Norwegian Terrorist Rants Against Hip-Hop in Manifesto

Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik seems to have some serious issues with hip-hop music. Breivik, the right wing extremist responsible for two terrorist attacks on July 22 in Norway, criticized hip-hop culture and music for brainwashing European youth, according to the Philadelphia City Paper.

In his online manifesto 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence, posted the day of the attacks, Mr. Breivik, wrote:

I personally know of more than 50 individuals who started with hashish and marijuana as a direct result of the hip-hop mentality. Many of these went from light drugs to heavier drugs such as amphetamine and even heroin. I personally know that more than 20 individuals, from my ‘hip-hop community,’ have become severe drug addicts and some of them are probably dead today. I estimate that of the 20,000 drug addicts in Norway, approximately 30-40% have initially been significantly influenced by the hip-hop mentality.

The Norwegian terrorist killed 76 innocent civilians in the two attacks; 68 of the victims were attending a youth summer camp. Ironically, Breivik believes that, in addition to encouraging drug use, hip-hop also increases violence in children. In his manifesto, he singled out hip-hop pioneer Schoolly D for supporting “criminal behavior” with his “bloody lyrics.” But Breivik did not come up with his paradoxical theories on his own. He virtually lifted an entire article by the American political commentator and linguist John H. McWhorter called “How Hip-Hop Holds Blacks Back.”

Mr. Breivik advocated for the partial eradication of hip-hop in his manifesto, but wrote, “Certain positive aspects of the hip-hop movement should be allowed to survive…as long as it positively influences the self confidence of European youths and only if it can be re-defined as a European tradition and not portrayed as a ghetto/ethnic/multiculturalist lifestyle.” —Henry Greenfield

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  • http://xxl b.s kill this guy

    he gonna blame it on slim shady next?

    • Guest

      If someone commits a crime if this stature and blames it on Eminem, it would include taking the drugs, raping people, and bitching about how bad his life was.

  • mexikan hustla

    este vato si que esta loco, el hip hop no tiene nada que ver con lo que este wey comenta…o

  • RapMusic

    This fucker shot innocent people in the face,executed kids down to 11 years old with head shots.He went after kids who hid in their tent and just fucking shot them down.Shot people who tried to swim away from the island.What a fucking coward and evil man,he should be tourtured to death so he can burn in hell for all eternity

  • Guest

    Hip Hop is not the cause it is just a scapegoat for him.



    • JStu

      Seriously?!? You’re going to go back at a psychopathic racist with more race-baiting commentary? Wake the hell up.

  • whitetrash

    Who gives a flying fuck what this guy thinks or says, I think they should just release him to the victims families and let them have their way with him as he did their loved ones!

  • Nerdkiller

    Hiphop only attract geeks so I´m not surprised that it shaped him in his formative years, being a prominent figure in the hiphop-scene in Norway. Of course he is right that hiphop breeds geeks – He´s the prime example with the most unmanly deed in modern history. Stuff the loser up and place him in a church with the rest of the gods and saints he jacks off to.

  • DWizzle

    Dont believe the hype. It has been confirmed by several people from the graffiti/hiphop community in Olso that this identidy crisis having frail faggot was never someone in the hiphop scene, nor an acclaimed graf writer he claims to be.

    He was into graffiti for a while, got caught, snitched on his friends and got disowned by the writers in Oslo, which along other things like a pakistanian kid stealing his girlfiend, turned him into a traitorous nazi pig.

    Just narcisism from this impotent faggot geek who should get shot in the back of the head.