Machine Gun Kelly Signs With Diddy

It was announced today that up-and-coming, Cleveland, Ohio rapper Machine Gun Kelly signed to Diddy’s label, Bad Boy Records, via Interscope.

For the last few years MGK has gained a loyal following releasing several successful mixtapes. Kelly’s latest mixtape Lace Up , a slew of online videos, and show stealing performances at SXSW and Bamboozle really sparked the interests of the rap mogul.

“MGK is a breath of fresh air,” Diddy said via a statement. “He’s not just a star, he’s a movement.”

The two-time Apollo amateur night winner stated, “We decided to partner with Bad Boy/Interscope because they understood our idea and the importance of keeping our integrity. They want to give us their resources to help share our vision with the rest of the world. This is not about mainstream success”

As of press time, no release date has been set for MGK’s debut album. —Mike Hennix

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  • Hannya


  • meenothegod

    I give this guy 18 months and he will be trading in his rap career. His new name will be Pastor Kelly.


      ur probably the dumbest person, mgk wont ever give up rapping but ur not a fan ur just a shitty hater so u dont know

    • DT

      LAME AS FUCK!!!!!

  • fuckyall

    i dont care for him .plus diddy anit going do any thing but fuck his game up if he has any lol

    • fjdop

      LAME AS FUCK!!!!!!!!

  • nicki

    Congrats to my homie mgk nd da whole est family.. fuck all the haters.. you is making your city proud rite now.. now…NOT LACE THE FUCK UP

  • anutha_level

    “MGK is a breath of fresh air,” Diddy said via a statement. “He’s not just a star, he’s a movement.”

    his album will never see the light of day…

    that diddy cat is truly desparate to remain relevant…first train wreck to amsterdam, now this.

  • LarryHover

    Hell Yeah MGK Deserves It EST 4 Life

  • obron

    This Kid done put the burner to his temple n blew hiz brains smooth out. P doofy??? Sign with this chesseball HAHAROFLLMAOLMDDWL

  • Guest

    Diddy is going to ruin MGK’s career. For example look as Red Cafe he has been on that label for about two years now and has yet to release an album, also once he signs with Diddy he in debt to him his entire career.

    • MikePlease

      So true. No one at Bad Boy records last long. Actually, anyone who has worked for Diddy has left on bad terms.

  • 4 two Lou

    MGK is an ass clown and it continues to show how Bad Boy isnt relevant…

    • edl

      bet hes doin better than you lame ass nigga ?!?!?!?!

  • sc

    If MGK had really done his history he would know that the only person diddy is going to make a star is diddy. What rapper has puff made a superstar since B.I.G was murder. MGK will get one video and his album will collect dust because it will not see the light of day. Bad move homie

    • eljf

      he still makin money

  • money

    MGK is nice but Puffy is poison.

  • ROBD916

    dam wtf is with all the haters mgk is raw u gota listen to his shit real talk

  • Media Brainwashed You Admit It!

    This is a travesty to real Hip Hop,Fuck the nuthuggers and dickriders,another way to make the public forget that there are black and latinos and asians and other races and cultures that can do it better than this NWO puppet.

  • greenlite616

    I didn’t even know Bad Boy was still a record label who the hell is on there label anyway how the hell you a record label that only puts out maybe one album every one or two years

  • Sean

    Dude moped everyone ma$e,big,loon,112,every group and artist…hes had a phenom of a collab

  • Dustin S Mullet

    i hate the move to bad boy but MGK is the shit and congrats to him job well done keep it up