Rappers Respond to Lil B “Gay” LP Title

Over the weekend, the rap world went nuts after a video of Lil B announcing the title of his new album was posted on hundreds of Web sites all over the ‘net. For those still playin’ catch-up, the 2011 Freshman told the crowd at Coachella during his performance on Saturday (April 16), that his new disc will be called, I’m Gay. [Watch above]

Onstage, B explained the reasoning behind the name of the LP. He said that he does not partake in that lifestyle but, but he wants to make a statement about the power of words, or lack thereof.

XXLMag.com reached out to various artists from the East, the South and the Mid-West: Talib Kweli, Freddie Gibbs and Killer Mike; to find out their reactions to the news.

“Immediately (upon hearing the hubbub) I’m like not that’s a fuckin’ social experiment, if I’ve ever heard one,” Kwe told XXL. “Look I don’t care who you sleep with at the end of the day. I don’t care if Lil B’s gay or not. It doesn’t change my life in any way, but for him to name his album I’m Gay, issues such a challenge to his fans. I’m not sure if it’s brilliant or not, but what he did with that, in one fell swoop, was challenge every single bandwagon fan. Like are you really down with me or not. And me as an artist, I have no choice but to respect that. “

Gibbs, also a former XXL Freshman alum, sees it differently. “[The] Lil B shit was funny at first but now I feel like it’s just a bunch of white people laughing at a nigga, like a minstrel show. Shit is wack. I ain’t dissin’ gays, if you gay that’s yo biz.”

Mike Bigga, on the other hand, feels as if he understands B’s strategy behind the title. “He’s a happy guy, Gay means happy,” the ATLien reminded readers. “It makes perfect sense to me. It’s a provocative, bold thing to me. That’s what B does. It’s not as shocking to me. From a social element . . . this just feels like knocking down walls and stereotypes, embracing controversy and flipping it. Bravo to him for being the next Madonna. I also don’t think Lil B could ever make some of the music that I make. If he’s rapping about (gay) lifestyle the whole album, no I probably wouldn’t want to hear it. If he’s rapping on some hip-hop shit and it’s a weird ass, weird Lil B album . . . I’d probably buy it like i I did his last (album) and have a little laugh.”

Regardless of the differences in opinion, one thing Kweli points out is that the rap world as a whole is becoming more accepting of different lifestyle choices as it continues to grow up, which as he implies, is a move in a more positive direction. “I’m happy to see young hip-hop heads move [away from] homophobia,” he said. “Regardless of what your stance is on gay people, homophobia or the act and practice of it, is extra wack.” —Jesse Gissen with additional reporting from Mark Lelinwalla and Nicole LoPresti

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  • Phil

    This is great news! My dream is coming true. Now all I have to do is get in contact with Lil B and we will have sex unconditionally until the end of time. Now that’s destiny.

    • haha

      Hhaha lmfao

  • rey mystario jr


    • Hip Hop Addict

      Fag Fag Woop Woop


    Total loser Lil. He will never have the LGBT community at his concdrts until he learns that calling yourself “gay” to fit in with urban vernacular does not espouse the cause as fought daily in the trenches. Eff-u Lil.

  • HU

    Freddie Gibbs hit the nail on the head with the minstrel comment. Lil B is definitely a coon and no white person would ever get caught listening to Lil B. You will find white people at Common, Talib Kweli, and Mos Def concerts. All black concerts are Webbie, Gucci Mance, and Wacka Flacka. Now what are some differences between those rappers?

    • ROBD916

      lyyyyriiics. so we can conclude that black people arent smart enough to understand lyrics so they listen to people like waka flocka who ends every bar in “nigga”?

    • John

      The former rappers actually have well-constructed lyrics that have a deeper meaning while the latter rappers mainly rap about whatever superficial trend is hip these days? Just a guess.

    • Aye Stupid

      Tha majority of Lil B fans are white u big dummie

      • Free Mason

        untru majority is black
        and we still cookin (fuck twerkin)
        Based Lord !!!!

    • jack3d

      idk bout this


      Hey dumbass, the majority of Lil’ Bs fans are white. He definitely makes horrible music, but have you seen most of his videos? It looks like the shooting of Sweet 16.

