Gucci Mane Arrested for Battery

Gucci Mane found himself back in handcuffs earlier today (April 8). The 1017 Brick Squad leader was arrested this afternoon in Georgia for a handful of charges related to accusations that he pushed a woman out of a moving vehicle.

According to, Gooch was taken into custody while visiting his probation officer for a separate 2005 arrest. He was hit with a misdemeanor battery and probation violation charges and sent to DeKalb County Jail. TMZ reports he is being held on a $5,000 bond.

Stay tuned to as more details on the alleged assault incident become available.

As previously reported, Gucci is currently on probation stemming from the terms of a 2005 aggravated assault conviction. Reps for the ATLien did not return calls for comment as of press time. —Elan Mancini

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  • zone 6

    its gucci 2 times. he can wipe his a99 with 5000. he spent more on that fro his tatoo. Get them Gucci.

  • Sean Izzle

    Terrible! crazy shit! this keeps on going in cycles, Gucci Mane arrested sent to DeKalb County jail and Fulton County jail on and on

  • hip Hop Addict

    For The Sake Of Hip Hop Leave Him In Jail!!! This Guy Is Inspiring Fake Gangsters Every Where….. Lock him up throw away the key (ex gucci mane fan who found real hip hop)

    • truth talker

      you a fucking douche bag dumb ass

      • Absolute

        Hip Hop Addict knows what he’s talking about. Truth Talker, you’re just as much of a clown as Gucci.

    • $yk


      You don’t wish jail on NO man…only cats who have never been locked up talk ish about the penal system…so what his raps ain’t all of that…this man caught a BODY, it’s affecting him…just like war vets who see death & carnage, it affects people in different ways…

      he needs help…an OG to tell him NO…not yes-men & bitches who are bloodsucking him for his cheddar.

      I don’t care for his music but I don’t wanna see he OD either…


      • render

        cosign to the fullest syk

        I could never hear a gucci song for the rest of my life and I wouldn’t give a fuck but its some real bitchmade shit to sit behind a computer and get pleasure out of another mans downfall

        and i mean a real downfall, not just some bum ass rappers career fallin off..should be obvious as hell that guccis been on some shit since catching that body…rappers love to talk that gun clappa shit but if you’ve ever spent 5 minutes with the type of niggas that really do it (I mean really, really do it), you can tell that more often that not theyre not right in the head and have a fucked up perspective on things

  • DJ Realness

    What an absolute idiot. Please send him to jail for at least ten years.

  • The187Worm

    Ohhhh Happy day!!! keep this whack muthufucka lockdown please…1 down many to muthufuckin go!!!…..

  • AV

    Gucci is the shit. If you dont think so, just check out all the haters on his dick.


    He prolly pushed her out for clownin on his lyrical skills and that dumb ass tattoo on his face lol

  • hip Hop Addict

    Fuck Gucci Fuck Truth talker for swallowing his nuts…. gucci sucks he cant (burrrr) rap Because he is not a true rappeeeeeeeeeer (Burrrrr) sorry for my writing gucci gave me down syndrome (Burrrrrrrr)

  • hip Hop Addict

    Wtf u talking about $yk what does war have to do with this?…. what if gucci threw your mom out the car would you even (Burrr) care? and why would i want to be in jail in the first place??? you might like in there for obvious reason (Buurrr)…. Applauding NAPTOWNNUISANCE ….I salute u He most likely did cause she most likely did…. Round Of Applause every one (WOOOOOOO)

  • realness317

    Lot of times da system wants 2 keep u there once u in it… especially if and you are young black and rich … and gucci make music 4 da club/streets not meant 2 b lyrical…being lyrical is like a another genre of hip-hop the culture has expanded…. and he gettin money fuck you haters!!!!!

  • Harry

    Good. Keep that nigga as far away from the studio as possible.

    • icedoutguccibentleyhoeassrapper


  • icedoutguccibentleyhoeassrapper

    hes a fuckin clown, real talk, garbage ass rapping makes me fkin sick, and u fkin morons that like his music are just as bad, simple minded fkin rap fkin corny..smh

  • Diamondz

    I dont understand how these mutherfuckers are gtting money making music gettng bitches but still end up fucking all that up cuz tha game makes us think its all cool and shit to go to jail to be classified as ” A REAL Gangster” gUCCi needs some real help stay up playa

  • watitdo

    Big Kuntry King where its at

  • hip Hop Addict

    @Realness317 Music For The Street? he has done nothing for the streets wtf you talking about all he talks about i being iced up, selling coke and getting money…. But All His Chains are fake all his diamonds are fake… thats just me guessing idk i just don’t believe him….

  • tc

    follow us @wearetwiinciity on twitter

  • Chrissy Corey

    i dont like the nigga music well here and there but its obvious that this nigga need some type of help. I dont think jail helps most people, but at the same time. When muhfuckas do stupid shit and get locked up behind it …Over and over again I dont feel bad about it …its like ha this dumb nigga

    but some of ya’ll niggas above is just some haters

  • Aaron Gaines

    Keep that nigga in jail, no subject matter at all,…… the whole brick squad is garbage

  • BigMike

    Ummn hip hop addict, I’m pretty sure those are not fake chains. Forbes magazine had him listed, making 8 million in 2010. And dude’s from East Atlanta, I would like to see you ride thru that ward running your mouth. He is a buisness man in the entertainment industry. He came from nothing to a millionaire, give the guy a break. Btw The chick is prolly trying to get money. Ever think of that?

  • bk

    Goddamn these rappers need people in their lives that give enough of a shit to help keep their nose clean.

    I don’t care how much money you have if you have to keep going behind bars… for that shit I would not want your money.

  • XOrockstarmuzik

    I feel bad for Gucci…He is a good dude

    Not a spammer just tryna spread the word about good music…

    My track got 10,000+ views just tryna get more recognition

  • All Battery Coupon

    How to you bring yourself to pushing someone out of a vehicle? That’s just nuts!