Game Mediates Odd Future/Chris Brown Twitter Beef

Last Friday (June 17) Odd Future members Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean blasted Chris Brown on Twitter and surprisingly, The Game tried his best to end the barrage of insults between the two camps.

No stranger to Twitter beef, Brown first sent out a tweet on June 2 saying, “All this demonic music is wack as shit! What happened to people being happy? #yeahIsaidit.” Tyler, the Creator then sent out a stream of insults at the R&B singer.

Just when things were settling, Brown tweeted, “I fuck with Frank Ocean! Reminds me of a young James Fauntleroy or Kevin Cossum.” The Odd Future singer responded, “I fucks wit chris brown, reminds me of a young sisqo or ike turner. I just don’t like underhanded comments. That’s all I’m saying (sic).”

Brown fired back with a slew of remarks: “@frank_ocean it was a compliment you bitch ass nigga. Everybody claim to be the devil till they meet him. Fuck odd future! Make sure y’all smalltime niggas stick yo chess out when you speak to me (sic).”

“Ain’t no battery in my back,” he added, “U just getting on ass niggas! Don’t let them pills go to yo head! I was tryna help yo sales nigga. You fuckin clown! You and @fucktyler would be casted great for planet of the apes! @fucktyler I never said one thing about y’all niggas and y’all started this (sic)!”

The Odd Future general retorted: “@chrisbrown What’s Wrong Christopher? Amber Rose Stole Your Style Bro Bro? @chrisbrown Why Are You Mad Tho? Like Really, You’re Bigger Than Us Christopher. You Act Like You Like To Eat Soup, Aren’t You A Role Model? @chrisbrown You’re To Old To Be Putting LOL Christopher. But Forreal My Nigga…..Do You Like Soup? Like, Real Talk, You Act Like It (sic).”

West Coast rapper The Game attempted to calm both sides down: “@fucktyler the homie & @frankocean just starting what can be a long successful career…Don’t fuck it up by beefin’. FOCUS niggas, FOCUS!!!” He then addressed CB: “focus on ‘YOU’ blood. BEEF aint getting niggas nowhere these days. All you do is LOSE endorsements, appearances & opportunities (sic).”

Chris sent a message back to the California rapper saying, “bro these niggas are frail,” then appeared to back down. Tyler responded with: “You’re Right. One More Joke And I’m Done,” “Hahahahaha Look At Me Now Just Came On. Awkward, I Still Fucking Love This Song,” then “I’m Done Dude. Thanks.” —Rachelle Jean-Louis

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  • T

    Fuck Odd Future.





    • ofwgkta

      i will kick any body ass who dont fuck with odd future, you faggot cunts

  • r.mendez

    Really? Twitter beef? thats one step below xboxlive beef.You guy both are a little gayer now that you did this.And game stoppin the beef WHAT?!?!?Who cares.

  • Q

    fuck odd future.

  • D90

    chris brown is a bitch, odd future is stupid, nd game got nuthin to do wit any of that shit

  • YOM

    Yeah,Fuck Odd Future!!
    Chris Brown was right about that whack demonic shit. I wasn’t feeling it as a kid when Grave diggaz was on that shit either.
    All I wanna know is why the hell would Game try to mediate.
    Chris should really ignore those gimmicks like myself and everybody else I know with good sense do.

  • Danny

    Chris Brown said he ain’t got no battery in his back. Well I guess if you have battery on your record you don’t need it in your back.

    • glennipoo1

      Danny that comment was wack. Two different batteries son and hell no, We aint reading beteewn the lines.Here. Come real or stay at home!!! Go to a comedian blog with dat BS.

    • thinker

      u win for best joke here lmao! good one

  • W.


  • teambreeeeezy

    I think it was good of game trying to end the beef considering that he has been there done that!! I really cant believe how people dont get over peoples past and recognize that are trying to better themselves. I dont think this was a ploy from the game. He just recently requested to sit down with 50 so they could discuss bettering their relatioship. Good job “Game”! Where is Breezys mentors? he really needs someone to step in and tell him when, where and how. He is so on top of everything now. Outstanding talent. He cant even afford to do all of this beefing and idle chit chat. Never even heard of the guys hes got beef with. I Heard the song Novacaine here (DC), a few weeks ago but holds no interest to me. I dont want to here about the dentist in no damn song!! Breezy!! Please!! Leave this small time shit alone!!! You dont need to compliment another damn soul!!

  • Big Daddy Kane

    Odd Future? Twitter Beef? LAME-BEEF? -LAME? Fools be screaming on twitter like that’s something,–dumb, ignorant, stupid and wack. You wanna make somebody mad? Be successful.

  • Hip Hop Addict

    Chris Brown Beefing With Wile Male? Not Female?…. Shocking!!!! =0???

