Jay-Z & His NY 40/40 Club Blasted for Not Meeting Labor Standards [Photo Gallery]

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Jay-Z may be facing more problems surrounding his 40/40 Club.

Jay opened a Las Vegas location a few years back that didn’t last long, and Jiggaman was sued by workers from his club’s flagship New York City location in 2008 for allegedly violating minimum wage laws. Now, that same spot is under fire again, this time for allegedly not meeting area labor standards.

Currently, there are renovations being made to Hov’s club, which is on West 25th Street in Manhattan, and the New York City District Council of Carpenters is claiming that Conelle Construction Corp., which was hired to make those renovations, “does not meet area labor standards, including providing or fully paying for family healthcare and pension for all of its carpenter craft employees,” according to a statement.

The NYCDC also objects to the “substandard wage” that they claim Conelle Construction Corp. is paying its workers. As the owner of the property, they’re holding Jay accountable, citing that he “has an obligation to see that area labor standard are met for construction work on their future location.”

In protest, there are four nearly twenty foot blown up floats of rats facing the club.

Reps for the location have yet to comment.

The 40/40 is expected to reopen on November 1, 2011. —Adam Fleischer

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  • fuckyall

    fuck jigga motherfucker got money and try fuck workes on wages thats messed up i punch the mother fucker if i ever met him cause i barley get by cause i work for cheap ass jews. so i no how it suc ks to get fucked on wages.

  • Diva

    first off jay is not the one that’s hands on with this shit..that’s why he has people that do all his work..so I’m sure he dosnt know this..second..what the he’ll does this have to do with jay?..conelle construction is a separate company from jay..so why is jay responsible for what conelle is doing to their employees? Family healthcare?…these are things that conelle needs to fix..people just want money anyway they can get it and not work for it..to the comment above me..it’s no ones fault that u work for Jews and barely get by..go get a better job or go to school n take something up..don’t hate on jay cause he got his shit together

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