Game Speaks on Collabos With DJ Premier, E-40

Game’s long-awaited fourth solo LP, The Red Album, finally hits stores tomorrow, August 23. And as you’ll see from the tracklisting, the Compton MC is still well loved by his peers. Dr. Dre, Drake, Lil Wayne, LLoyd, Wale, Mario, Cool and Dre and host of other contributed to the project. The Compton King says one of the records he’s most excited for people to hear is ” Born in the Trap,” which was produced by DJ Premier.

“I got with Preemo,” Game told “That joint is ready rock. You know Preem, he don’t wanna work with everybody.”

Game also revealed that the Preemo track was the first he laid down for Red when he started working on the album just about three years ago.

“Preem, he had the scratches in,” Chuck Taylor said. “He had it mixed. I had the finished, mixed and mastered ‘Born in the Trap’ ready before anybody [else] turned in anything.”

One record that has potential to be a single is “Speakers On Blast” with E-40 and Big Boi. The four verse song may have to be edited to fit radio format.

“I always wanted to have E-40 on my albums,” he explained. “I never had the right beat or right songs. Then I always wanted Big Boi. But this song, I already had 40 on it, then I had two verses, so I was like ‘I don’t know how I’mma get three people on a song that already had two verses . I made it a four verse song. Big heard it and jumped on it and murdered it. ‘Speakers on Blast.’”

Then of course, one of the tracks that is definitely going to make people talk is “Martians Vs Goblins” with Lil Wayne and Tyler, the Creator. Tyler calls singer Bruno Mars a homosexual while Game’s bars include kidnapping Rhianna, murdering Lil B, having sex with Erykah Badu and LeBron James’ mother.

“I called them both simultaneously,” Game said about recruiting Weezy and Tyler. “I’m a good dude, I have great rapport with a lot of great people. Weezy knocked his [part] out quick. Tyler, I took it over to him. And he took a hour and murdered it. We jammed to it all night.

“It might be just a crazy lineup album,” Game added. “It’s hard! I can’t wait to see what people think about it. I spent so much time working on it.” —Shaheem Reid

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    dont worry game..reall hiphop fans will appreciate the album…and the haters, well u know how they roll…think hiphop AUGUST 23RD

    • jimmy

      hes no different than anyone else in the mainstream, except he cant rap as good, he drops about a milllion names on this album (which isnt real lyricisim) and jacks, big boi, jadakiss and tylers styles, plus more. not to mention he gets murdered by like every featured rapper, of which there are tons. oh yeah classic.

  • DC Redz

    Str8 fire that Red Album is classic.

  • http://xxl biged

    hell ya bangin cd. best since documentary

  • norcal

    ive had cd 4 a week itz not very good 2 many features, and itz more towards females

  • Venice Rifa

    towards females? nigga you retarded? What the fuck do you bitches think is hard up in norcal anyway? Sam Adams?

  • wow

    the album was amazing i dont noe what this haters were expacting probably a 2pac feuture lmaoo
    u haters are pathetic

    • jimmy

      so if u think an albums wack ur a hater, even though this album is. how is jacking peoples styles and name dropping for an hour and a half classic, games rapping skills are minimal and the album was average as fuck.

      • BIG E IZ BAK

        REALLY???? You know they a hater when they bring up name dropping…. so what do you consider name dropping? because if im not mistaken… every FUKING Rapper, Singer name drops….. so explain to us what name dropping is?? or is it that GAME just made name dropping catchy so everyone started doing it??? by you saying his skills are minimal…… HATER…. you should go get some new ink on you…HATER….. on your forehead!!!!

  • ibrahim009

    ive pre-ordered mine of amazon…dont worry game your fans got you…hopefully mine comes today i pre-ordered it on saturday cant wait

  • $yk

    so y’all got the album?


    I’ve only heard the Premo track, which is NOT a female track so that comment is trash bin status. Even that ‘Martians’ snippet video I saw the song sounded like some fire


    NSYOSTFU=Name Songs Yo Or STFU

    • Venice Rifa

      Martians Vs Aliens, Ricky, Good Bad and Ugly, Red nation, pot of gold are my favs so far

    • mutada al sader the king! (mullah atari)

      Good to see some of the vets still post around here. ^ Should be standard practice.

      • $yk

        waddup Mutada! Hope all is good in your universe.

        THANK YOU Venice!

        My homies are telling me that ‘Ricky’ is that song, but I just got WTT today so I’ma wait to next week to see what Game is doing on this latest project.

        Mutada we be @… (an ol’ skool version of Nahright)

        come thru…but I started here, so I’ma keep coming back…call me stubborn…

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