Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP Goes Diamond

The Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem’s second album to be released on Aftermath/Interscope Records, has officially received a diamond certification from the RIAA.

Released in May 2000, the disc sold 1.7 million units in the first week of sales alone. Now eleven years later, the LP has sold over 10 million units in the U.S. alone.

As previously reported, last month 2002′s The Eminem Show, Shady’s third disc for Aftermath/Interscope, also went diamond. This recent certification makes Em the only artist in rap history with two diamond plaques. —Nicole LoPresti

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  • big ed

    whoa,ive never copped an em album but thats huge

  • RapMusic25

    Damn,only artist in rap history with 2 Diamond Plaques.Now thats something to be proud of!
    Congrats to EM

  • bala

    em best ever BIG didnt live long enough technique is the shit too

  • brand-new

    when you have longevity in the game, this is what happens. the new generation of hip-hop listeners that were introduced to eminem by recovery and relapse are going back and getting the older recordings.

    • $yk

      ^ that

  • black jesus

    good for em.

    bring back bol

    • mav

      yeah bring byron im sure this sites traffic is way down now…i wanna see how many stans r gonna comment on this wow the only rapper ever to go diamond twice was white???im shocked…truthfully this lets u know how little album sales matter when u talk about great mcs bcuz neither one of these albums is anywhere near top ten all time…in hindsight mmlp sounds extremely outdated and physcotic all hes talkin bout is nysnc ,britney spears, faggots, killin his wife, and columbine one line sums up that whole album..I aint acid rap but i rap on acid… i thought eminem show was underrated though in fact i think thats his best album bcuz it was way more grounded in reality unlike all his other albums,with the exception of recovery which was a solid comeback effort but eminem has not done much to deserve the tittle of best of all time on anyones list he doesnt even have one classic album under his belt if u wanna b real and without that u cant really build a case for him im notta hater either em is one of the sickest ever lyrically definitely top 15 all time maybe even top ten but his albums dont live up to his level of lyrics…

      • Donte

        I see what you are saying i feel the same way but watever you say he made good records most rappers cant covey emotion like he did on those two albums because real talk YOUR DELIVERY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO BECOME A RAPPER NOT LYRICS!!!!, and em had the lyrics on the first two + delivery and so what if he talk about Brittney spears and shit he was funny and it was consistent, thats like saying doggystyle or the chronic isnt a classic because all it talks about is bitches and hoe????? thats like saying nas dont make good music anymore because all he talks about is smart shit(the people that do say this are dumb) ,so come on now i agree with most of what you saying though

      • luiseuc

        nig.ga dont be hating on em , hes the best, alos best selling artirts of the las decade, and idk why u critizicing i doubt ull ever be as great and famous as he is so yea ,,fu.ck off

        • Donte

          did your dumbass even take time to read the fucking comment….can you even read, your stupid thats all got to say

      • GerikT

        Actually mav when you look at eminem’s flow, rhymes, and story telling ability, you can quite clearly see he’s mastered and gone beyond big, pac’s, and big l’s techniques. I will say the new albums are poppish but his old stuff is serious ish and the only thing that prevents me from saying he’s the best ever is the fact he has no rhythm.

      • gerikt

        one more bone to pick with you mav, i could say the same things about every rapper and their subject matter. Big revolved around blunts killing and mafiosa tales, public enemy talked alot about politcal matters… etc, theres only so many things u can say when your mind works one way “do you listen to music or do you just skim thru it?”

    • swype-matic

      Hold on, Bol doesn’t blog here anymore? I haven’t read one of his columns in almost a full year cause dude is straight ASS and not even funny. LOL, did he just leave, or did he get arrested for illegally downloading 3000 files of “Phat White Booty Hoes”?

