Jay Electronica Says Album is Finished, Details Remain A Mystery

Jay Electronica is one of the more fascinating, mysterious, and elusive figures in rap. His projects and leaks are few and far between, as are his appearances in press. Still, people have been eagerly awaiting his first full-length release since signing with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. They may not have to wait too much longer.

Jay Elec took to Twitter yesterday (July 11) to reveal that the album is finished. “Album soon come,” he posted. “Ask Bun B, he heard the album in its entirety. a thouand kisses to all of those who have supported me since Act I: Eternal Sunshine (the pledge). I am grateful for your patience. I will not let any of you down. I promise. I will not let any of you down. I promise. Jay Z, Bun B, Jeymes Samuel, Tony Tagoe, Erykah Badu. These are the only ppl that have heard the album in its entirety. Watch The Throne, Cold World: The Sideline Story and Act II: Patents Of Nobility (the turn) will set the bar at an all time high [sic].” Surprisingly, the comments have since been removed from his Twitter account

When reached by XXL, Bun B’s rep confirmed that he heard the project while out in London, but said he didn’t want to speak on the record and foil the ever-heightening mystery.

Electronica also spoke on one record in particular that was important to him. “i wanna let yall hear this one record from Act II: Patents Of Nobility (the turn) called “Road To Perdition” feat. Mr. Carter so bad,” he wrote.

Roc Nation did not reveal a release date for the project when reached for comment. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Sha

    As much as I am a fan of Jay Electronica I must say that dude is gambling heavily with his career…..

    First off, you usually have a heavy amount of promo and co-starring before you actually drop. The mixtape venue is definitely a way to build buzz, but Jay Electronica (and to a greater extent Jay-Z) has so much riding on this that anything below 200,000 out the gate will be considered a huge failure. And I’m not talking from a underground hip-hop point of view, but from a marketable product of longevity.

    Jay Electronica has it in him to put out a classic. But let’s face facts. Intro albums rarely get classified as CLASSIC unless you absolutely blow the face off of hip-hop (NAS). Usually classics are released after the artist has found some comfort in their own skin (OUTKAST). So an artist has to build alliances and politic until that moment arrives. Jay Electronica has not really done that.

    Jay Electronica is treating this ish like Vegas. Let’s hope he doesn’t crap out.

    • Act II: Patents Of Nobility

      He does need to promote the album. He needs to drop a mixtape or two. Also go on tour. He is not seen anywhere and has been absent in the game for long time. This is why he does not have large strong fan base. The positive thing about him he is a super lyrical rapper who true to himself !


      You dont need none of that, all you gotta do is have good music, even if you dont go platinum(i.e. rick ross) if you can have a couple good singles on itunes, get some shows lined up thats all you need to do these days, the hype, and guest appearances mean nothing. EPMD, USED TO DROP ONE SINGLE TWO-THREE WEEKS BEFORE THE ALBUM CAME OUT AND THAT WAS IT, NO HYPE NO GUEST APPEARANCES NONE OF THAT, BUT THE “JUMP OFF” SINGLE WAS USUALLY SO DOPE, THEY HAD US FIENDING UNTIL THE ALBUM DROPPED, NIGGAS NEED TO GO BACK TO THAT. QUIT FLOODING THE MARKET, SO THAT WHEN YOU DO COME OUT ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS DROP A SONG LET EVERYBODY KNOW YOU BACK AND THEY WILL COP. screw hype.

  • http://www.splashjoy.com/ CW of SplashJOY

    Can’t wait

  • thinker

    whats with these commenters trying to look into the politics of another mans popularity? i dont need yall negative energy here fool! Jay Electronica IS going to blow the face off hip hop. goddamn!

  • http://www.skibolive.info Skibo

    Jay Elec is handling this perfectly…IMO I think Hov sees more than sales with this dude as well as J Cole…Overkill with mixtapes is not the move…don’t get me wrong Hov in this to make $ but he knows the level of talent these guys have and he knows quality material will supercede fabricated promotions concepts…can’t wait for the 3 aforementioned albums!!!!