The Game Defends Blood Gang References

With an LP on the way entitled The R.E.D. Album and a single with Lil Wayne called “Red Nation,” one can see that West Coast rapper The Game is clearly making references to the notorious Bloods street gang. Yet when asked if he feels that his music supports the gang lifestyle, the Doctor’s Advocate doesn’t seem to think so.

In an interview with Dub magazine’s July/August 2011 issue, Game said: “I just talk about my life experiences and keep fans listening. I flow with as much positivity as I can. I want to shed light on better things so fans can uplift themselves, which is why I always try speaking positively. That ‘keep your head up’ music. Tupac started that first with his songs like ‘Brenda’s Got a Baby’ and ‘Keep Ya Head Up.’ I’ve always wanted to be that type of rapper. Not the socially conscious ones, but I do kick wisdom in my flows.”

Back in May, MTV and BET banned Game’s video for “Red Nation,” deeming it too “gang-affiliated.” The Compton rapper claimed he was cool with the networks’ judgment. “I didn’t fight it,” he said, “I have kids and understand why the networks didn’t want to show it.” The video still went on to earn over 7 million views on YouTube since its debut nine weeks ago. “They may have banned it,” he said, “but it still blew up on the Internet.”

The R.E.D. Album is set to drop on August 23. In the meantime, Game collaborator, the producer Mars from 1500 or Nothin’, tweeted that Chuck Taylor will drop a mixtape, titled Hood Mornin, on August 1. —Henry Greenfield

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    PIRU LOVE….Yeah that red nation video goes hard as hell, even though Im kind of sick of hearing Lil Wayne on so many damn songs…its still a heater.

  • $yk

    yo Game…

    on the real, chill with the yappity fam…that Jimmy Henchman ordeal can kill you if you don’t watch what you’re saying.

  • OYG

    Being that aint neither one of these fools aint put in NO WORK for Damu’s or the Ru’s, they both aint Bloods to me, its sad that all these niggas is bandwagon’n this Damu movement!!! Where was all the Damu & Piru nigas in 89 up til 2000 sumn, when them DLB and CMG & APG niggas in Cali was WoopWoop’n when the whole world was Rips? Now r&b be niggas soowoopn, and these NY niggas thought bangn was the goofiest, now you niggas is Denva Lanes, Hunna’s, Crenshaw Mafias, Grapes, Hoov’s, 60, Treys and all that shit, and bangn 5′s& 6′s like yall some Chi-Town niggas, aint got shit to with what yall bangn the LA niggas done told yall that yet yall still do the shit, Stop it Please and stop follown Game, Wayne and goofy ass Baby nem, niggas bang after they rich and away from the Killin fields!!!

  • The187Worm

    Yall muthufuckas are gullable..Game is a fake ass piece of shit..this is a fact…and LIL Eazy was gonna mudstomp his ass coming into a crip set with his camera kissin LiL Eazy’s ass…by the way this is all on video..Eazy was gettin fuckin pissed…fuck this college student…other real muthufuckas are lookin for this chump….and 40 Glocc was gonna twist Lil Waynes cap back but Wayne was a bitch..and this is a fact and proven … hate fake muthufuckas…suck my dick…and fuck XXL magazine…. oh and CROOKED I is the muthufuckin west coast…G.O.A.T. ….FUCK ALL THESE GANGS …faggots

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  • The187Worm

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