Last Friday (June 17) Odd Future members Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean blasted Chris Brown on Twitter and surprisingly, The Game tried his best to end the barrage of insults between the two camps.

No stranger to Twitter beef, Brown first sent out a tweet on June 2 saying, “All this demonic music is wack as shit! What happened to people being happy? #yeahIsaidit.” Tyler, the Creator then sent out a stream of insults at the R&B singer.

Just when things were settling, Brown tweeted, “I fuck with Frank Ocean! Reminds me of a young James Fauntleroy or Kevin Cossum.” The Odd Future singer responded, “I fucks wit chris brown, reminds me of a young sisqo or ike turner. I just don’t like underhanded comments. That’s all I’m saying (sic).”

Brown fired back with a slew of remarks: “@frank_ocean it was a compliment you bitch ass nigga. Everybody claim to be the devil till they meet him. Fuck odd future! Make sure y’all smalltime niggas stick yo chess out when you speak to me (sic).”

“Ain’t no battery in my back," he added, "U just getting on ass niggas! Don’t let them pills go to yo head! I was tryna help yo sales nigga. You fuckin clown! You and @fucktyler would be casted great for planet of the apes! @fucktyler I never said one thing about y’all niggas and y’all started this (sic)!”

The Odd Future general retorted: “@chrisbrown What's Wrong Christopher? Amber Rose Stole Your Style Bro Bro? @chrisbrown Why Are You Mad Tho? Like Really, You're Bigger Than Us Christopher. You Act Like You Like To Eat Soup, Aren't You A Role Model? @chrisbrown You're To Old To Be Putting LOL Christopher. But Forreal My Nigga.....Do You Like Soup? Like, Real Talk, You Act Like It (sic).”

West Coast rapper The Game attempted to calm both sides down: “@fucktyler the homie & @frankocean just starting what can be a long successful career…Don’t fuck it up by beefin’. FOCUS niggas, FOCUS!!!” He then addressed CB: “focus on ‘YOU’ blood. BEEF aint getting niggas nowhere these days. All you do is LOSE endorsements, appearances & opportunities (sic).”

Chris sent a message back to the California rapper saying, “bro these niggas are frail,” then appeared to back down. Tyler responded with: “You’re Right. One More Joke And I’m Done,” “Hahahahaha Look At Me Now Just Came On. Awkward, I Still Fucking Love This Song,” then “I’m Done Dude. Thanks.” —Rachelle Jean-Louis