    • John

      its funny how you said no white person would listen to his music but yet at the concert his album title was announced theres more white than anything lmao funny

    • thesenuts

      Hu, Im sorry but you are in fact incorrect. First of all that black and white bullshit needs to stop. Race is nothing but a social construct so uhhh lets cut the shit. As a person of color and female gender you would never catch me at a lil b concert, waka flocka, gucci, 50 cent, lil wayne, drake, nicki minaj, none of those clowns! But in fact you will catch a lot of caucasians at these concerts, they are in fact the majority that buy these rap albums. And yes look up that fact, they do buy more rap then any other culture or ethnicity.Try not to generalize so much hu. I love common, talib, and plenty more.

  • AV

    Look dude is gay. how many pink and periwinkle combo’s is dude gonna have to try before he feels we all know he puffs peter. I think if dude really wanted to shock people he should make an album called “im straight”. Plus if dude could get some sorta flow to his raps and thow in some different phrases and shit it might actually matter.

  • moreffa

    fuck this queer ass nigga

  • Mamuatula Comin’ 4 Ross

    EPIC FAIL of the decade…..

  • Michael C.

    Everyone is looking into this way too deep. He said the reason was to prove words don’t mean shit. He’ll still be fucking your bitch and have “swag on a hundred thousand” and making money. All the hate and saying he wont be respected by the LGBT doesn’t effect him at all. No matter what you think Lil B will always have the most swag because he’s always felling himself.

    • ROBD916

      i already new this niga didnt care bout words cause he cant rhyme em for SHITT

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      naw a lot of us ain’t thinking too deep. we can see what dude is doing. Y’all ain’t gotta explain nothing, a lot us are OGs and smart individuals.

      most of us don’t even care if son is gay. a talented gay artist doesn’t have to resort to this buffoonery, all they have to do is make great music and live their life.

      Sylvester, Luther Vandross, Freddie Jackson, Queen Latifah, Da Brat, to name a few. We knew. Even presumed Missy went both ways. The homophobic label should stick to humanity, not just to rap.

      Lil B ain’t doing nothing special but “shock and awe” promo, to mask the fact that his music is horrible. Eventually y’all who are riding for him will begin to tire of the shenanigans and see you have no connection to his music and this guy will fall into obscurity due to the lost fanbase.

      But remember this is the music industry, not the actor’s guild. Dude is gonna have to make good music soon to prove he’s qualified to be a recording artist, or he’s done, just like every other music artist. Bottom line.

      I did this blog weeks ago…

      • Michael C.

        Once again your looking to far into it. Good use of bold words though, nice try. He doesn’t care what people say about him or how much he sells. He says what he wants and knows that no matter what you think of him he is still getting paid. What the fuck do other gay people have to do with this. He says that words don’t mean shit and that he can have an album that says Im gay and still fuck your bitch, thats all he saying. As usual people flip shit when someone says some real shit from time to time. You’ve probably seen it before though since your such an OG…

        • $yk

          lmao…keep going with the jabs, you’re proving my point for me…

      • render

        maaan, at the risk of sounding like I’m riding for lil b I gotta say that he probably has more potential as a lyricist that most ppl give him credit for

        potential being the keyword…he aint there yet but going through some of the “real” tracks that his stans post on some of these forums, there are actually a couple of lines that stand out

        “why in school they didnt teach about the taxes
        in the real world man its all about taxes
        all about tv and livin above average
        where the fuck ya stayin, all about your status
        what the fuck you drive to the size of your mattress
        how big ya chain and the girls that your smashin
        how much ya work plus the time you relaxin
        time spent in jail and on the streets savage
        mixed with the robbers the stress and the addicts
        mixed with the greed and the guns and the havoc
        mixed with the weed and the pills and the acid
        killin off my people and the media is laughin
        learn about the past but the present is whats happenin
        probation slavery, pissin for the master
        the cops is a gang and they really beat yo ass
        and the court is the mob and its ran by the cash”

        I actually looked up the track after reading that cause I couldnt picture a rapper I had on a level below waka and soulja going for lyricism….like I said, its just potential…even on his “real” tracks his flow,delivery,lyrics are straight amateur but he’s young enough to get better if hes actually serious about making music….jay elec and lupe are cosigning this kid and supposedly recording with him and if lil b takes advantage of the experience and learns the craft from real lyricists i don’t think its impossible to see him transition to being a “serious” artist at some point…and if he actually is gay at least itll give him some original content to rap about lol…a new kind of struggle

        then again, this shit could all be the “emperors new clothes” and in that case niggas like me that are actually writing essays over this bullshit and paying attention to sons moves are the ones that are really clowning aha

        • $yk

          whaddup render?

