David Banner has tapped into a new market. Fans remember that he worked on scoring commercials for Gatorade last year, but now he has corporate America blowing up his phone to record tracks numerous new products.

In an interview with AOL Web site, TheBoomBox.com, Banner said, “I've got campaigns coming up with Gillette, Motorola and a big commercial for ConAgra Food Group.”

In addition he recently linked up with Mercedes-Benz to record the song “Benz” along with crooner Estelle for their new ad campaign. “Mercedes is eventually going to do something bigger with the 'Benz' song, so that's going to move to another level," he said.

His newfound career is going so well that DB said he is in the process of  launching his own advertising company called ABV.

On the music side, Banner is currently working on the third installment of his MTA album series. Nicole LoPresti