The aftermath of the DJ Mister Cee sex scandal has resulted in a reignited beef between New York radio stations Hot 97 and Power 105.

It all started after Charlamagne the God of Power 105’s The Breakfast Club morning show commented on Cee's arrest on-air naming the DJ Monday's “donkey of the day” on yesterday morning’s broadcast. "Now do we call him The Finisher or do we call the 20 year-old male prostitute that got caught giving him [oral sex] The Finisher,” he joked referring to Cee’s nickname.

As a result, Funkmaster Flex responded via his radio show last night, taking subliminal shots at The Breakfast Club and Power 105.

“Understand, the rumors that you hear about my man Mister Cee are untrue. OK,” he said first. “...Now you listen to me right now so you understand clearly. New York City, I'm gonna say something today that I ain't never said. I'll lose a friendship today. I know everything that moves in that building...You want to throw a stone this morning? Is that what it is? ... All of y'all over there know exactly what I'm talking about. I will lose that friendship because I stand next to this logo! I stand next to this logo and nothing tears it down!"

Charlamagne responded to the FMF’s comments this morning, naming the DJ as today’s “donkey of the day.” “Listen Flex, Wrestlemania was Saturday, B," he said. "Who you supposed to be, Flex Hogan? You sound like an old ass wrestler…You the big bad wolf in this city huh? You like to huff and puff and blow the houses down. Let’s be clear you can huff you can puff but the only thing getting blowed down is Mister Cee by transsexuals.”

Mister Cee threw shots of his own at Breakfast Club member DJ Envy over his Twitter account this afternoon. He has since erased the tweets in question.

These two radio stations are no strangers to beef. There have been numerous instances in the past in which they have feuded publicly, including an incident between Flex and Big Steph Lova that resulted in Flex being convicted of harassment charges back in 2003.

Neither radio station has commented on the rivalry as of press time. —Michael Naclerio