Happy Birthday Ghostface Killah!

Happy Birthday to Ghostface Killah! The New York-native turns 41 today (May 9).

Since the Wu-Tang’s inception and collective debut album, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Ghostface has developed a massive following through his own stellar solo efforts and of course, participation in subsequent Wu-Tang members’ solo projects. From his 1996 platinum debut Ironman, to 2000′s epic Supreme Clientele to last year’s critically acclaimed Apollo Kids, Ghost has more classic albums than most rappers have singles. XXL sends out birthday wishes to Pretty Toney! —XXL Staff

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  • detoxbre

    xxlmag stays with the exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! www.loot6.com

  • Donte

    Supreme Clientele is TERRIBLY UNDERATTED!!!! someone please listen to that album and tell me why it doesnt really get brought up like its suppose to? yeah it gets credit but not enough to me, but when i dont want hear a concept album(not that i dont love them) i listen to this its straight hip-hop ,not about anything else just retro straight kickin rhymes each time i listen to it i get a old but futuristic vibe , i think it can mess with any jay or nas album not name illmatic or reasonable doubt….now before someone gets on hear and get mad and start cussing me out for an opinion lol carefully read the last sentence.. if you hold SC up to any album im not sayin that its better,but if you hold it up to the blueprint stillmatic,black album, it was written them albums could be slightly better but they do not kill SC….Happy Bday to GFK

  • Donte

    and could this Niki sex tape shit need to stop smh lmao i tried to ignore this shit as long as i could be this is getting FUCKIN RIDICULOUS (Rza voice),this shit needs to stop forreal

  • fuckyall

    yea its my 2nd fave hip hop album
    my top 5
    1beastie boys -pauls boutique
    2 ghost face supreme clientele
    3 slick ricks 1st one
    4 redman-docs the name 2000
    5wu-tang -w fuck what any one saids give it a play them beats
    are tight as fuck and the mcings on point