Keyshia Cole has been very vocal this week, using her Twitter account as a portal to set the record straight on all things unclear.

A couple of days ago, she took to her Twitter to let her frustrations about the 2011 BET nominations —which she felt snubbed by— be known. Now, the pint-sized R&B singer has gone the social media route again, this time to let critics know her and one-time collaborator Lil' Kim aren't friends.

"Its like this. Been on the scene 7 years. I was 21 when I got signed. 7 # 1 records. No awards 4 none of them/still touring. It is Wht it is. These types of thing R the way they R. I’m not upset about any of it in any way. I hope everyone that goes has a wonderful time," Cole posted, alluding to her absence from this year's upcoming BET Awards presentation. She also added, "That awkward moment when u realize in everyone’s eyes your not the sh*t anymore. #POW. I’ve officially got the memo. Thank mtv/bet."

Then, just yesterday (May 18), she posted this about the status of her relationship with the Queen Bee. "[And] while we’re addressing everything, Lil' Kim and I a r not 'friends' I take that term very seriously. We made wonderful music. That is it," she tweeted. Cole wrote that as a late response to Kim fans who criticized her last year for allowing Nicki Minaj to take jabs at the Queen Bee on "I Ain't Thru."

Of course, this didn't sit well with Kim, who has also made her presence felt on Twitter, mainly by way of her beef with Minaj. Kim tweeted in response:

"You got that right. We are not friends. The same way you take friendship seriously I take loyalty serious. The whole world has seen me extend my hand to you over and over again. Only someone who’s trying to build a sincere relationship does shows for free and supports. You did not pay me a dime for none of that. That warrants some type of loyalty and respect. Friend or no friend, I would have never let anybody disrespect you on my record but I can’t expect everyone to be as real as I am.

At the end of the day karma is as real as I am and it’s coming to get you. oh wait…if it hasn’t got you already… My love and loyalty to you got you a hit, your friendship with your friend got u a flop.

Looks like you need to choose your friends more wisely don’t you think? Loyalty and respect has nothing to do with friendship. Loyalty and respect is about returning a kindness. Have you ever came out and supported me at my shows? I don’t think so."

And that's when things took a turn for the worst. Not one to stay quiet, Cole responded by saying, "Kim that was a great look for [you] coming out of jail just as it was a great look for Missy to have produced it. All I’m saying is don’t have everyone thinking I was disloyal as a “friend” cause we were never that and you know it. No disrespect."

Kim tweeted back, "Yes it was a good look for me but it was a great look for you. At the end of the day it was a hit on YOUR album. Sticking to the situation. Again I would have never let anyone disrespect you on my song. That’s loyalty and respect. End of story."

Cole then replied, "I don’t have beef with anyone. I’m done. I feel the way I feel about friendship and loyalty. I ain’t never been fake. All I’m saying."

Thankfully, the ladies kept it semi-classy and made their voices heard without getting too disrespectful. Hopefully they can put this one to rest and let bygones be bygones moving forward.