  • pap3rchazer

    he’s white so thats a plus….*no hate*

    • Nate

      Hell yeah it did, especially helped that he’s a white rapper who wasnt shitty. Even Vanilla Ice sold albums at first. If not for Eminem there would still be one hit wonder white rappers/groups every other year like there was in most of the 90′s

  • D90

    im glad i coped those jawns when they 1st dropped lol glad i could help Em on his way 2 success

  • T

    That’s amazing!!!

  • swype-matic

    That’s cause there’s loads of new bandwagon Eminem fans who are like “Wait, Eminem had albums out before Recovery? I thought that was his debut?”

    • faggotwhitegaycunt



    Not one album is classic ? Really ? Then you go on the praise how gifted he is lyrically and how slick of a mc he is, oh then say his is top 15 of all time. Burt his album sales dont reflect that? Sorry but your very confused. He is top five all time and he has three classic albums under his belt, and a extremely deep list of high quality songs.
    Sorry but the man will go down as a legend and the record sales in this case prove it.

    • Bala

      not to mention his collabos with dre 50 lloyd banks wayne royce personally i think recovery is a classic but people say its wack cuz of the commercial shit like love the way u lie but the album is fucking complete i can name like 7 good songs, does your favorite rapper even have 7 good songs ?

    • mav

      i appreciate all the feed back on my comment…u say he got 3 classic albums…y didnt u name em? also u gotta take the good wit the bad…encore-garbage relapse-trash and dont try to dispute that..i said he might b top ten all time..yall aint satisfied wit that i mean u cant put him ahead of kool g pac nas regardless the other rappers ahead of him r debatable on till i collapse he put himself number ten…em aint even that much better than royce 59…hes just incredibly popular to match his talent im a big eminem fan he was one of the emcees who inspired me to rap…still one of my favorites and im always gon b checkin for him when he drop…i just think callin him the greatest is disrespectin the dudes who most likely inspired him to b great…im nice too so if yall wanna critique me click my name any feedback is appreciated

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  • http://twitter jackie

    good on him,,,wel deserved, watch it,,yo niiggas ,get it rollin ,,l …Tupac is back and collect all ya $$$$ ,green gold from ya all

  • CrukstarZ

    I think Jay-Z’s lines in “A Star Is Born” pretty much sums this up…
    “Wayne did a milli, 50 did a milli
    ‘Ye too but what Em did was silly
    The white boy blossomed after Dre endorsed him
    His flow on ‘Renegade,’ fuckin awesome, applaud him “

  • shady_slave

    @marv wow dude u reali got diarrhea of d mouth…Eminem is number 1! I bet u aint heard the new songs he is releasin, everyone has been shot, echo n celebrity for example, how d fcuk r u gona say he gone commercial, Em duznt ask ppl 2 cop his albums so dont say he sells higher cos he’s white! He raps cos he loves rap! If Wayne, Jay, Drake or Kanye dnt sell as much as Em dnt say its cos he white, people dnt like their shit n dats it!

  • http://xxlmag jayrucknyc

    Ummm. Doesn’t Life After Death count? It’s been at 10 million (diamond) for like 12 years now…..

  • mazvita

    congrats to em bt i still think the eminem show was under-rated

  • wilson

    what do you think the value of this album on vinyl would be?

  • http://www.bourgeoiscreme.com Eskee

    The was a classic, but I think that Eminem is vastly overrated because this is the only classic album he’s ever had, and the Eminem show was good, but not classic

    • Kenneth

      You are wrong dawg. Eminem show is often debated to be his best by critics and fans. I prefer it myself !!!

