Lil Wayne Goes at Jay-Z on Tha Carter IV

The tale of subliminals continues.

Lil Wayne’s long awaited Tha Carter IV is finally hitting stores next week, and today proved to be a buzz-building one for the album. First, his video for recent hit single “How To Love” was released, proving to be a moving narrative. Then, this afternoon, his collaboration with Drake and Jadakiss called “It’s Good” hit the ‘net. [Listen below]

During Weezy’s verse, the last one on the song, the YMCMB president responds to what many perceived as Jay-Z’s subliminal diss on “H.A.M.”

I’m like really half a billi, nigga/Really you got baby money/Keep it real with niggas/Niggas ain’t got my lady money,” Jay rapped on the first Watch The Throne single.

Though it took a few months, it appears that Lil Wayne has fired back.

Talkin’ ’bout baby money, I got your baby money/Kidnap your bitch, get that ‘How much you love your lady?’ money,” Wayne spits on the Boi-1da produced cut.

Jay and Wayne continue to not call each other out by name, but it seems clear that the two are gunning at each other for the number one spot.

Weezy’s Tha Carter IV drops on August 29.

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  • Jack Tripper

    “I’ma grown ass blood…” lil nigga ya need to stop lying. As long as he continues to pump that bullshit he’ll be nothing but a joke. Yeah he getting his money but if a cat doesn’t have any integrity about himself them he’ll never be able to stand on his own two feet as a grown ass man. Now that’s real.

    • JugularKill

      Lil Wayne is going to Kidnap Beyonce, right!

      In Kat Williams voice:

      In Wanda Sykes voice:

      His verse sounds like a kid who got bullied trying to stand up for himself & speak hard.

      I’m telling u ppl I’m trying my best to like lil wayne..honestly

      • bull dog

        she’s only 5 feet 4

    • joe p

      rap these days is like a ….. how do you say ? soap opera lol

  • imastunna303

    ^^ cosign

  • yunggee19

    dis goes to show how fabricated hiphop is.. do u think he would do dat shit? dat was a wack ass comeback if u ask me…

  • Kingface

    Took to long for a response……….like some one thinking oh i should have said this.

  • still best rite now!!

    1. “Intro”

    Beat has too slow of a tempo for an Intro. Definitely doesn’t hit hard as “3 Peat” or the other Intros from the Carter series. Random metaphors. Weak track.

    2. “Blunt Blowin”

    Song starts with an over dramatic riff, & an opening 16, meh. Thankfully the beats switches at 1:30 to a banger with a hard 808 and catchy chorus, decent song from here out. Head nodder after the first minute and a half.

    3. “Megaman”

    Tunechi comes out the gate with a rapid mixtape flow, another hard-hitting beat. No real concept as usual. Song has no chorus, Wayne just spits heat for 3:18.

    4. “6 foot 7 foot” ft. Cory Gunz

    5. “Nightmares of the Bottom”

    Yes, the track previewed on MTV unplugged. Instrumental sounds great as expected, if you were feeling the live version. Oddly the chorus is missing, may have been adlibbed. Decent track.

    6. “She Will” ft. Drake

    7. “How to Hate” ft. T-Pain

    Track was originally intended for Teddy pain’s LP. You can immediately tell also. Autotune is back. First track with a clear concept. T-Wayne trade verses on why they hate that “bitch.” Okay.

    8. “Interlude” ft. Tech N9ne & Andre 3000

    Wayne opens the track with his signature giggle, but doesn’t spit, and for good reason, the two feature spitters ‘go in’ over a hard Arrab Muzik sounding track. Good sound, Wayne didn’t want to get Renegaded I guess.

    9. “John” ft. Rick Ross

    10. “Abortion”

    Wayne spends the first 20 secs singin something complete inaudible. Wtf? Random metaphors…why is this called Abortion again? Okay, I heard the chorus and I get it, its just a metaphor.

    11. “So Special” ft. John Legend

    Nick track. Kanye? Idk, maybe. Harder than expected by the title. John kills the chorus. Wish Wayne went harder on the verses, but good song. Fav track so far.

