There's no denying Beyoncé's beauty, but is she really the baddest chick in the game? Bey's status hasn't been disputed since Jay-Z unofficially crowned her on 2003's "Public Service Announcement," but water cooler conversations and barbershop talk surely includes a handful of title contenders. Names like Nicki Minaj, Amber Rose and Alicia Keys all belong in the ring.

Well, wants to put the debate to rest for good. In conjunction with the NCAA's March Madness (and just in time for the premiere of VH1's Love & Hip-Hop), XXL Presents...The Baddest Chick in the Game Tournament— a March Madness-style competition in which our users will get to vote and crown the best looking woman of them all.

No diluting the field for us, we're sticking to 64 slots. Only girls who are current and have a clear tie to hip-hop will be eligible, meaning they have to female MCs, be romantically linked to an MC or have appeared in rap videos. The tournament kicks off Thursday March 17. See below for a full schedule.

-Round One March 17-18
-Round Two March 19-20
-Round Three (Sweet 16) March 24-25
-Round Four (Elite 8) March 26-27
-Final Four April 2nd
-Championship Game April 4

We're still deliberating until Selection Sunday, so make sure to suggest contenders and seeds in the comments. Game on!—Carl Chery