Kanye Video “Not Banned,” MTV Rep Explains

Despite various reports over the weekend that MTV banned Kanye West’s controversial “Monster” video, a spokesperson for the station contacted XXLMag.com to clear up the rumors.

Clips of the video leaked online last December and feminine activists Sharon Haywood and Melinda Tankard’s urged the network not to play it. “The mainstreaming of videos like this increases desensitized and callous attitudes toward violence against women,” a spokesperson for the campaign said in a statement. “Young people are seeing images and absorbing harmful messages which glamorize misogyny and brutalize women. We decided to run this campaign because we wanted to challenge the status quo.”

In response to their petition, MTV has been in touch with Yeezy’s label requesting an edited version of the video. “We have been in constant communication with the label regarding this matter,” says an MTV spokesperson. “However, we are still awaiting the edits we requested in order for the video to be suitable for broadcast, [but] MTV has not banned Kaye West’s ‘Monster’ video.”—Amber McKynzie

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  • YouBeKillin’Em

    I like even the rough version of the video. Hopefully one day we get to see the final. One of the best songs of the past few years.

  • Sha

    Ummmmmm….. In other words, the copy they have NOW has been BANNED BY MTV.

    At first I thought it was Kanye playing these jedi mind tricks like he did with his album cover. But this one seems to be legit. MTV will show almost anything. If you get banned there in this day and age, that’s a pretty raw video. Especially since Rhianna’s joint didn’t get banned…..

  • Remixx916

    Kanye is sick….not sick like fresh but sick like he needs prayer!! i questioned that runaway video/movie and now he never fails me……when i go back and watch jesus walks even that video is strange! peace and Shalom!!


    So……. you banned it…..I honestly don’t see anything wrong with it….Its like a scary movie when beautiful women get killed in horror flicks. Nobody (no sane person) is gonna really think hanging a woman is cool. Get your head out of your ass Haywood and Tankard….or out of your vagina

  • QmaCC

    Some people – you do a song about rising up and all they see is brutality towards women in the video. Feminists man… the seizure aspect is what we should Really be worrying about.

  • g5k

    good ban all his videos, im sick of his arty farty ass tryna to bait us into buying his shit by using controversy, try again nigga!

    • Brizzle

      @g5k….why you mad? I cant take any type of comment seriously when you use words like “arty farty”
      Gooooo head with the bullsh*t son…smh.

  • eee

    @g5k…fuck outta here!!!

  • 3xanon

    I love this video, my first thought when I saw it was “They can never show this on TV”, dead white girls everywhere.
    I just hope this was a conscious attempt of Kanye to add one more nail in the coffin of traditional media, making people go online to watch his video instead of wasting time with MTV.
    Why censor your artistic integrity when you can put it unedited online?