          “then again, this shit could all be the “emperors new clothes” and in that case niggas like me that are actually writing essays over this bullshit and paying attention to sons moves are the ones that are really clowning aha”

          ^ exactly

          • render

            lol and you can’t say I dont recognize thats a possibility…but if thats the case then i aint the only one…jay electronica, lupe, 9th and a bunch of cats with unquestioned artistic cred are doing the same

            i think whats earning lil b cosigns from reasonably intelligent ppl is less his music and more the idea he represents …read thru comments on anytype of hiphop forum and you see so much bullshit about “real music” “real hip hop” “90s was this”, “if you aint listening to so and so rappers right now, you aint hiphop”

            Its backwards looking hiphop republicanism. Lil b’s appeal probably has something to do with the fact that he obviously aint tryin to earn anyones respect….either from heads that fuck with jay elec or the mainstream that doesnt fuck with gay rappers

            does that lead to good music? as of now? not really….will it? I dunno and the possiblity of it is probably why I waste a couple minutes every now and then checkin these links and videos…lol cant say its the most worthwhile use of time, but fuck it…”my laptop is meant to sedate me” anyway, right basedgod?

      • Q4611

        On one hand. i respect his audacity to challenge hip-hop, the most anti-gay genre besides reggae. Hip-hop is more accepting these days. We got former kid actors, skaterkids, white suburban kids, hipsters, etc. Cats from Canada, Kansas, Pittsburgh etc. Lil B tryin to push that next envelope, but you can tell its not genuine. It’s a bizarre marketing ploy from a garbage rapper even if he is gay.

        Lets see if the powers that be will let dude have this provacative title or if they will put the kabosh on it like they did to Nas…..

        • $yk

          “Lil B tryin to push that next envelope, but you can tell its not genuine. It’s a bizarre marketing ploy from a garbage rapper even if he is gay.”

          ^ this

          all hiphop is real…it’s either real good or real bad. But somewhere down the line this dude is gonna have to make decision about his craft because the controversy is gonna wear thin on the fickle fanbase and it may come sooner than he thinks it will.

    • whut the fuck

      at michel c. you and your way of thinking is the fucking problem with hip hop today, you and lil b should both get pimped slapped and never allowed into hip hop again, this is by far the all time low of hip hop, and you young motherfuckers start running round calling each other gay like its cool

      im going to start slapping people my self

      • $yk

        naw fam…

        let’s show them thru facts…


        ^ I’ve been saying this…

        @ whomever’s stanning for lil’ man…

        can y’all name some songs from the last mixtape that are worthy of airtime and promo? how come xxl didn’t give him more features on that mixtape? can y’all do like render and post some lyrics and songs that people should lookout for?

        • Michael C.

          $yk checked out your blog. a whole 6 following you is nice. keep up the good work!
          your blog talked about what xxl has on the tape from him. DIGGY DOESN’T HAVE A SONG ON IT.
          your blog sucks and so does your hatred of Lil B. your probably made he fucked your bitch.

      • Michael C.

        where does it say its cool to call people gay? and if you were such a hip hop fan you know hip hop isn’t at a low point anymore, ask XXL because its seems like the said the fucking rescission is over. in yet another post i have to say it but your reading way to in to this. he said

        words dont mean shit
        im making my album title “im gay”
        i still fuck bitches

        lil b isnt a traditional rapper but respect a man the way he makes money in ways other would love to. if everyone was a j cole or wale then rap would be way to repetitive. look at XXL’s feature with soulja boy and 50 cent. not all rap needs to be “super lupe lyrical” all the time.

        And my way of thinking is how the world needs to be. open minded and taking the positives others have to bring to the table. and if your going to start slapping people, to quote wiz “look in the mirror and shoot the first thing you see”
        YEAH BITCH

        ps. sawg

        • Weaksauce

          Haha. You spelled “swag” wrong. SMH.

