorite song was "Aint Too Hard To Find" because it had all the Bay Area artists on that track.

Tattoos or no tats?
I prefer no tats on females, even though I do have a couple, but I do like them on guys.

Lovemaking or straight sex?
Both are long as there's passion and both parties are really into it [Laughs].

Foreplay or straight sex?
Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay!! It makes sex better.