    12. “How to Love”

    13. “President Carter”

    Chopped Jimmy Carter sound bites make up the intro & chorus. Mild tempo beat with nice hook. Wayne unfortunately doesn’t do justice. I can hear Nas or Jay murdering this. Okay song.

    14. “Its Good” ft. Jada & Drake


    15. “Outro” ft. Bun B, Nas, Shyne, Busta

    Bun kicks if off with a trill 16. Nas actually tried on this, nice rhyme scheme Mr, Jones. Shyne raps :| smh.
    Busta comes with an expected sped up, and slow down flo. He says C4 is classis, not so fast Bus.

    16. “I Like The View” bonus

    Don’t you hate when bonus tracks sound better than regular album tracks?

    17. “Mirror” ft. Bruno Mars bonus

    Sounds like a Canadian beat, lol, Bruno drops a pop chorus, decent album filler.

    18. “Two Shot” bonus

    Once again don’t you…never mind. Hard Amilli type beat, circa 2009, still hits hard. Most def coulda replaced any album track. Repetitive but catchy hook. Good track. I could hear this on many future mixtapes.

    Carter 4…is a 6/ out of 10. Sadly the poorest effort of the Carter series. Don’t really see what Wayne was goin for, I mean we expected him to come out of the bing like Pac. Weezy still has yet to drop a clear cut classic, Too much is expected of Wayne, maybe when he gets off parole he can go back to not giving a F. Because this seem pressured, which doesn’t make for the best music. Lets hope he closes the door on the Carter series. Take Care.

    • Royce

      ..nice preview ma dude!

    • De’Antea

      goto look at my comments. think about it & shutup. Your commented to hate & critique inna way lookin for negative things to say .. while Jay&Ye album wasnt that too good yo. Major disappointment in them.. esp. in you god Jay-Z smh. if you dont like somethin dont listen to it.. until then #C2 #Carter1 #C4 #Returnof4Eva #LivefromtheUnderground #Section80 #Ambition #MoreAboutNothing & #ColeWorld

  • massive

    ymcmb……yall can hate as much as you want but his lyric make money… jay-z and kanye west album suxxx…just letting no…@ll hype…..

    • Tre

      What are you? 15?

  • AJ

    Drake writes Wayne’s verses.. Weezy sounds exactly like Drake in this song, same exact flow.. “Pass the ball to Drake Griffin”…

    • that nigga

      I been saying that Drake writes Wayne’s rhymes the first time I heard Drake rap. smh @ Lil Wayne!!

  • mutada mullah atari

    Oh here come the camel apologists, how dare anyone respond to a direct diss from the great and powerful 45 year old rapper with no kids. How dare he! Although I say he could have came a little more classy, (I mean sons done songs with beyonce) it’s well within his right. Good shit Wayne

  • mutada mullah atari

    Why oh why are people still putting jadakiss on songs? This verse was TRASH and it’s sad that I have to say that about jada, drakes verse was trash too. Waynes verse killed period.

  • Jay

    Jada and Nas had the best verses on the whole album………….

  • Tre

    @mutad mullah atari,

    I understand people should be able to go at Jay-Z. Understandable. However, look at Jay-Z caliber, then look at Lil Wayne. And really consider who’s gonna get their ass handed to them if they really battled. Go back to that “Watch What you Say To Me” verse on TI’s album. Then go back to any diss Lil Wayne has had.

    Honestly, that’s probably the hardest response I’ve ever heard from him. It’s false because he’s not a blood, nor is he gonna kidnap Beyonce. Lmao. Also play that Mr. Carter song jay-Z did with him, and tell me who got who.

    Lil Wayne may pay Drake to write him some hot shit, but it still aint foolin with Jay.

  • niglet

    wayne is trash, tha carter 4 is gonna be shit. he mine as well just quit rapping until he can write his own lyrics and flow with a song

  • HUH

    What are yall talking about that was a clever ass comeback.

  • Pacer

    Should be called Farter IV. Nothing but hot wind.

  • c2

    aint it funy hw yall wer so quick 2 comment on dis track bt onli 2 tok shit…@stillbestritenow.. U fukin posted an album review onli 2 h8 u stupid clown…im jus sayin if u dnt lyk wayne y yal listenin 2 him!???…if hes album sux so much go listen 2 ur precious WTT jus stop hatin man wts tha point we dnt need 2 b readn ol yo negative comments ur ruinin tha album 4 us!

