50 Cent Blasts Interscope, Threatens to Leak Dr. Dre Single

50 Cent has a bone to pick with Interscope Records, again.

The Queens, New York, rapper still owes his longtime label one more album for contractual reasons, but he took to his Twitter last night (July 26) to rant about feeling let down by the record house, his plans to not fulfill his contract with them and threaten to leak Dr. Dre’s next single.

“Man I’m not releasing a album i can’t believe interscope is this f*cked up right now,” he wrote. “I apologize to all my fans. I will work with other artist on there projects but I will not put out another album. They dropped the ball with me one time to many [sic].”

50 also went on to say he plans on unofficially releasing Dr. Dre’s next single, “Pscyho,” today at 2 p.m., although he didn’t clarify what time zone. “Your gonna love it its a big song I just don’t think it deserves a great set up sense they can’t seem to get it right when it comes to me [sic],” he added.

XXL reached out to 50′s camp but hasn’t heard back as of press time. Stay tuned for more as this story develops.—Mariel Concepcion

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  • Nocturnal

    There he go hating again…. why leak dre’s song cause you mad at interscope…. thats like saying to a teacher “well im not gonna do my homework”… grow up 50

    • fufu

      just shut the hell up. Who do you think you are telling 50 Cent how he has to handel his business?
      just shut the FUCK UP and put a dick in your mouth!

    • http://www.xxlmag.com RAp Lover

      50 isnt hating, his label obviously trippin since he hasnt put out an album in 2 years and running….he’s puttin out dre’s song becuz its been promised since like last may or something….its obviious 50 need to sign to EMI like Yayo and Banks

  • texasmade

    its kinda something a bitch would do…its a contract, not much you can do but whine…you can say all that you want about a company not backing you but the buzz for him isnt the same as it was back in the day…i know hes rich but how many people will want to work with you if you do something like that

  • fresh87

    There doing the same shit to him,that he’s doing to young buck,serves him right

  • takeone

    50 not putting another album out . . . if hip hop ever was dead it just got a lil bit of a pulse going in its veins. Good riddens to got rich and stopped tryin’. Hit that up on hip hop not dead net.

  • Dick B.

    Great blackmailing.

  • NevaBeenAHata

    Damn 50, this is so childish… I swear I understand how upset you may be, the record labels are all about what have you done for me lately. They forget that you went diamond and sold ove 20 million records. But honestly the truth of the matter, your time in the spotlight is over. Every artist has there time, and you had it… Your first album was the truth!!! You have declined since then and now you have completely fell off, and karma is the way of the world, maybe all the stuff you did to Buck is starting t come back and bite you in the ass…just saying. Leaking Dre’s single”? what does that have to do with anything, making yourself really look like a flat foot hata…….

  • jay

    funny that this is the same shit he’s doing to buck.

    also funny that game just stated he might be going to ymcmb after he gives interscope another album

    maybe game and 50 will be labelmates over at baby’s camp? (jk)

  • popeyeschicken1

    the only reason 50′s mad is because his albums don’t sell like they used to and hes blaming interscope for not giving his music a “good set up” lmao he just needs to realize his music sucks now and people dont want to hear it

  • fuckyall

    this is a good day mybe he will stop makeing albums altogther.
    i cant belive i hyped him back when that guess whos back came out. his 1st album wasnt evening good lol so hes drop. bricks since 03 . cause sales dont mean shit to me its the mc lol

  • Baby GO’rilla

    50 is a bitch. So hard but needs Soulja Boy and JeremiH to get played. He just dropped “Outlaw”, and the label wasn’t excited. No one, in that building believe in his skill OR business decisions and they don’t have to hide it now, cuz he ain’t hot. TRUST ME, I KNOW!

    Banks, run!

  • Brian

    I live in South Africa and when I first heard 50 cent with Get rich or die trying I said wow!!!a breath of fresh air, then he released a second album I cannot even remember with a lead single “Candy shop” I said to myself this dude is fuck’”d, the whole album he dissed other MC’s thinking he’s a king, now the world is a bitch fuck him your rapping career is over you have no one to blame but your stupid ass

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  • Uncle B

    I wish he would just go away. Your time is up. It’s hurting his feeling that he’s not a priority anymore. It happens to all artists. Suck it up and go out gracefully.

  • SC

    As a longtime 50 Cent fan, i’m starting 2 get tired of all 50′s antics. He’s mad at Interscope so he doesn’t want 2 put his album out- alright that’s fine but why leak Dr Dre’s new single? Dre has nothin 2 do with this. That’s a bitch move. That’s something a child would do- if I don’t get my way i’m going 2 kick and scream. That’s exactly what he acting like- a child. Again I’m a huge 50 fan but he’s like 36 years old it’s time 4 him 2 grow the fuck up.