  • biged

    they both suck anyway. and they aint nowhere near gravediggaz. strange music runs the sic shit. they aint sic they stupid. coathanga strangla all day bitch

    • le666acy

      gravediggaz is the shit, tech is the only great rapper on strange, the real king of the sic shit is esham, and odd future are flamin faggots sausage fest motherfuckers /: ..

  • Real Rap

    Chris Brown is Falling off and Odd Future is Blowing up.

  • garbage

    2PAC and Biggie are spinning in their graves. twitter beef. hiphop is fucked.

  • $yk

    I will say that Frank Ocean does sound a little bit like Kevin Cossum.

  • simp2

    I like that demonic shit from time to time old Three six mafia,GRAVEDIGGAZ,esham From what i see that lil fuck nigga chris put out bait by saying that demonic shit was whack knowin that someone would take offense to it and when somebody did he tried to start a beef think about it if he never said that shit we wouldnt be here typin about this shit in the first place this nigga a attention whore and he just created more attention for himself by doing this.

  • Simp2

    Me personally I like that Demonic shit Old three six mafia,Gravediggaz,Esham. but any way Chris brown started this whole shit by saying that demonic shit was whack he knew somebody was gonna take issue with it this the type of shit female do. Say some slick shit bait someone into response and draw attention to yourself

  • Ron

    man chris brown is a punk ass bitch frank ocean shits on him musically and all faggots that hate odd future are just pussies last time i check tyler,frank, hodgy ,left brain,syd,taco,jasper, mike g didnt beat a womans ass

  • Ch*l*z

    Beef is when ur galfriend tells u she is pregnant but with another n*66a’s seed!!!!

  • hayley

    y’all sticking up for a guy that beats on a chick – chris brown is not only talentless and a mj wannabe hack but a scumbag and truly demonic. we all know what you did chris, keep washing your hands you piece of sh*t – one day you’ll get yours.

  • YOM

    All I’m saying is Chris Brown has and will contribute more to the music landscape than those fools.

    I feel sorry for anybody who supports demonic music.
    I actually heard sway dumb ass say they were like the Wu Tang.
    Get the fuck out of here!!!
    O.D.B. was wild and a character but he had Knowledge of self.
    FUCK odd future.
    Remember I heard B.O.B. was about to squash those weirdos.

  • Herman_the_German

    Man fuck chrisbrown, this bitch so weak he gotta beat women!
    props to oddfuture and cya’ll at Roskilde 2011!

  • King AL

    i like watchin a bitch fight!!!!

  • greenlite616

    To me this isn’t even real beef at the end of the day nobody really going to fight each other now Chris Browns body gaurds would.

  • lilcuzz15

    awwwwww gay ass chris dun fucked up big time forreal i hope tyler beat the fuck out this niqqa when he see him ps its odd future or young money or nuthin point blank period

    • never lol

      you do kno young money fucks with chris tough right lol yea stop it and i dont kno who worse the girl who made gucci gucci or the odd future or lil b what is this world coming to with this lame music

  • um why

    wow i kno im late but i dont like odd future they wack well frank ocean ok but they dont got shit on chris brown and chris brown need to stop beef with these lames u make way to much money for that they play his songs on the radio station all day everyday if u wanna see tyler the ugly who has been created u have to youtube so yea its a big difference and frank stay down dude u just coming out

  • shakerwaldo14

    Yeah fuck all that “demonic” shit! everybody who talks about violence in their songs should just stop! that shit’s weak! they gotta make way for all those positive thinking rappers like…like…Shwayze! And…uhh….Eminem! Wait, no…damn.

    • Nortey


  • dmo

    Odd Future is the shit!

  • SMH

    if you guys knew what OFWGKTA stood for,, them niggas just do shit to fuck around and get attention. them niggas dont care they just do whatever .. smhand you ppl sittin here getting madd smfh, loosen the fuck up

  • Ms Songz

    Chris can say what he wants its freedom of speech ole boy got offended cause Chris never said any names ole boy told on his self… Chris brown is the business those other clowns are whack case closed.


    fuck everybody you bitches realize that you hatin on odd future makes you faggot’s right,fuck tyler bitch that’s gay get a life,ofwgkta! Golf Wang Bitch!kill yourself otherwise.

  • AYoshecrzi

    fuck everybody stop fuckinn beefinn yall lame asses should be focus on you man i fuckinn hate what the hip hop game has become fuck this shit

  • cyprix

    all u fuckn fagots don fuckn get’it. . Game is a livin legend, he been thru eerthng a rapper cn go thru. . I feel Tyler but not his fuckn immature behaviour. . Breezy got way mo talent n experiance compared to tyler, he should instead be schoolin Tyler than beefin around wif hm fo no fuckn reason! Can somebody be the fuckn bigger man here???