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Photography courtesy of James Phelps Photography

REPS: Washington DC by way of Long Island, NY

STATS: 36-26-42

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: “Landing [the] cover model for CRED Magazine. Being featured as “Beauty of the Week” on iamhiphop.com. Also, being lead model in a few videos that displayed my dancing and acting ability's such as DJ Class and Fatman Scoop’s "Get Ya Azz Up," Jim Jones, Pusha T and Gilbert Forte’s "Hot in This Bitch" and J Luciano’s "What the Lick Read," Uptown XO’s "I Got Doe."

FAVORITE ARTIST: “Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Lil Kim and Trina. I love artists who are confident about their talents, and bring forth individuality, creativity and rawness.”

FAVORITE VIDEO: “Missy's old videos that Hype Williams did. The whole three dimensional, futuristic style, colors [and] dance choreography. They were always unpredictable.”

DREAM JOB: “To work with Hype Williams [on] videos or movies. [Also], Benny Boom and Gil Green.”

SEX APPEAL: “My confidence. I would say my endearing physical quality are my full lips and doll face, but others would sure say my tush. I think it’s starting to become my favorite body part.”

TURN-ON: “My ultimate fantasy is making hot, passionate love in a villa on an island in a bed full of money doing things you could only imagine. What turns me on about the opposite sex is a man full of confidence a sexy smile and an unforgettable smell.”

SOCIAL MEDIA: @tkmonae

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