  • megulito

    why is no one talking about the beginning of drakes very that sounds like shots too

  • c2

    onli a stupid fool wud thnk drake writes 4 wayne smh

  • dipset

    wizzy needed to have cam’ron on this album

  • bucs

    Idk wa 2 think i lik both and is gay cause baby was on bull talkin tht wayne got more than jay and jay souldnt of spoke on it but since he did i guess we bout 2 c jabs flyin or wayne mite hit us wit no he wasnt talkin bout him witch will be super gay hopefully he on up and go in if so let the battle begin

  • De’Antea

    Why are yall such haters yall thrive off of hating on Lil Wayne smfh, yall need to do somethin w/ ya life & imma 17 year old gurantees i know mor emusic than yal & who is actually best. 1st Nas is the greatest Pac & Big just have that popularty tho were great plus the death makes their career so much more believe it or not. 2nd he has came with a clear classic “Tha Carter II” without question next maybe Tha Carter… but nonetheless dont hate cause 9 times out of 10 you just hate him. stop comparing his music to others & compare others to him, its a reason why he is one of the greatest rap artist in history & most talked about & biggest in this era. whether you like it or not Hip-Hop changes if you dont like it dont listen. Last yall take lyrics to the heart to much.. like if Jay or someone yall like say somethin bout killin someone yall damn well he gon kill em but if wayne say he a fake dis n dat. smh hypocrits. & whoever said wayne cant have messages concept you totally wrong. wayne can do anything he want what his music. & Dat Drake writin wayne shit is absurd smh, you can tell how wayne raps (all clever lines or punchlines) in his language/flow Drake storytells & sings nshit. So stop hating & enjoy the music if not dont listen until then #C4, #LiveFromTheUnderground #Section80 & #Ambition.

  • De’Antea

    Yall know Jay damn well he NOT gon kill em but if wayne say he a fake dis n dat. smh hypocrits. & whoever said wayne cant have messages concept you totally wrong. wayne can do anything he want what his music. & Dat Drake writin wayne shit is absurd smh, you can tell how wayne raps (all clever lines or punchlines) in his language/flow Drake storytells & sings nshit. So stop hating & enjoy the music if not dont listen until then #C4, #LiveFromTheUnderground #Section80 & #Ambition.

    btw DMX murdered Jay-Z so as Nas.. u dickriding Jay-z ass nigga.. dat nigga has no real legit clever barz & Kanye West murders Jay.

    WATCH THE THRONE was a 6/10 too overhyped & disappointment only a good 5 songs. Primetime, Niggas In Paris, No Church In The Wild, Gotta Have It, Illest Mf Alive & maybe Murder To Excellence.. album was nothin but usual DickRding JayZ & Kanye worshippers smfh.. & Jay aint got God so stop callin him HOV. smfh.

  • fresh*blood

    fuck HOV u wanna act untouchable “killing out young rappers careers because u see urself as God” …. lil wayne drop the shit out ugly ass …. “these young rappers are grindin hard than u did in ur 20,s

  • Sweat

    It is so funny to me that you all think this beef is real. Then you choose a side which is rediculous. Then you say Jay-Z this, Wayne that. You all are the reason these cats make so much cash year after year. Quit letting the smoke and mirrors blind you.

  • Sean Izzle

    I can’t believe this… Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, the two brothers, dissing each other.

    Im so damn chocked, Tha Carter IV is a corny album anyways. There was no Robin Thicke feature so it shouldnt really be called Tha Carter. If he Lil Wayne doesn’t keep the Tha Carter album tradition alive with Robin Thicke on it, it shouldnt be a Tha Carter IV.

    It’s really real, it’s on now peoples, let’s see what Jigga is gonna respond with.

  • The Hard Knock Life

    Lil Wayne aint no blood, he just hooked on West coast rap at the time

    Lil Wayne is from the swamp, tha bottom of tha map like he say in almost everyone of his songs including this diss record.

    bloods and crips are from sunny california palmtree land, they dont come from the Swamps.

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  • sumthin

    jadakiss verse was about his life story when no one gives a fuck and he sounded awful. overall good album in my opinion