    • swype-matic

      Delusional lame ass Lil’ B fans at it’s finest.

  • AV

    i bet he really is feeling his self after coming out


    xxlmag stays with the exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! www.loot6.com

  • canadafan

    i never heard this guys music but i heard him say somewhere that he wanted to rape kanye west .he should change the title to im a gay rapist .

  • render

    no publicity is bad publicity

    Lil B proves this rule over and over again

  • pat

    i knew it

  • http://fluckurblog.tumblr.com @midimadeoff

    What would Kobe Bryant say!?

  • http://davidfrank.bandcamp.com D Frank

    @ $yk

    Luther Vandross gay?! Fuckoutta heeeeeeaaa!


    • $yk

      this was widely known…and overlooked

  • Hannibal

    Freddie Gibbs is a real g

  • Yoooooooo

    Would have been better off naming his album “I’m Wack”

    • shay





    Damn I thought this was the name of the new Ja Rule Rick Ross collaboration mix tape.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Tshilidzi

    Haven’t u folks learn anything lately……..It’s just don’t matter as long as the music is classico n time – changin’.

  • Fresh Wyte Kid

    lmao I knew he cudn’t rap at all but now he is gay that shit funny lol

  • Miss Elise

    Fuck this faggot ass bitch nicca, what about the fucking children you demon bitch? This is a mf shame, rap/hip hop is dead!!!!

  • jamesoshea91

    i dnt like lil b but this is genious. calling his album gay wil knock off all the bandwagon jumpers. unfortunately thts like 3/4 of his fanbase. most of em are only listening to lil b cos its a trend i mean its not as if hes actually good. but having and album called im gay isnt cool so the will all scatter like ants.dude was right about white people and hip hop though most whites listen to nas rakim lupe fiasco and such, half of them only do it cos they know its what they are supposed to listen to and notbecause they actually like it though.


    Get the fuck out of here and quit actin like your the black man who speaks for the majority of white listeners . Fuckin idiot. White people listen to good rap cause its good. End of story. Not because it is ” what they are supposed to listen too”. Sterotypin ass fool. Bet you think all blacks can jump and run fast too.

  • http://www.gaiaonline.com PRETTY BITCH

    People complaining about Lil B do not understand his decontructionist attitude towards pop/mainstream hip hop.

    And most of you don’t understand his ploy.

  • 2pac

    what nobody notices is that nowadays enough people would rather talk shit about bad music than listen to good music, peep rebecca black’s “friday”. same story

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  • http://beatsndoobs.tumblr.com beatsNdoobs

    The fact that most of his fans are white just adds to the minstrel show. If you know your history than you know that the minstrel show was created to entertain white people and disgrace the black community. I am not a Lil B fan, i cannot even tell you a name of one of his songs but i am a fan of real hip hop. There is a lack of real hip hop nowadays, i don’t even listen to the radio anymore.

    support real hip hop artist: kendrick lamar, big krit, dom kennedy, stalley, j cole.. the people you rarely hear on the radio.

  • Not a hater just a fan with a honest critique

    I don’t think lil B is seriously trying to take on the issue of homophobic behavior in hip hop from a social stand point i agree with freddie gibbs it’s some minstrel show shit also there’s a movie called Pick Up The Mic where anyone interested can learn about the movement of actually gay rappers taking up a real social stance and challenging the states quo.

  • Trey

    yeah he a complete fag but a smart fag lol

  • slkdfjncvkbjdfjgh

    This is retarded. Major pulblicity ploy. Who in the fuck has ever heard of this douche fag before now?
    I am from way the fuck up north in Canada and I’m a fan of hip hop, the real shit. like Above the law, KoKane, DJ SCREW, Fat Pat, and guess what, all those rappers/djs with REAL HIP HOP SKILL, no body bumps up here. everybody is allways blasting some gay shit like Lil Wayne, or something, (ive never bothered to find out whigh fag’s are the current trending retards with too much money and access to a studio). but for real, Even 15 year old white gurls from the burbs listen to Wayne. NoI have heard of and dismissed most rappers as garbage but NEVER have I heard of Lil B. Now I hear it in the news , so guess what the next gay shit is going to be emanating from the “gangsters” cars “I’m Gay” by Lil B(itch)

  • real talk.

