Glasses Malone Lobbies For Prisoners’ Rights [XXclusive]

Los Angeles-bred rapper Glasses Malone has exclusively announced to XXL that he will be lobbying the California State Legislature in the coming weeks for prisoners’ rights.

After watching his mother go in out of jail and recently die after being convicted of drug distribution and sentenced to twenty years at Dublin Federal Prison for women, the topic hits home for Malone.

“She was on a 20-year sentence for drugs in federal prison and died like on some health issues and it looks like it was a malpractice,” says Glasses when speaking of his mother’s death.

According to the West Coast rhyme-slinger, his mother died four years into her sentence, a death that could have been prevented. “The next day, a lot of the inmates rioted,” says GM. “It was a women’s prison, and a lot of the inmates rioted because they felt that she was [treated] unjust. People were getting out of prison and they were contacting me saying like, ‘Man, ya moms, they did ya moms kinda wrong when she died. They coulda did something about it.’”

Watching his mother pass almost two years ago (October 2009), the Cash Money artist is now on a mission to speak up and acquire rights for those currently incarcerated in the California prison system. The L.A. lyricist has teamed up with Matt Gray, a lobbyist in the state of California, to go before the Assembly and the Senate and advocate for prisoner’s [health] rights.

“He’ll actually be lobbying [the California State Legislature]. He’ll actually go walking into the Capitol together with Matt and sitting before [law makers],” says Kali Bowyer, Glasses’ publicist.

Matt Gray says: “This is something that affects people’s lives in very realistic ways every single day. Unfortunately, we have an inmate dying from actual lack of medical care for no other reasons. [It’s] about one every six days. So the longer we wait, the more people needlessly die.”

In addition to fighting for the medical rights of inmates, Glasses will also be helping bus families to California prisons as a means of transportation for families wanting to visit inmates.

“Because I came up in the streets, I watched a lot of people who didn’t get a chance to see they loved ones and stuff because they parents didn’t have money to send them or go, so I just thought that would be a really good idea,” he says.

Check back with for more information as the story develops. —Amber McKynzie

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  • rags

    What a man…I have full RESPECT for THIS BROTHER…..
    more RAPPERS should be taking steps to impact and change the lives of our people who get rained on daily by this babylon system,,,,,


  • Guest

    WOW! Is all I have to say, there has not been a rapper near politics, since Easy E went to the White House! GM is one of a kind, he will surely make it happen!

  • Sosa

    Shout out to GM, I have much respect for what he is doing

  • Jenny

    Its about time someone steps up that is famous and helps out with inmates families. Its too bad he had to lose his mother to the prison system but God has a bigger plan for him.

  • Jennifer

    This is great! I really hope that this helps make a difference for inmates (and thier families).

  • KWilliams

    Thank you Malone! We’ve been waiting for someone like you to take a stand! I hope others will follow your lead! It’s not like you’re the only one touched by the system’s ‘inadequacies’…

  • 619

    Good to hear. A couple years ago the federal government urged Schwarzenegger to clean up the worst prison system in America. He did nothing. Now the Supreme Court took over officiating the California Prison System ruling that it’s health care was unconstutional. The Supreme Court investigation found that one inmate in the state dies every week due to insufficient health care. The prison system houses 60,000 more inmates than maximum capacity, almost double the amount it has room for. The Supreme Court also ruled California has to schedule early releases for 40,000 inmates.

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  • Ch*l*z


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  • Debhulbh

    You are a good man Mr. Malone . I am very sorry for the death of your mother. Far too many people are being mistreated and abused in prisons. Men left indefinitely in solitary confinement for having extra food in their cell, (what a candy bar…give me a break), other reasons men get placed in barbaric solitary confinement for taking an extra shower also for being accused of being involved in an altercation, many minor infractions get you landed in ‘the hole’. It is a black mark on all instiutions who engage in such practices. It is inhumane and barbaric. these men are good men, yes they made a mistake and are now serving their time in prison, but do the prison authorities have to furthermore abuse and torture these men by placing them in solitary confinement, SHU , hole, all colloquiallisms for one thing solitary confinement meaning ‘more punishment’. Prison is pun ishment enough, solitary confinement is crossing over to another barbaric dimension and should not be regarded as a commonplace practice to take care of matters.

    Those who accept the practice consider it necessary for prisoners who are considered dangerous to other people (“the most predatory” prisoners), those who might be capable of leading crime groups from within, or those who are kept ‘incommunicado’ for purported reasons of national security. Finally, it may be used for prisoners who are at high risk of being attacked by other inmates, such as pedophiles, celebrities, or witnesses who are in prison themselves. This latter form of solitary confinement is sometimes referred to as protective custody.

    Opponents of solitary confinement hold that it is a form of cruel and unusual punishment and torture because the lack of human contact, and the sensory deprivation that often go with solitary confinement, can have a severe negative impact on a prisoner’s mental state that may lead to certain mental illnesses such as depression, permanent or semi-permanent changes to brain physiology, an existential crisis and death.

    It is considered by many legal scholars to be a form of psychological torture when the period of confinement is longer than a few weeks or is continued indefinitely. Men are being left in their for months on end and under the guise of ‘under investigation’. This practice leaves this wide open for abuse.
    The prison can put these men in there indefinitely if they are under investigation, that is truly cruel and unusual treatment of these men.
    Solitary confinement is not to used commonplace and willynilly for minor infractions, to do so is truly barbaric , cruel and injust.
    All studies point to this, many judges speak to this, many advocates speak loudly about the barbaric use of solitary confinement of prisoners. All of the data suggests and points to the fact that solitary confinement is a bad practice. That it is inhumane, barbaric and counterproductive is without a doubt.
    Men in charge at these prisons who use this practice have been desensitized to another mans pain and suffering. Prison is hell to begin with, men are removed from life as we all know it, locked away from their loved ones, from their children, their parents, locked away from everyday normal life. Nothing that resembles a normal life exists behind bars. It is hell. Men serve out their sentences for crimes committed but to furthermore heap on cruel and unusual punishment by putting men in the hole is warranted and simply unacceptable.
    These men get 1 call per month to their family, for chilldren who only have their Dads voice to look forward to every day, this is cruelly punishing families also. Chilldren, have to wait a full month to hear their fathers voice and then only for a few minutes, they have to wait 30 days to hear their Dads say hello. How can this be? Children, mothers all suffering the pains of solitary confinement. These men are not animals to be locked away in a cage for 23 hrs a day. for what, who does it serve? Studies show that it does not cut down on violence it only increases it and recdivism amongst men who have endured solitary confinement is much higher than among general population.
    .This is a system gone awol. Subjecting these men and their families to such cruelty is unconscionable and inhumane. It is beyond words. This is an unacceptable practice and must not continue.