Taylor Warren, the 23-year-old model that appears decapitated in Kanye West's "Monster" video, says she was first offended at the idea of being beheaded (because she thought it meant no one would see her face). But, when she realized it meant Kanye would actually be dangling her head by the hair, she was all for it, writing in a forum online,"that video was so much fun to make!"

Apparently, what Warren learned was that she actually enjoyed kneeling at Kanye's feet and appearing as if she were dead throughout the two-day shoot. "I couldn't move or talk because it would ruin the shot!" she asaid. "Between takes, he still had my hair and would talk to the director or on his phone while I was chilling three feet below him, but I couldn't help but think, 'This is so surreal and amazing.'"

Aside from being beheaded for the duration of an entire 'Ye verse, Warren also plays the role of a vampire in the clip, who kills a man with a stiletto and drags his dead body across a drained swimming pool.—XXL Staff