Memphitz Busted With Gun at Airport

Former Jive A&R and host of BET’s The Deal, Mickey “Memphitz” Wright, was arrested yesterday (August 22) after allegedly attempting to bring his gun onto an airplane reports TMZ.

Wright—who is responsible for signing acts like T-Pain and Huey to Jive—was trying to pass through security at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport when he was picked up. TSA agents reportedly found his firearm concealed in his backpack after going through an x-ray scanner.

Hitz stated he meant no harm and forgot the firearm was still in his bag. Police reported he had a valid license and the weapon was registered, but possession of the firearm on a plane is illegal.

The husband of Toya Carter, mother of Lil Wayne’s first child and lead star of their BET reality show, Toya: A Family Affair, was taken into custody and transferred to a nearby jail. As of press time, he is still in custody. —Rachelle Jean-Louis

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  • Kid Chyllen

    who cares ?

    • karen johnson


  • JugularKill

    Seriously after all this crazy shit going on in the world how retarded must you be to bring a gun onto a plane.

    These dumb ass niggaz are so stupid you can buy a gun anywhere. There’s more gun shops than there are guns these days. There’s barely a reason to travel with a gun these days unless you want to shoot yourself.

    I hate dumb ass niggaz, fucks up my day knowing rich black ppl still wanna b on some ghetto ass bull shit.

  • $yk

    “knowing rich black ppl still wanna b on some ghetto ass bull shit.”

    “Police reported he had a valid license and the weapon was registered…”

    ^ that’s not ghetto…ghetto dudes have hot (already fired), serial # scratched off, fresh out the box but unregistered guns…in America if you have a family and own a home, and have a high profile gig you are allowed to get heat, so stop acting like “every Black guy with a gun is trying to be ghetto” because this man is associated with Hip Hop. You’re typing real Uncle Tom-ish, when Caucasians STAY having registered guns.

    Anyway, although he may not have intentionally tried to bring the piece along (I’m pretty sure he knows they x-ray carry on bags), it was a dumb move to NOT check the bag you usually have the iron in.

  • Andy $tack

    One word: