Kimbella: Alicia Keys is the “Baddest Chick”

Kimbella who is currently pitted up against Alicia Keys in XXL’s The Baddest Chick In The Game Tournament, surprisingly said she feels that her competition is the hottest girl in the industry.

“I would pick Alicia,” she told us when asked who she thinks is the best looking woman in the tourney. “I mean, she just had a baby. She just got married. She’s holding that down. She can make a hit and go away for a year or whatever and come back and do the same thing without a problem. It’s a beautiful [thing]. So I just feel like she’s definitely in my opinion the baddest chick in the game.”

Already heralded as the silent killer, Kimb has managed to be named the victor in battles against Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez to advance to round 4 of the compeition, AKA the Elite 8.

For now Kimbella holds a slim lead over the No. 3 seed Alicia Keys. Make sure to vote for who you think deserves to win now. —Michael Naclerio

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  • T

    Alicia Keys is very bad, but I had to vote for Kimbella. She just looks amazingly sexy.

  • thompson

    I say alicia keys & beyonce.I don’t know how kimbella beat beyonce and is close to beating alicia keys.She doesn’t have any real talent.

  • chelsea football club

    If that is her in the picture in this article. She is pretty average and she looks mad caked up

  • SherwinJTB

    I’m not really familiar with Kimbella yet. I need to get out more. I’d have to go with Alicia assuming this is a popularity contest.