It Wasn’t Me: Rick Ross Vs. Mister Cee

“Time to get this shit cleared up so make it quick cause i aint feeling this Twitter shit NYPD has a detective squad after all Rappers & DJ’S” [@real_Mister Cee Twitter]

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    I cant believe this, hip hop has changed, I cant believe Officer ricky still in the game, wayne gets a pass for kissing baby, and now misses CEE, if people gonna excpet this, im done with the hiphop CULTURE, nothing street about hiphop died with TUPAC in 96,RIP

    • peor

      get real nigga if u aint down for hip-hop/rap that means you never where, they wont miss your punk ass anyway

      • Tha Truth

        @ peor..obviously a young cat…obviously dont know the history or roots of the culture, obviously wasnt around in the 80 or 90s, when real hiphop lived..U a ignorant fool..peace..

      • Tha TRUTH

        @peor…oh…i get it…you a batti makes sense now…,u probably go to the park and get blown by trannies, hiphop aint about being a bati boy, so you should get lost too hommie

        • gnrl

          suckin a dude is completely different than ross being a CO, not completely defending the job but was locked up for a min and 50% of em weren’t that bad most crooked anyway, but mr Cee whoa, super pause

    • sensible

      …as if closeted gay and bisexual people haven’t been a part of hip hop since it began, and “all of a sudden” “the gays” are invading hip-hop. Grow up.

  • rozay

    xxlmag stays with the exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!!

  • K.I.D.

    he totally looks gay

    • jdubs

      the both of them! .. both of em lying out of fear .. grow some balls and face that shit head on ya self loathing cowards.

  • fuckyall

    yo i anit takeing up for home boy but they anit never showed what this other dude look like he mite thought it was a girl if all he was geting was neck and it was night time some people just thank with the other head and just jump in to shit lol
    but that is sad some one involed with one greasted albums off all time geting neck by dude just clown the nigga and let it be after all it his dick not ares lol

    • A.K.

      They did show him, he looks mad queer gay trannie

  • Thumbs Down

    This story gets a thumbs down XXL you fallen off your borderline hip-hop weekly…. Only thing keeping you running is that money from EMINEM. That’s right theres a mole in your system. Fire Satten asap.

  • XXLSucks

    Your reporting using a fake Mr. Cee account? what is going on in your offices….where is the online editing….MR Cee doesn’t have a twitter. XXL your disappointing me.



  • that nigga

    “Some of ya’ll really need to think like if i was hiding and ashamed about anything , why would i be at my job? On Twitter answering rumors.”

    Thats the whole point Mr. Cee, to throw us off. I do that all the time when Im caught inna lie, do the unexpected. Besides, you still have a family to feed. And they could of easily said you got caught with a GUN rather a TRANNY!! Damn Mr. Cee, B.I.G is rollin’ over in his grave. Cant wait to hear YOUR truth if it ever comes out. Atleast Rick Ross eventually told the truth!!

    • pap3rchazer

      smh this hip hop industry is straight pussy! how come no one put any pressure on wayne kissin baby like they did with ross/CO n the mister cee issue.

  • fmeezy

    fifty showed ross up.why ppl still support i don’t know ,he a sucka