Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed Muhammad from A Tribe Called Quest hit up New York radio station Hot 97 yesterday (July 6) and chopped it up with host Angie Martinez about the upcoming Michael Rapaport-helmed documentary, Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest, slated to hit theaters on Friday, July 8, and the current status of the relationship between Tip and Phife.

"Yeah. If we wouldn't be in support of the film it wouldn't have been out," Q-Tip said about backing the forthcoming, controversial doc based on the legendary group, adding that his previous dislike of the film has since been rectified with some editing. "When I said I wasn't in support of it on Twitter, the director needed to respect the subjects... it was an editing thing. It was more like a flair, to get his attention. Two days later they came and worked on the edit."

When asked about Rapaport's recent comments to New York's Daily News newspaper, in which he accused Tip of being some sort of a diva, the Abstract Poetic said Rapaport has since apologized. "They weren't trying to honor us as producers. We had some issues behind the scene, in terms of the contracts," Q-Tip explained. "Because things weren't all the way solid. We didn't go to Sundance... He started going to press and saying some stuff. It got a little adversarial."

But there are no hard feelings towards Rapaport, according to Tip, who said "Mike is not a bad person at his core. He's excited about it. He's a passionate dude. It's his first outing as director. But, it is what it is. It's definitely a certain story."

Tip also clarified that the beef displayed in the movie between him and Phife has since been squashed, and even had Phife call his cell phone while he was live on the radio. "Yeah. C'mon, I'm not a bad guy," Phife said via speaker when Martinez asked him if all was good between the two.

Q-Tip added that he is in the studio, working on the Kanye West and Jay-Z album, Watch the Throne, and said he's heard 15 amazing songs off the set already.

Ali said he's working on his own solo record as well as partnering with an alternative Irish band that has an album coming out next month.—Mariel Concepcion