T.I. To Drop New Song on Monday Featuring Big K.R.I.T.

T.I. will be released from an Atlanta halfway house next Thursday, September 29, but fans will only have to wait three more days to hear a new song from the King. DJ Drama tells XXLMag.com that Tip will be dropping a new track this coming Monday—his first since going back to federal prison last November for a probation violation.

The surprises don’t end there. According to Drama, the new joint—which he said is not a new single, but merely a street record in anticipation of his release—will feature a certain, Southern 2011 XXL Freshmen known for both his rapping and production talents.

“The record that [T.I.’s] dropping next week features Big K.R.I.T. on it,” Drama revealed to XXL. “K.R.I.T. produced it.”

Drama also said that Tip has been grinding non-stop, since being released from the United States Penitentiary two weeks ago, recording over a dozen songs.

“Bascially when he’s in the halfway house he’s allowed to still work,” Dram explained. “So he’s been in the studio working. You know I was in there the other day, by the second day that I went in I had already heard like 13, 14 songs; new songs. Pharrell came the other day when I was in there. He dropped off a couple new joints. He already sent something the day before. That was done.”

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com for more on T.I.’s release. —Jesse Gissen

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  • matty21

    it’s da K i n g .

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  • T-Mac

    Looking forward to that joint. Big K.R.I.T. is new K.I.N.G. of the South!

    • money

      bra u trippin K.R.I.T will never be king of the south its all about grand hustle


    Big KRIT is wack and not relevant. Don’t see why T.I. is giving such a garbage rapper this type of shine. KRIT will never be King of anything but irrelevant people

    • Don McCaine

      ^ this right here…is the problem…

      Like you already admitted you have no knowledge, why would you think your statement mattered? It’s not an opinion, because you bring NO debatable facts to the table…basically you’re commenting just to comment…YOU look bad, not KRIT.

      Bottom line…your comment is irrelevant…people are just responding to the IGNORANCE…

    • MARC

      u told it rite dawg n juz a few short linez . win kirt getz 7 . then they can say he iz doin sumthin untill thin they need to set bac and lisen 2 thoze 7 and thin they might c y hiz the KING.itz n the dna and bank acount . let kirt catch that……….LOL theaz M/F dont got a clue………

  • Adamsville Mafia

    GSONII you clearly dont know what you talkin about. KRIT fits the mold of all the classic Southern Rappers e.g. Goodie Mob, Outkast, UGK. He is far from irrelevant, and this is coming from an ATLien. As of right now at this moment KRIT’s music is killing T.I’s Last Album..

  • http://google QGALLday

    yeeeeaahh boi….bak to the grill again TIP

  • In Arkansas

    DAMN Dumbazz T.I. -Phone check fool!

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  • http://www.mfumunaye.blogspot.com Trizzymanare

    Damn…Ts T.i Partner, I knw Ts Gonna Be da’Hits One..The King Got SouTh…

  • Rosario

    G Sonni you obviously need too eat a bowl of dicks and don’t know anything about the future of southern hip hop, because right now, K.R.I.T. is ahead of everyone, and I will go ahead and say it’s because Wayne is lacking good material these days and T.I. has been locked up. And I won’t say he is because he’s only a freshmen, but he has all the potential in the world to be one of the greatest to ever come out of the south because he’s everything the south represents, and brings even more to the table than what is expected of a southern emcee. That man is a legend in the making and all I got from your comment was bull ish that was even worse than the bull ish irrelevant emcees push out the speakers on the radio which leaves your comment…irrelevant.

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  • big bo

    g son must listen to gucci mane and soullja boy

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    ,THE KING is BACK!!!,….

  • Trap man

    Never heard this Big KRIT guy ever. Im not excited over this song or his release. T.I. should do a song again with Rocko or. That would be dope, couldnt think of anything else!

    Juvenile is dropping his new single in the coming days too. Yall need to keep you ears open and be on the lookout. Im excited about that and the fact that Mannie Fresh produced it.


      @ Trap man u shoulsd go and listen to any and everything krit has out then, like immediately lol

  • bernard3d

    ITS THA KING *****!!!

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  • supa swag

    da “KING BACK” and good look putting krit on da song!!!!

  • http://www.dripable.info Dripable Service

    At least some bloggers can write. Thank you for this blog post!!!

  • mike sweeny

    t.i no matter what this fulies grown ass people say , in to they hear matel hitting that matal they dont know how it feels. im white and ben in and out of jaill and prison because
    ther is a big ass diffrens you get treated like a dog that gets beat on .i from new jersey and i all deady benn to prison and janurary 13 for 3 flat and i dont know were they going to send my white ass to . my charge is running free the police for the 2nd time but the one that i just did i black out . i had mynew wife and my three year old son in the back seat stap down .it didnt happen more then 45 to 60 seconts . i know that i did a stupid mive , but all i rememer is pullind over turning the car off ,and it toke a nother 30 40 seconts to pull out of the 98 monte carlo v6 .and they saw my son in back of the throwing agens the were my son can see , it didn’t scare him but at that time my son thoght that was coll and started to hate cops to . i did want him to start hateing cops to . he is now about to be six in june 30 2012 . i didn;t him hateing cops to . i was a 11 years old wene all that happened to me . i ask my pay punk ass layer to see if i could get some body to valuat me . i dont care that my dad died 1992 september 17 at 4:30 the hospital said that his heart just gave up but for three days i seen my dad slowly die . first his brain went .the firt day i saw him he was steel alive ,but with all the tubes they had dawn his mouth he wasnt able to say a dame word , all i saw was tears from a grown man come down his cheek ,by the second day his brain was gone , very time i saw that in the hosptial go up and down . by the therd day every body in my close family was with around the bed ,and my ant said why arent you crying and i didnt have a word to say . my dad was acolholic . came home from vetnom . all way cuming in and out of rehabe and home . now i know that my mother didnt me and two older sisters to see him like that , but the women of his life didnt want him no more and moved on . the last day i saw him a walk up the street and ask for my mother and i said she wont be home four a couple hours ,and all he did is rub on my head and said see you later . tree days later he ended up in icu . i can keep going . something need to bee done for kid the lost a parent to fiolence . and stop judge for giveing sentence to people that dont need to be ther . AKAsweenz.

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