Lupe Fiasco Praises Lil B’s New Album

When Lil B told fans that his next album would be titled ‘I’m Gay’ at The Coachella Music Festival back in April, there was a strong response.  He reportedly received homophobic death threats on his Twitter page. At the same time, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) criticized The Based God for exploiting the attention he had received from his inflammatory title and lacking any real commitment to their cause. Freddie Gibbs famously called Lil B a “minstrel show.”

Now, after his album (no titled Im Gay [Im Happy]) dropped last night, Lil B is getting some praise. Interestingly, that praise comes from a rapper who has been critical of profiteering and pandering in the past. Lupe Fiasco took to Twitter this morning to support the rap game’s self-proclaimed ‘prettiest bitch.’

“I actually think callin his album ‘I’m Gay’ is GENIUS & Revolutionary,” the cover is Genius,” he said, referring to Lil B’s Marvin Gaye influenced cover art. “[Its] some brave shit…AND he spittin REAL shit I’ll stamp it now ‘I’m Gay’ is one of the best rap albums I heard in a looooong time. Some MFDoom x Ghostface x Kanye flava to it…(sic)”

Whether or not Lil B’s new album is as ‘revolutionary’ as Kanye’s catalogue remains to be seen. But it is clear that people (big people) are taking notice. Only a couple weeks ago, it was announced that Lil B would be featured on Lil Wayne’s forthcoming mixtape, Sorry 4 The Wait.

Around noon today, Lupe tweeted, “Controversial, independent, fearless with a massive movement built off a crazy work ethic…sounds like #Winning to me. Why hate on that???” —Henry Greenfeild

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    Lupe is such a fuckin moron. Who cares what he thinks. Lil B is Bullshit!

    • jimmmyjam

      How bout u actuallylisten to lil bs album before opening ur big mouth, shit is dope as fuck. and hopefull when u do listen ull apreciate the irony in it. u elitist piece of crap/

      • DB

        TrueShit…until u hear it u cant speak it

    • jimmmyjam

      and no im not some fanboy bangwagon jumper. this the first lil b shit i ever heard.

    • fuck yo couch

      Fuck lupe, you drunk. lupe the best rapper what do you listen to gucci and waka, get that bull shit outta here, listen to lil bs album shit is dope and better then his other shit.

  • TerriLewiz

    No.You are the elitist you fuckin moron. Read a dictionary. It’s a book!

  • mac

    yea da album is super dope all around

    • ROBD916

      yo lil b why u always signin on to xxl to comment on ur own shit ahahahaha

  • shawn

    album is fucking awesome, first comment is a fag!

  • Carl

    Fuck the first comment this shit goes hard AF

  • yomommaoncrack

    ghostface would never have something to do or have a record sound lile this homo ass nigga

  • New’L

    Yo… I lost so much respect for Lupe when i saw the video of him on the bill orielly factor. He sounded like and idiot with no real points or anything intelligant at all to say for that matter. Truly i dislike the name and the whole gimmik/marketing ploy B is using but i am not a hater and will jam this album to gain my own personal view on it… most of yall should prolly do the same before bashing it if you hate lil b. i dislike him but he worked just as hard as any artist does on his shit and he deserves that much respect. most of yall will force yourself to hate it. and thats not right. So give it a chance at least… But on a #RealTalk note …Purely because of the title of the album you wont ever find that CD in my whip even if every track was paralell to every track on Illmatic. lol. straight.

    • JRG

      so you wont listen to an album simply because of the album title. that shows you to be homophobic, narrow minded, immature, pathetic, i could get the thesaurus out and list words all night about how much of an idiot you are but the word that i would use to best sum you up would be CUNT.

      the album is dope as fuck and before i heard it i wasn’t a lil b fan at all. i thought he couldn’t rap for shit. but i downloaded this album as a joke because it was free on his twitter and it blew me away.

      and anyway, cunts like you shouldn’t be listening to positive rap over great beats because you don’t deserve it. thank fuck you won’t ever listen. go back to jerking off you dad.

      ps. you probably ain’t even got a fucking whip. you got a tricycle and a cassette player you ignorant faceless cunt.

  • Lil B is GAY and so R U.

    Yall clowning yourselves if you think Lil b has talent or that fiascos opinion on anything matters.

  • Really?

    The only way to get peeps to listen to Lil’ B is to name his album a ‘controversial’ name, “I’m Gay”. Weak, Lil’ B’, FUCKING weak.

  • mav

    whether its good or not the album title is undeniably a gimmick look at how many of yall tellin me i gotta listen to it. ive heard lil b about five times (all on this site for some reason…)and really i know hes not one of the best rappers out so whether its good or not y contribute to his buzz? not i….

  • mav

    almost forgot somebody ductape fiascos fuckin mouth shut… lu used to b one of the top rappers but now he on this controversy sells type bullshit and hes losin his original fans..we will see if he ends up regrettin it

  • WestSideBoyBrown

    You needa listen to the album before you judge for those small minded individuals this album is one of the best i heard ina couple of years #BASEDWORLD

  • will barrett

    why talk about someone you don’t know? Lupe is lyrically better than almost everybody except for the well knowns and the undeniables. Lupe doesn’t condone bullshit if you have ever heard him speak. On the wack reilly show, all reilly does is talk down on black people if you don’t know what he said about commom performing poems for barack obama poetry slam. Look it up. I’ve been listening to lil b for a while and only people who really listen to music can understand. There is more than what you hear. But when you play someone a song with a dope hook and beat that talks about nothing it’s loved. That’s why there are bandwagons. There is no such thing as a lil b bandwagon because you either love him or hate him. There is not I listen to him sometimes because he never changes. You either understand or you don’t but I’m definitely buying this album no matter what it’s called. Saying shit like don’t judge but you won’t let anyone see that you have an album called I’m gay. Ignorance

    • BamISaRacistToo=fuckedUp

      Lupe is a fuckin moron. So are you. O’Reilly doesn’t talk down on black people. That’s bullshit. A black guy presents his show when he has time off for fuck sake.
      Lupe is an idiot and he promotes and condones terrorism. Lil B is just absolute garbage. No one with an ounce of sense thinks he is anything other than another ignorant black kid trying to get rich and famous by selling controversy and rebellion to impressionable mostly White youth. Only gays and retards have time to waste listening so such crap. The same fucking idiots getting all rilled up reading this crap that I’m writing.

  • genocide_cutter

    The album still sucks

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  • real nigga

    lil wayne better not put that fag on his mixtape if he do ill never listen to wayne again

  • IZANi

    Enjoy this gay bullshit while you can.