    Like I said, Just Blaze is a “straight man”, but when he gets drinking he wonders if a man’s ass is just as tight, tighter than, or looser than a woman’s. And so when his buddy announced that he had checked his sexuality, and it was indeed fruitier than Alize, J.B. saw the opportunity of a lifetime.
    The next time they were hangin’ in the studio, J.B. asked “Yo nigga, wanna have a few drinks, smoke a few J’s, you know, shoot the shit?” To which Lil B replied “you know it girlfriend! TEE HEE! No, just kidding, I’m straight dude, seriously bro”
    So there they sat, with J.B. getting more and more intoxicated and wondering where the night would end up. After a point, he just thought “Fuck it, the nigga has to be gay, them tight pants, callin himself a faggot and a bitch, man what kind of batty ass nigga acts like that? I know this dudes finna give me some I just gotta make a move!”
    So J.B. slid his hand down off the table and onto the small of Lil’ B’s petite back. In a deep and commanding voice, Blaze said “I ain’t gay, and that’s real talk, but I always wanted to take a nigga from behind, and you just the nigga”
    Lil’ B could barely believe his luck. WIthout hesitation he dropped to his knees and took that big ol’ nasty 9 inch nigger dick. He could barely fit the whole head in his pretty bitch mouth so he just slurped up and down the shaft as Blaze moaned in extacy. Suddenly Blaze grabbed B’s ass cheeks and spread them wide. “you got any lube, nigga?”
    “fuck you nigga, i’m goin in raw, how you like that, bitch ass nigga! UH!”
    With just some spit and their sweat, JB worked B’s ass for a good ten minutes. He aggressively grabbed Lil’B’ s petite neck and choked him while he lost his load deep in Lil’ B’s deep mancunt. After this, they awkwardly cleaned up and showered (separately) and returned to the studio to drink and mix their shit music. the end, !.

    • Model Citizen

      Wow, looked like you put a lot of LONG HARD thought into that post. For such a phobe you seem to provide some pretty vivid descriptions of gay sex.

  • Justina

    I can’t wait to rape this fool……… he won’t remember a thing =)

  • Model Citizen

    I had heard of Lil B, but hadn’t actually listened to any of his music before all of this contreversey. After all of this I can say that I respect him for challenging hip hop’s rampant homophobia, that takes balls. Unfortunately, dude is a horrible rapper. I’m baffled that anyone could actually find any reason to get into his music. I don’t care about any artists sexuallity but I do care about their talent.

  • goldas

    the BasedGod is smart. he wants you to think. It isn’t about him being or not being gay at all…its about how you think, or rather don’t.

  • Corey B

    I agree with render up there i heard some of his (Non Silly) songs such as Myspace,Cold War, I killed hip hop,B.O.R and D.O.R
    They actually have a meaning and sound “decent” and yes the words rhymed and he didnt say swag..Besides, you can debate how much you think he should be stopped but some other rapper is going to come out and piss you off..
    ps. Im not a delusional lil b fan lol I love Hip Hop culture all the way from Talib to Lupe even down to Waka and Gucci lol

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  • Mabel

    Why would you not ask at least one hip-hopper who is actually gay in terms of orientation for their thoughts?

  • d

    personally I never used gay as a term to call any one happy and I have never heard it used that way. Now I do know that in the dictionary gay does mean happy, but society doesn’t use it in that way. Gay all in all means homosexual and if he is calling his album”I’m Gay” I am pretty sure he is using this as a platform to “COME OUT” so yeah Lil B is GAY and he probably isn’t the first gay rapper either

  • sevenn

    doess it evn matter . if hee qaay so wht . dmn itss hiss life not urs , soee leeve it df at tht .

  • candydieng

    i think render and syk r two intelligent people and are giving this moron more credit than he deserves. i dont think he is even intelligent enough to understand his actions.

  • Jeramie

    Dat nigga gay

  • harvey

    all i can say is Lil B is #Based

  • http://www.gayhiphop.com mistah

    bigup, Lil b ! keep up the good work…