Tru Life Has Yet to Accept Plea Deal in Murder Case, Lawyer Says

False reports have been flooding the Internet that former Jay-Z signee Tru Life (born Robert Rosado) was sentenced to 10 years for a 2009 murder charge yesterday (February 16). Tru’s lawyer explained to that the Lower East Side rapper was presented a with plea deal, but has yet to accept the terms.

“A plea offer was made in the Rosado case,” Tru’s lawyer, Alan Abramson said. “At this time I am evaluating the offer. No decisions have been made.”

A spokesperson for the New York County District Attorney’s Office told XXL that Tru was offered 10 years if he pleads guilty to the crime. The charges have not been revealed yet and it hasn’t been decided if he will recieve time served for the year and half he has been sitting behind bars.

Along with his brother, Marcus Rosado, Tru is expected to make a decision at their next court appearance on February 23.

As previously reported, the Rosado brothers are being accused of killing Christopher Guerrero, and critically injuring Jason Gray on June 15, 2009. Police sources say the men stabbed Guerrero in the stomach and Gray in the chest following an ongoing altercation that began at Club Pasha in midtown Manhattan, earlier that night.

At the time of the incident, Tru was charged with one count of murder in the second degree, one count of attempted murder in the the second degree, two counts gang assault in the first degree and one account of assault in the first degree. His brother was hit with the same charges. The D.A.’s office offered Marcus 12 years.

Stay tuned to as this story develops. —Jesse Gissen

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  • dynamicproducer

    never be relevant in the industry again…if he ever was to begin with

  • theTRUTH

    Makes me think of the BEEF series he was on, SMH Lay with dogs u get fleas, I will pray for cat.

  • Fireforreal

    What’s funny is this is what alot of young cats call keeping it real,when really what’s real about stabbing somebody to death so YOU can do time and have your freedom taken away ? I understand a life and death situation with protecting your family or something like that but on some bullshit like this ? enjoy your time in the pen.

    • AV

      TELL EM

  • NeekoSupreme

    Stop the niggativety, stop the violents, some things can be avoided ya know.

  • fuck u

    fuck u tur life i hope they take his man hood his pussy