DJ Pauly D To Join Forces With G-Unit

TMZ reports that DJ Pauly D had a sit-down with G-Unit general 50 Cent and his crew last week in New York City. Allegedly, 50 is interested in signing Pauly D to a three-album deal and potentially producing a merchandise line to include headphones.

Pauly D is set to start shooting season 4 of the wildly popular Jersey Shore show in Italy.

As of press time, reps for G-Unit and Pauly D have not responded to messages seeking comments. – Lauren Carter

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  • pap3rchazer

    idk bout the 3 album deal, but the headphones line sounds really reasonable


    What respect I had left for 50 just went right out the window. I used to be a big supporter of 50 and G-Unit, but man 50 really has lost sight of his musical ability. Especially signing this douche. Jersey Shore and its jokes just needs to go away fast.

    • cuzzij22

      50 cent is a business man. this is business. dont hate cause hes trying to make as much money as he can. his music has been compensated by his need for money his entire career. its no surprise


    It’s about time that real talent is finally being signed.Pauly D will kill any dj out there.Can’t nobody fuck with this kid.50 is still on top and all of you haters are just mad.With artist like Lil b and Pauly D about to drop that heat,this is a sure sign that hip hop is not dead.

    Fist pumps and pickle juice for all you haters.

    • ROBD916

      hahahahaha the fact that u mentioned lil b discredits everythin u jus said

    • swype-matic

      hahahahaha the fact that u mentioned lil b discredits everythin u jus said [2]

  • bylaw99

    My problem with so called 50 fans, some of ya’ll fail to realize he isnt that cat from Queens who’s hungry to get into the rap game, he’s a businessman now so he’s thinking about ways to get money and build his brand. Pauly D has a huge fan base and being affiliated with 50 helps 50 & G-Unit. Think people, its not always about the GRODT 50, those days are gone. He’s trying to hit that Billygoat and who could be mad, u wanna listen to some 50 go get one of his albums. Damn

  • dowski

    Match. Made. In. Heaven.

    G-Unit was the Jersey Shore of Hip Hop before there was a Jersey Shore.

  • brennan

    i honesty say DJ pauly D is the worst DJ ever, his set was so f*ckin brutal he will fit in perfect with tony gayo and lloyd danks. GGGGGGGGGG-UNOT the unit damn skilled when they realeased game documentary, now its dead and will never be resurrected. RIP G-UNIT and Its brand.

    • Tru Talk

      hello game stan! wen is Games album coming out hahah

  • E

    I am not gonna hate on this potential business move until i start to see the product.

    Whether it be songs or headphones…

    I’m not sure what Paul will bring to the table? Scratching? he don’t make beats, do he? Even if he did, i couldn’t see G-Unit fist pumpin

    The jury is still out

  • Tru Talk

    He aint goin to G-Unit its gonna be on G-Note…. 50 started a G-Note for Pop and r&b acts while G-Unit is still for rap acts… G-Note already got Hot Rod, Governor, some chick and now prolly DJ Pauly D and he fits right into that pop culture thing, that good side money for 50, I ain’t into that shit so Ima jus rock all day still wit 50, Banks, and Yayo but they gnna be making money off of a hole different fan base and that is genius buisiness wise…. All these bum ass blogger jus mad there fake stripper, and cop rappers couldn’t think of that shit haha

  • bk

    J-J-J-Juice Head Unit!

    LOLLOLLOL. Fitty won’t release anything by Danny Brown because he wears tight pants but he would do a multi-album deal with Pauly D???…

  • RTI

    anouther win for Mr. 50 Cent!

  • Tyrannical T

    Look like a faggot. Must be a faggot. Fuck Jersey Shore.


    A Real Italian American

  • KiNGPiN

    well g unit has now fallen off completly signin this faggot



    I dont give a fuck what you say, this is not a good look for 50 no matter how you slice it.The dude is a fuckin douche and 50 just lowered his standards by aligning him self with a candy ass douche bag. I predict bricks, it will go gold maybe …maybe because of teeny boppers and lame ass retards like the ones givin him props on the move. Fif aint never really been a sellout in my eyes now he is. He might as well try to sign NSYNC.

  • brayton

    50 gay and finished

  • T-Money

    Dis iz dope! Dat nigga Pauly D go hard. Word, Jersey stand up! Fuck da haterz! The G in G-Unit stands for guido now bitchez.

  • Liordy Garrido

    dont you guys listen to corridos El movimiento alterado pariente pa toda la plebada

  • Mutada Mullah Atari

    and he said jay went soft and changed

  • nicholasdelorejo

    50 is looking for any way to stay relevant. whether it was using Beanie Sigel to beef with Jay, cozying up with Chelsea Handler, or beefing with Ross, Drake, Wayne, or whoever is popular. So sigining Dj Pauly D (who I honestly didn’t know was an actual dj) is just 50 trying to associate with what’s popular now. Just like Rolling Stone did putting Snooki on the cover previously.

    Which I can’t say I’m mad at 50 for doing this. I think there are many artists and celebrities that are desprately trying not fade into obscurity no matter how talented they are. Shit Ashley Judd had to attack hip-hop with few ignorant statements in order for anyone even care about buying her memior. So this is a power move by 50 in hopes to stay relevant in the entertainment industry. If “The Hills” or “The City” were still popular 50 would’ve sign Spencer Pratt.

  • Mob Hollows

    idk why any of you are using the words: “Pauly D”, “50 Cent” & “Hip-hop” i the same sentence. that’s a oxymoron nobody who actually listens to hip hop wants to hear. no disrespect to 50, he’s on top of his game as always, but i don’t think that either him or pauly d classify under the category hip hop. i really think a lot of people nowadays mistake rap for hip hop, and that’s really just disappointing to me. but, then again most of you guys get force-fed mediocre rhymes by auto-tuned next-gen artists, so it’s not really your fault. i think that Talib Kweli, Common, and (if you want newer artists) Mac Miller are what hip is. it’s the type of beat they spit on and the realistic things they say while showcasing lyrical talent that separates hip hop from the bentley’s and champagne you hear about in rap. just my opinion, no hate on 50 cent or pauly D. they’re both intelligent business men, and showcase just that in this proposition. i’m interested to see how they’re different styles will match up in the future.

  • Mijo 1810

    man, 50 Cent is just a Hustler at its finest…. Vitamin water, acting, Music, directing, And Pauly D ??? He’s tha next Master P, or Eazy-E!!

  • big giant

    wtf thats the shit that fool, i dont give a shit do the damm thing

  • The Truth

    I have much big ups!! for 50. jus like when he went to do acting, you have to be a fool to really hate on a person that really came from nothing and turn his life around. People stop the hate love the game.

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