When Lil B told fans that his next album would be titled ‘I'm Gay’ at The Coachella Music Festival back in April, there was a strong response.  He reportedly received homophobic death threats on his Twitter page. At the same time, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) criticized The Based God for exploiting the attention he had received from his inflammatory title and lacking any real commitment to their cause. Freddie Gibbs famously called Lil B a “minstrel show.”

Now, after his album (no titled Im Gay [Im Happy]) dropped last night, Lil B is getting some praise. Interestingly, that praise comes from a rapper who has been critical of profiteering and pandering in the past. Lupe Fiasco took to Twitter this morning to support the rap game’s self-proclaimed ‘prettiest bitch.’

“I actually think callin his album ‘I'm Gay’ is GENIUS & Revolutionary,” the cover is Genius,” he said, referring to Lil B’s Marvin Gaye influenced cover art. “[Its] some brave shit...AND he spittin REAL shit I'll stamp it now ‘I'm Gay’ is one of the best rap albums I heard in a looooong time. Some MFDoom x Ghostface x Kanye flava to it...(sic)”

Whether or not Lil B’s new album is as ‘revolutionary’ as Kanye’s catalogue remains to be seen. But it is clear that people (big people) are taking notice. Only a couple weeks ago, it was announced that Lil B would be featured on Lil Wayne’s forthcoming mixtape, Sorry 4 The Wait.

Around noon today, Lupe tweeted, “Controversial, independent, fearless with a massive movement built off a crazy work ethic...sounds like #Winning to me. Why hate on that???” —Henry Greenfeild