Rihanna Named Baddest Chick in the Game

R&B superstar; hip-hop hook specialist; Barbadian beauty are all prefixes to describe Ms. Rihanna. And now she can add one more title to her resume: Baddest Chick in the Game.

Pinned against Lauren London in XXL’s “March Badness” championship round over the last two days, RiRi was able to breeze past her competition with over 4,000 votes against London’s mere 700 votes.

XXL’s Baddest Chick in the Game Tournament began on March 11 and started with 64 girls. Rihanna beat out Foxy Brown in the first round, Diamond in the second round, Keyshia Cole in the Sweet Sixteen Round, Cassie in the Elite 8, and Kimbella in the Final Four.

Be sure to chime in on the decision in the comments section. —XXL Staff

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  • DrizzyCole

    rihanna is pretty, but there is now way she looks better then beyonce lol

  • Floridian Cajun’

    She’s really not pretty, she has a extra long chin, a big forehead, and big feet…nothing worse than a woman with long feet and toes…..

    • Chucky

      Take me back to your home planet the women must be perfect. You must have game if you’re meeting girls prettier than Rihanna dogg.

  • francis nasim

    congrats marshall.save some moolah.u hehero-i crown u -lady heroin.ha ha!

  • francis nasim

    wassup wit ya new nigg bazooka?huh banannas?

  • BadddestBitch

    xxlmag stays with the exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! www.loot6.com

  • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

    Everybody knows this contest was fixed. It was at least 10 chicks i can think of who are more deserving.

    • Nooch

      u right cuz

  • xxHyPn0t1c718xx

    bitch is sooo fuckkin ugly…

  • LuckyLefty

    Much deserved. She’s fucking gorgeous.

  • http://crawer angela nelms

    i think rihanna sucks

  • http://xxlmag.com Beautiful

    its called charasmatic RIhanna.. should’ve Won shes single n doin it on’em wid no sidekick dude.. chrisbrown was haten cuz he new shes a Winner widout a man,ni#&@,etc… howeva freaky she is… lead her to being Da Baddest Chick!!!!!

  • T

    How could this happen?

  • RapRadar is killing the game

    Probably the wackest thing I’ve ever seen. The baddest chick in the game tournament?! And having serious arguments about the shit? FOH. XXL stays losing. Missing on Drake for 09 cover, Nicki for 10 cover and Odd Future for 11 cover.

  • Lord Maximus

    The reason Lauren London lost- Weezy was tapping that azz lol

  • realchac

    fixed result… Rihanna probably had her people voting mad times cuz this award would help her desired market image. the MEN wouldn’t vote her over half the people in this competition.

  • BeerGangsta

    You are a MotherFucking Lie if you think Rihanna is the best Heffer!! I won’t buy XXL Bullshitting Magazine again!! A lie don’t care who tells it!!

    • B!tchBeKillin Em

      Why so Bitter BeerGangsta? Are you mad you cannot pull a chick like Rihsus? All Hail Queen Rihanna. #StayMadHoes

  • Jay

    YEAAA Lauren London really lost a lot of points wen she let “Wayne” hit it ….and then went and had a baby by “him”……. she really turned off a lot of people

  • B!tchBekillinEm

    Well deserved…Rihanna is a bad b!tch and all those who say she is ugly let me see your pics. Big Up Island Gal

  • Alex

    Haa these hoes are mad, Rihanna is gorgeous
    her swagg is is through the roof, she has a nice body and her legs are amazing, not everybody can pull a look that Rihanna has had PERIOD.

  • vfv

    @beautiful u must be ugly lol……chris brown hating? please u dumb fuck he is doing better without her look at the stats and she is not the baddest in the game THIS CONTEST IS A DAMN DISGRACE…..

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Tshilidzi

    Let the hating begins………….Ur gal no where near Riri so shud the fucc up!

    Beyonce & AK are mo beatiful than her in my opinion but Riri oozes the sex appeal that every gal envies. She’s also chili hot although bit hoe-sh n a very nasty mouth that i like!

  • Faith

    Rihanna has that kind of sex appeal that a girl with imperfections has. Amazing eyes, lips and figure… the girl next door watching you from her music videos. But I am a woman, so maybe I’m wrong. I’ve always thought Rihanna would make a better model than singer.