    • Emperor

      @Eskee. I don’t think he is overrated either. If there is any overrated rapper, that has to be Jay-z. Btw, Slim Shady lp is classic too and for u to say that only MMLP is classic means u don’t know sh!t about Eminem and probably u listen to only Mainstream. Get Slim Shady Lp, i bet u will like it more than MMLP

    • Ben

      @Eskee. U are actually clueless saying MMLP is the only Classic Em has and seems biased to me. Get Slim shady Lp Bro, for sizzle u are gonna like it more. Brief Review…if you have tough skin, and I mean really tough skin, this album is the way to go. From a censorers point of view, this album and Marshall Mathers LP are without a doubt, the most disgustingly explicit, offensively profane, vulgar, violent product of all the common media. From a listeners point of view, it it dominates all albums because of its mentally challenging inspiration, sophisticated lyrics, and its exceptional production. This album is Eminem’s best, no comparison. My advice: I you are willing to let your mind explore a world of gut-busting violence and ear-splitting profanity, buy this album. But be aware, I am not exagerrating the obscenity of this exceptional album. If you enjoy Eminem but are not willing to exceed the limits of profanity, go with the Eminem Show or Encore. If not, buy this. My favorite song is Still Don’t Give a F***.

  • Tumi

    The White boy does it again. Creates history yet again. Sure there’s gonna be those haters bt keep doin yo thing Slim.

  • Kenneth

    Em raps cricles around pac/BIG at the same time. Don’t get me wrong Pac is the illest for me and represented the black culture to the fullest and on another token he stood up against the illuminati and thats why he is dead. R.I.P. Pac. As for BIG well he was one hell of a freestyler but he aint even on Em’s level sorry. On top of that Big only sold major units after he died. Ready to Die is 10x better than Life after death but Life After Death sold more and eventually went diamond primarily because of the buzz his death made. He was Big Poppa and made awesome music but he number 3 on most but he falls to like 8 for me. Em has three classics under his belt out of 7 albums, I bet ur favorite rapper don’t have 3 classic albums, Jay-z has more than 11 albums and only 2 is considered classic(Reasonable Doubt and Blueprint), If i call Black album a classic then Recovery is also a Classic. Its actually just one that is a classic and that’s Blueprint, reasonable Doubt did not make too much impact and did not elevate him to superstar status, Eminem Gained Mainstream, Popularity, Critical respect and superstar success from Slim Shady Lp(His best to me). Dude deserves to be among the top three GOATS. Btw, Am black !!!! Ya, Em being white is a bonus for him but u niggaz should stop acting as if u dont Buy his albums(You probably do more).

    • Emperor

      Well said especially the one on BIG. He got all his Buzz after his death but probably in my top 5. Em in my Top 3.

  • mortuus

    Thats cool, anyone who says eminem isnt lyricist may have to go back for a 2nd listen, most definatley one of the best to ever do it, also i found out outkast went diamond with sb/lb.


    @ Eskee
    The Slim Shady lp is the fan favorite and was him at his hungriest, with somethin to prove. About the Eminem show Your fuckin stupid, The Eminem show was his most complete album hands down, that is the very definition of classic, the album has so many great songs on it ,
    it is almost like its a greatest hits album. Dudes on here be on some straight dumb shit.To call him over rated is the dumbest thing any one can say and proves to everyone you havent really been listening to his music and if so probably his popular shit. Dig deep into his music and you will hear some shit that will change your mind.
    People like to hate just to get a rise out of people, or either out of straight bias. Do everyone a favor and listen to a majority of someones music before you decide to call them over rated. Labeling him that is like labeling any other great artist as over rated.

    • mortuus

      I agree with the eminem show thing, also recovery is a dope album, its like the evolution of an artist, its like people illmatic, not saying anything of em’s is like illmatic, but em isnt the same dude he was 11 years ago just like nas aint the dude he was 17 years ago, artists evolve and more people need to respect that.

  • Tumi

    3 classics plus Recovery and some ignorant people still hate on him because of he’s white. People need to cut that shit out. Lol even your favourite rapper name him G.O.A.T.(with the exception of jay and wayne- 2 of de most overrated in de game)

  • Tumi

    Did any of ya’ll check Rolling Stones’ 500 greatest albums of all time garbage? Those fuckers put Reasonable Doubt above Illmatic like wtf???

  • Tumi

    Oh btw Stan might just be the greatest storytelling record of all time. (MIGHT!!)