Chris Lighty Launches Site for New Artists

Chris Lighty, the head of Violator Management, is launching a new Web site where, for $10 hopeful artists can upload their music and industry insiders will listen and give feedback. will be live on Monday, May 16.

“We are in the Internet age,” Lighty told New York’s Daily News. “There are so many creative people out there. We are not reaching everybody. Just listen to the radio. It’s the same 15 artists all day everyday.”

The idea came to the manager behind 50 Cent and  Diddy about three years ago after the Bronx native noticed that people went to “American Idol” and YouTube looking for unsigned talent. For $10 bucks, the website will feature the best songs and even make them available to New York radio station Hot 97 for a shot at the airwaves.

“This will hopefully help music as a whole,” said Ebro Darden, Hot 97 program director. —Nicole LoPresti

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  • detoxbre

    xxlmag stays with the exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!!

  • god


  • me

    This is such a scam. I got to pay you just to listen to my music. Wack. If you wanna discover new music its websites with free music all day to listen and discover new music. Why should artists who I’m sure already don’t have money waste money just for you to listen to their music… With no guarantee that they’ll get real results from this. This is exploitation! Thirsty ass, washed up bums…Blew your music industry money and trying to take advantage of up and coming artists.


    LOL u dudes took the word out of my mouth. Yes. it is a scam but a great scam. just imagine how many people will pay 10.00. thas like profiting off an artist and getting the residules of selling an album. Now, he’ll prob take ur creative rights and be able to do what ever with your beats/lyrics. Finally, if u are any good he’ll still profit.

  • listen

    it is a scam when you could upload your music free in datpiff or youtube.

  • Jonathan Lighty

    my brother is a hustler… he’ll find good ideas and steal them from you.

  • Really

    How many artist got signed off of WorldStar so far???? They charge 2 stacks 2 upload ya vids… Ive yet 2 hear about ONE artist that got on via WSHH. But its new hopefulls EVERYDAY… People fall for the “Exposure” sells pitch. Its Sad, how they try 2 play us & our Dreams.

  • misterthreeofive

    I have known Chris for a long time… He is a good man and a man of his word. An old Saying…Put yo money where your mouth is!! If you as an artist think that your music is good enough, pay the freakin ten bucks and get some priceless feedback from a pioneer in the industry!!

  • Rush

    just saying man if anyone was looking for talent then at times one must think damn its a recession and there are so many variables. all i say is if you are truly in a position of power be a little more available to that artist that cant get to a studio or post a video guidance would help a lot more. oh and if you gonna sign someone because of youtube views please listen to their message before you sign them. just food for thought

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